Hunahpu's Day is back! March 14, 2015

Discussion in 'US - South' started by HopsJunkiedotcom, Sep 18, 2014.

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  1. cmgray03

    cmgray03 Initiate (0) Dec 28, 2012 Colorado

    I just moved to Tampa last week and secured a ticket. I'll be there solo so looking forward to meeting you people there.

    Also, looking to join any groups for bottle shares if they'd be willing to have me and my beer.
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  2. Bobby904

    Bobby904 Initiate (0) Jun 20, 2014 Florida

    I've lurked on here for years, but never really posted. A couple of my friends and I got tix and will be making the trip down from Jacksonville, FL. Hope to meet some of you guys!

    LADEDA Disciple (352) Jul 29, 2014 Florida

    Anybody remember?; "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"
  4. rightcoast7

    rightcoast7 Disciple (387) Apr 2, 2011 Maine

    Yeah food looks pretty bunk. I had a feeling including food in the ticket price was not going to result in an awesome deal for us.
  5. HoptimusPrimeIPA

    HoptimusPrimeIPA Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2010 Florida

    Damn, I was hoping for cuban sammiches....
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  6. basto

    basto Initiate (0) Mar 7, 2014 Utah

    Looks like I will be bringing some food... That is not going to be enough for the amount drinking I have planned.
  7. kayakandbeer

    kayakandbeer Aspirant (231) Aug 16, 2013 Florida

    Yep. Ropa. Done and done. (Also, not to nitpick, but eggs are vegetarian-friendly?)

    This is going to be like a beer nerds and elementary school lunch table mashup. ISO: Hunabrownies. FT: pudding cup

    Vegetarian yes..Vegan no

    So I'm confused (which isn't hard) for the extra cost of $50 or so we get to chose one item :grimacing: That better be some badass Ropa, Brat, Potatoe, Mac salad. Heck maybe the brownie has somthing special in it for that cost.

    Going to be a great time anyway without the extra 5000+ beards walking around :wink:
  8. Lasering

    Lasering Initiate (0) Mar 19, 2013 Florida

    I really hope my cellar is ready for the amount of bottle sharing happening that weekend.
  9. VinceMig

    VinceMig Initiate (0) Jun 21, 2013 Georgia

    Anyone know if the guy with the snake got a ticket again? Did his snake get a ticket?
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  10. Ravenacht

    Ravenacht Aspirant (206) Aug 10, 2012 Florida

    Cellar and liver are both ready......
  11. BlumBeer

    BlumBeer Initiate (0) May 17, 2012 Florida

    I got a ticket..lets rock and roll!
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  12. Thedrizzle

    Thedrizzle Initiate (0) Sep 10, 2012 Florida

    Where you staying Josh?
  13. HopAttack3

    HopAttack3 Initiate (0) Sep 15, 2011 Virginia

    22 pages and its 7 weeks out? 50 page mark a month out from the event!

    Wish I could go, maybe next year!
  14. Beer4B

    Beer4B Initiate (0) Feb 28, 2014 Florida

    Just when I thought I could go a day or two without thinking about Huna Day...

    they add DB Huna to the tap list. Hoping most have had it and I can easily get a pour!
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  15. Lare453

    Lare453 Meyvn (1,431) Feb 1, 2012 Florida

    I don't.
  16. Fabriciocvel

    Fabriciocvel Initiate (0) Oct 20, 2014 Brazil

    Hi there!!! I'm coming from Brazil for HD2015 and would like to share some beers with you guys!! I can bring any Brazilian beer (some of the bests are DUM Pretoleum, Wals Dubbel, Bodebrown Perigosa, Bodebown Double Perigosa, Bodebrown Wee Heavy n Wee Heavy BA, Colorado Ithaca, Bodebrown Cacau IPA (collab with Stone) n many others!!! I'll be in Tampa from March 13th to 17th. My instagram is @beerhunterbrazil. See you soon at the Festival!!!! Cheers!!
  17. MDarius

    MDarius Initiate (0) Jan 23, 2015

  18. markgugs

    markgugs Initiate (0) Dec 20, 2006 New Jersey

  19. riemster

    riemster Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2011 Ohio

    I almost decided to be 1 of the first people to plan on NOT going even after buying my EC ticket.

