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    There are four ways to verify your account:

    1. Become a Premium Member
    • Verification is one of the Premium perks.
    • You'll be verified as long as your Premium Member upgrade is active.
    2. Contribute
    Become a content contributor.
    • Post 10 times in the forums
    • or review 10 beers
    • or review 10 places
    3. Claim Your Page (Industry Only)

    4. Stick Around
    After 90 days your account will become verified.

    Verification may be revoked, and associated rules and criteria may change, at any time and without notice.

    FAQ ------------------

    Why should I verify my account?
    To gain access to special features and forums, like:
    • Trading forums/system
    • Classified forums
    • Adding events to our calendar
    I met the criteria, but my account isn't verified yet. What gives?
    Verification updates automatically occur on a regular basis based on the last time you were logged in. Please give the system time to process.

    What happened to the old verifications?
    It's been disabled and all SMS numbers have been purged from our systems. Those who verified via PayPal have been grandfathered into the new system.