I went to get my kid, and left with...

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    Not sure if anything like this has been posted before. Got the idea today after reading a post by none other than the GL Forum's very own @Quilentro (I'll let him tell his own tale if he so desires). I know there's got to be some good ones out there. Let's hear them!

    This past summer I went to the local Meijer 2 blocks from my house to get my oldest kid a new lunchbox for school. I found it, but also found a bottle of Eagle Rare for $30.

    Here's another. I went out to get medicine for my same kid at a grocery store late at night and found a case and a half of KBS on the floor a few days after the release. Keep in mind this was maybe 2014 and this was a fairly big deal back then.
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    With more responsibilities these days less frequent bottle shop runs always have my kids single dad lingo, sure some can relate. 90% of my beer buying instances are cases just like this because I have to stop and my only chance to get beer is with groceries. Fortunately enough craft beer has flourished enough where I have some decent beer at the local publix which wouldve been harder to aquire 3 to 5 years ago. So it's pretty much what is freshest at that point and I choose lol.only problem is I can either
    1} stop for wal mart groceries and save money but only have Sierra Nevada and maybe lag IPA
    2} overpay 20 dollars for groceries at publix but have sculpins, stone, Parrish brewing dogfish and some pretty good options usually within 5 weeks bottled
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    Hmmmm - there are lots of these instances. The most recent would be when I took my older (3) son to get a flu shot the other day. It so happens that the doc is round the corner from both my favourite beer spot and his fave ice cream place. The beer spot had just tapped HF Double Citra. I got that. He got chocolate ice cream. We both won.
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    Went to get pain meds for my wife after the birth of a child, Walgreens told me it would take 30 minutes for the script to be filled so went to a local brewpub for a pint. As I was paying, the bartender (a friend of mine) gave me a free filled growler to celebrate the birth.
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    My Dad used to take me to The Long Branch on Lawndale Drive circa 1956. Usually this was after he had mowed the grass. He would get a long neck Schlitz and I would have a Coke and a hot dog. I was mesmerized by an old Budweiser poster that depicted Custer's Last Stand. Fast forward to 1976 or so, the Long Branch is still a watering hole, and that poster was still there. I was and still am mesmerized by this image and memory.
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    Back in 2014....
    I went to my local grocer (Sendik's food market) late on a Sunday night - 8 P.M. On a Christmas light walk with my family...
    I see the liquor manager hand a bottle of Vanilla Rye to some dude. I say, hey you got another one of those? He says, sure, one second. I walk out w/ a Vanilla Rye!!
    I have also had random luck with Bourbon like that over the years. Although, this might be the best.
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    I can beat everyone's story.

    My wife sent me out to pick up the massive television she bought me for my b-day (store pickup). Total Wine was next door, so I popped in there first. I stocked up, BIG TIME.......then I drove home, forgetting to pick up my TV.