If you don't trade beer......why not?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Hanzo, Mar 26, 2013.


Why don't you trade?

  1. Shipping is just too damn expensive

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  2. The beer I have access to locally is just fine, don't need anything else

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  3. Don't want the hassle of shipping, potential for lost/damaged/confiscated packages

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  4. I just don't think people will be interested in the beers I have to offer

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  5. I'm just afraid I'll be taken advantage of in the trade, too intimidating

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  1. MichiganderHB

    MichiganderHB Initiate (0) Feb 7, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Listen to all the warnings.

    Aside from 1 annual trade with 1 person, I do not trade.

    I just started iSO:FTs and am addicted. 6 trades in the past 2 weeks. Fortunately. All the beer I had on hand. I only had to pay shipping at this time.

    It is incredibly addictive
  2. Jason

    Jason Founder (8,003) Aug 23, 1996 Massachusetts
    Staff Subscriber

    You forgot to add ... "Not interested the least bit." :sunglasses:
  3. yamar68

    yamar68 Initiate (0) Apr 1, 2011 Minnesota

    Says the guy who has free beer sent to him on the reg. :stuck_out_tongue:
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  4. Flight0011

    Flight0011 Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2013 Washington

    I would like to get into tradeing but for one I don't know if I can get anything special in the area that others would want. I would like to hook someone up with something good if they would do the same, I think I would be bummed if I sent out something nice and got back a 6 pack of bud :( If anyone is interested, I live in Washington State and I realy want to try Allagash FV13 and RR Pliney the Elder but I don't know if I would have anything interesting to send in return... I think thats my biggest issue, what would be worthy of sending and what is available for me to get.
  5. dwagner003

    dwagner003 Poo-Bah (1,634) Jan 4, 2013 California
    Beer Trader

    I have a ton of Pliny, and am willing to trade it, but I have no idea what you have. You should go through and add all the beers you currently have to your "Got" list so people can browse your inventory and propose some trades. Good first step.
  6. mnstorm99

    mnstorm99 Initiate (0) May 11, 2007 Minnesota

    I will say that I don't trade, but I still do occasionally. The reason I don't trade is because I prefer my beers fresh and local and the Twin Cities is booming with new breweries.

    BUT...no sours, so I have pulled off a couple trades recently to stock my cellar. I guess I prefer to drink local, so I wouldn't trade if I didn't need to.
  7. Chelsea1905

    Chelsea1905 Devotee (452) Sep 3, 2008 Washington
    Beer Trader

    I think there are a few things here. Bt it was intimidating at first, knowing the expected "trade value" of what you have, maybe being ridiculed for what you offer up. I had asked a couple of questions about the fairness of a trade one time and to be honest I had to take myself out of the thread as some people we being really catty about their responses.

    I think some snobbery can come into the equation when you ask what seem simple questions in an effort to get yourself educated.

    Ten it's down to usually the beers you are buying are local limited releases, and you want one for yourself. So you buy one or two for trades, and one or two for yourself and your cellar....then add shipping. Man, it adds quick.
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  8. Chelsea1905

    Chelsea1905 Devotee (452) Sep 3, 2008 Washington
    Beer Trader

    I just stated something similar, but I think this is a great point. If I didn't let some of the crap just roll off me, then I would have probably lasted about 2 trades. All from just seeking some "friendly advise"
  9. dwagner003

    dwagner003 Poo-Bah (1,634) Jan 4, 2013 California
    Beer Trader

    Some people on here are real shitheads. It's like, this is an entire website devoted to the love of beer; the epitomizing symbol of social gathering. I don't understand why people want to attack those who have come to a informational website in search of information. We are asking you all for advice because we feel like you're knowledgeable, but most of the time, you're just assholes. Makes it a lot less fun.
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  10. Chelsea1905

    Chelsea1905 Devotee (452) Sep 3, 2008 Washington
    Beer Trader

    Yeah, pretty much this. It's a forum about beer advocacy but some treat it as a chance to "one up" the other or pose as superior.

    But if you feel the need to come onto a beer site to make yourself feel "bigger" then I feel bad for you..son.
  11. sacrelicio

    sacrelicio Initiate (0) Feb 15, 2005 Minnesota

    Agree. That's how most of the forums are now. Ask an honest question or make a statement and drunken geeks jump all over you.
  12. Chelsea1905

    Chelsea1905 Devotee (452) Sep 3, 2008 Washington
    Beer Trader

    Dude, where in WA state? I live here now and have done all my trades while I have lived here. Shoot me a message and I can give you some guidance as to what to look out for.
  13. Flight0011

    Flight0011 Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2013 Washington

    Guidance is definately what i need to get started.
    I have nothing in stock so i guess purchasing a few extra bottles may be a start.
  14. sprucetip

    sprucetip Initiate (0) Nov 13, 2007 Alaska

    Shipping to and from my remote town in Southeast Alaska is way too damned expensive. If the postal service were legal it might be reasonable, but FedEx and UPS are wicked expensive where I live. And it still comes to your PO Box anyways!
  15. dwagner003

    dwagner003 Poo-Bah (1,634) Jan 4, 2013 California
    Beer Trader

    Definitely. You have to get some good local stuff, limited releases or stuff people can't get in their part of the country. That's definitely step 1.
  16. schnarr84

    schnarr84 Zealot (569) Nov 27, 2011 Alberta (Canada)

    shipping and this imaginary line that divides our two nations. i have done a few trades, but it is expensive. the cheapest shipping option for 3 cantillons was 38.50 to the usa. that being said, to try beer like bcbs, bruery, and more, it was worth it to me imo
  17. pitweasel

    pitweasel Initiate (0) Jun 11, 2007 New York

    Shipping is absolutely number one on my list. I don't buy huge quantities to begin with, so I'm generally only interested in finding one or two bottles of something. And with shipping, those bottles have just gone up $5-6 EACH. I live in a place where I can get some pretty amazing breweries, so there's not much out there that's so mind-blowing on paper that I feel the need to throw that much money down just to try it.
  18. MN_Beerticker

    MN_Beerticker Initiate (0) Jul 10, 2012 Minnesota

    All of the above but mostly the whole getting screwed over
  19. Rekrule

    Rekrule Initiate (0) Nov 11, 2011 Massachusetts

    Personally I don't trade because it just isn't worth it to me. The cost, the risk/reward,having to actively hunt down beer to get something great in return etc.,.

    I find beer to be a leisure hobby. I don't do anything outside of a couple phone calls to try to obtain harder to get beers in my own area. I'm not going to hassle myself with trading.
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