    Monday morning, my closest friend in life tragically died in a car accident. (28yo) I have been mourning my loss all week. We had planned on meeting up during the summer to share some special beer after he finished his degree. He wanted to try the new Hunahpu and I have a DBH that I've been saving for him. He surprised me late last year with some pizza boy funkers and other sours to open when we would have met up. (We live in different states) Ugh. Happy things like the greatest beerfest and sad things like an end to life just don't add up! Every time I think about Hunahpu's Day I can't help but feel guilty. I've felt so many mixed emotions about going, but I ultimately decided that he would probably want me to still go and enjoy life. I guess I'll just be keeping the DBH for awhile now. No idea what I'll do with it.
  20. LADEDA

    LADEDA Disciple (352) Jul 29, 2014 Florida

    My condolences, sir. If I may, please approach Huna Day as a celebration of life. It would seem from your writing that your friend would want you to enjoy the day. I would also suggest that you carry your prized liquid with you and share the treasure with those who would appreciate it the most. Cherish the memories.
  21. CoachWOHS

    CoachWOHS Initiate (0) Dec 22, 2013 Florida

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your friends family. Do what your friend would want and attend the festival and enjoy the great beers. Cheers
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  22. baconmcnuggets

    baconmcnuggets Initiate (0) Mar 11, 2013 Florida

    Oh, how terrible. I'm so sorry for this loss you're suffering. I agree that you should go and celebrate his life there - you'll be surrounded by friends like us.
  23. Gtreid

    Gtreid Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2008 Florida

    As someone who has dealt with loss, I can sympathize with what you are going through. My prayers are with you. That being said....if you were planning to drink that dbh, pour your friends portion, and dump it in his honor. Beer seems very trivial in times like this, but as others have said, celebrate his life, and try and enjoy the day.
  24. HopDawg03

    HopDawg03 Initiate (0) Jan 12, 2015 Georgia

    So sorry for your loss, I have lost a lot of loved ones as well but go to Huna. He will be there in spirit and enjoy the day & that dbh with you!
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  25. BlumBeer

    BlumBeer Initiate (0) May 17, 2012 Florida

    Staying at @SkinnyT house for the first few nights...then at Hilton on saturday
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  26. valrxman

    valrxman Disciple (306) Jun 30, 2010 Florida

    Dude sorry for your loss. Send out a name and I am sure we will all raise a glass to him either when we see it or on Huna day.:slight_frown:
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  27. pgrenvicz

    pgrenvicz Initiate (0) Nov 15, 2013 Georgia

    I had their Morning Bell a few months ago. and I think I'll trust you on this one. Can't wait till March!
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  28. riemster

    riemster Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2011 Ohio

    Thanks every one. That really felt good to see some of your responses. I almost deleted my post immediately after posting it because who wants to see depressing personal news? I'm glad I didn't though. Apologies for the sad feels. On the positive side of things, the family has decided to have a celebration of life roughly when he would have graduated. Many beers will be shared with his family on that day. I was the friend who got him into craft after all. Shared my first Cantillon with him at Monk's Cafe during Philly Beer Week 2013. Ugh, I think I'm doing it again. Thanks again... I'm excited for that taplist!!!
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  29. Devman171

    Devman171 Defender (619) May 16, 2013 Maryland

    Hopefully the DB Huna line will be longer than the MD one!

    Is the Summation BA? Can't find much information on it, can't wait!
  30. Thirsty_Moe

    Thirsty_Moe Initiate (168) Jul 29, 2012 Florida

    Yes. Summation is a barrel aged stout treated with coffee and vanilla beans
  31. BlumBeer

    BlumBeer Initiate (0) May 17, 2012 Florida

    The huna day batch will have an extra special batch of coffee as well :grinning:
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  32. Hopzilla

    Hopzilla Initiate (103) Dec 4, 2013 Florida

    Cheers @riemster . Anyone with an Arrested Development avatar is aaaalright.
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  33. cmacc24

    cmacc24 Initiate (0) Nov 30, 2013 Florida

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  34. Jujubie

    Jujubie Initiate (0) Dec 15, 2014 California

    This will be my first Huna day. I'm arriving near midnight on Friday and flying out Sunday morning. Saturday night will be my only chance for events/bottle share! I'm from San Francisco Bay Area, so I can bring some Russian River, Bruery, etc. What is everyone interested in? So excited to compare Pliny the Elder and Heady Topper!
  35. markgugs

    markgugs Initiate (0) Dec 20, 2006 New Jersey

    jesus dude, why not take a few a days? you're going to want to die on Sunday morning lol
  36. ElGordito

    ElGordito Initiate (0) Jul 10, 2011 Virginia

    And I thought my trip was short! I'm arriving by lunch on Friday and leaving Sunday morning. Thankfully the wife will be doing most of the driving Sunday so I can rest my liver in the car.
  37. SixThousandDollars

    SixThousandDollars Initiate (0) Jul 1, 2012 Florida

    LOL I will be sleeping in the hotel then in the car on Sunday because the weekend will have taken its toll.
  38. Lare453

    Lare453 Meyvn (1,431) Feb 1, 2012 Florida

    Sara, rare barrel, Cellarmaker
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  39. TBCHopscotch032

    TBCHopscotch032 Initiate (0) Feb 6, 2012 Florida

    A lot of people have had it and thats exactly why it will be hard to get a pour.
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  40. JWQ

    JWQ Initiate (0) Apr 1, 2014 Pennsylvania

    This might be a premature question, but what time is everyone getting there? I know it starts at 11, but is there any need to get there that much before? The gf is trying to plan brunch at 9am and I don't want to be rushed.

    I feel like a 10:30ish arrival is cool right?
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