Latin America How to find craft beer Cancun/Playa del Carmen

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  1. jrguevara

    jrguevara Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2011 Georgia

    How to find craft beer in Cancun and Playa del Carmen , Mexico.

    Hello everyone. Just came back Cancun and a visit to Playa del Carmen last week and I wanted to share how to find craft beer in these areas.

    I have made a google maps map point to refrerence all of the locations below



    Superama is a new clean grocery owned by Walmart store located just outside the downtown center. If you are coming from the hotel zone you could take a bus there via Rt1 or Rt2. 8.5 pesos per person to board. Get off at the Bus Stop indicated on my map and walk there and take a cab back. There are cabs waiting outside. You could take a cab directly there and back. (Cost me around ($25 to 30 US) they will wait for you outside until your shopping is done.

    At Superama you can find a variety of German Hacker-Pschorr, Erdinger, and some Belgian beers - Duvel. You can also find some local craft brew here Minerva (Colonial,Pale Ale,Stout), Tempus. I did not find any US craft beer here.

    BeerAdvocate Reviewer Mdaschaf has a better recollection of beers of this place than I do.


    You could also take the Bus from the Hotel zone to Walmart in the downtown area. Rt1 or Rt2. You will see Walmart clearly marked on the bus. Its only 8.5 pesos per person to board the bus. Walmart does not have as big of selection as Superama But they do have some German and Belgian beers. As far as Mexican craft II did find Tempus and only the Pale Ale Minerva.

    BeerBox Cancun

    The BeerBox is supposed to be the one stop where you can find most Mexican Craft brew, some American Craft brews and a large selection European beers. Disclamer. I tried going there during their business hours that were noted on their website but they were not open. I would highly suggest you call them or have someone at hotel call before you go or contact them on their facebook website before you go.

    011 52 998 272 7782

    Their webside
    BeerBox Cancun Facebook

    Playa del Carmen

    Craft Beer Bar

    Club de la Cerveza -
    5 Av. Norte entre 34 y 38 Norte, Colonia Xaman-Ha, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
    01 984 125 3254 ‎

    Club de la Cerveza is one of the first craft beer bars that I am aware of in the Yucatan Peninsula. Bar owners Miguel and Susanna were super nice and receptive. They just opened up in Dec 2011 and enjoy talking about talking about craft beer. My wife and I hung out for 3 hours and had a great time. They have nice selection of mexican craft, the majority is European. They have nice clean decor in a nice trendy area of Playa del Carmen. They are open from Mon - Sat:4:30 pm-2:00 am.

    BeerBox -
    Didnt go here but I hear its the place to buy craft beer.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to add anything below. Thanks!

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  2. drtth

    drtth Poo-Bah (3,016) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

  3. Thumper999

    Thumper999 Initiate (0) Oct 28, 2012

  4. Thumper999

    Thumper999 Initiate (0) Oct 28, 2012

    Without bus or taxi is there any place in the hotel zone to purchase a craft beer?
  5. JeanPaul

    JeanPaul Initiate (0) May 1, 2012 Ontario (Canada)


    Thanks for all the info, probably be heading down that way in a few weeks, Playa del Carmen.

    Was told to try La Buena Noche while down there last time but couldnt find it, tour rep said maybe Metro, any thoughts?

    What does some of the Mexican craft beer cost?
  6. jrguevara

    jrguevara Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2011 Georgia

    Thumper. Not that I am aware of.

    JeanPaul. I did not go by any of those places. I would try going by Club de La Cervea and ask Miguel. He knows the craft industry down there and would let you know if its worth going. Bring a map.
  7. luisfrancisco

    luisfrancisco Disciple (322) Dec 1, 2009 Mexico
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    Noche buena is a marco seasonal. It comes every winter and should be available in grocery stores and some restaurants. For a marco, it's not that bad. It's supposed to be a bock, although it doesn't taste quite like a bock. I wouldn't really go out of my way just to get it though. Think of it as a creamier version of a vienna lager.
  8. JeanPaul

    JeanPaul Initiate (0) May 1, 2012 Ontario (Canada)

    luisfrancisco, good to know thanks.

    Probably will hit the Walmart in Playa and if they have it great if not....
  9. JeanPaul

    JeanPaul Initiate (0) May 1, 2012 Ontario (Canada)

    Picked up La Noche Buena beer 12 pk at Walmart in Playa for 124 mxn pesos.

    Nice change, rather enjoyed it.
  10. Ivanhoes_Backpack

    Ivanhoes_Backpack Defender (621) Mar 15, 2012 New Brunswick (Canada)

    Just got back from a trip to Akumal (an hour south of Cancun). Hit up one of the Beer Box stores in Playa Del Carmen. They had a number of Cucapa beers and a few Minerva ones. There's also been a brewery open up in Playa called the Independant Brewing Company; they sell an English Pale Ale called simply: Akumal. You can get it at La Buena Vida by Akumal beach as well as a wine store off 5th and 28th in Playa (among other places, I'm sure). Pretty tasty. I also managed to find a beer called Tarpon Tale Pale Ale which is an APA that's pretty hard to find. It comes from a little fishing cottage on the southeastern most point of the Yucatan peninsula and is brewed by the owner who himself is an American. Worth searching out, but I only found it in Akumal at Turtle Bay Cafe and Bakery (which also makes small-batch ice cream that is excellent). You can check out more about my thoughts on beers in the Yucatan here:
  11. Ernie_The_Dude

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    Beer Brothers,
    Going to Playa Del Carmen soon and the info is very helpful. Thank you ! JrGuevara, Just got back from a trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia. Have you tried 3 Taverns and Blue Tarp Brewing in near by Decatur? Really liked the 3 Taverns beer, Quasimoto was great.
  12. SlothB77

    SlothB77 Zealot (560) Dec 28, 2012 Virginia
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    Im going to secrets maroma beach in September. Any recommendations on what bottle shops are closest and specific beers to get would be greatly appreciated.
  13. JulianC

    JulianC Aspirant (203) Mar 9, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

  14. brewhammer

    brewhammer Initiate (0) Jan 5, 2012 Ontario (Canada)

    Had the pleasure of enjoying beer from the Independent Beer Company in Playa Del Carmen in a new bar called Gonzalez in a new mall on 5th Avenue. Apparently also a branch near the Hyatt with a bigger food menu. Contacted the brewery, and as I was staying close to their delivery route, they kindly delivered several cases where I was staying in Puerto Aventuras.Akumal Pale Ale and their IPA particularly good.
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