I'm Gary Fish. In 1988 I founded Deschutes Brewery. Ask Me Anything!

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  1. GaryatDeschutes

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    Any more, that falls to our Innovation team. They come up with ideas (anyone else can contribute) and, with our pilot brew system, we can do a virtually limitless number of trials to get it right. The rest is up to you! Thanks!
  2. GaryatDeschutes

    GaryatDeschutes Initiate (137) Jun 16, 2003 Oregon

    Well, COVID certainly hasn't helped. I talked a bit earlier about Oregon being virtually at saturation as far as breweries and craft market share are concerned. And, there are still breweries opening and IPA's continue to lead the market. The definition of IPA continues to be whatever the brewer wants it to be, it seems. As for where it's going, IPA's will remain strong, but consumers are wanting beers that they can drink more than one or two. It could be a market share thing. Craft could be cutting more deeply into Major Domestic Lager's share and those consumers are preferring something lighter and easier to drink.
    That's my prediction. Which is worth the paper it's printed on!
  3. GaryatDeschutes

    GaryatDeschutes Initiate (137) Jun 16, 2003 Oregon

    Nope. But Fish was a great character!
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  4. GaryatDeschutes

    GaryatDeschutes Initiate (137) Jun 16, 2003 Oregon

    At this time, there are no plans for #3. Never say never though!
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  5. beertunes

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    But these types of names is what gives your beers a sense of place. One can imagine looking over Mirror Pond, or being on Black Butte. Frankly, a name like "Fresh Squeezed" could be made by any brewer, anywhere, it says nothing about the brewery or the place.

    I know that us consumers are fickle, and we always want to try something new, so you have to brew new beers, and then name them. That's why naming beers after local landmarks helps a brand to stand apart. Amber Dawn, Fantasy Football League, Galaxy IPA, King Crispy, Neon Daydream, etc, say nothing about Bend, Central Oregon, or even the PNW. They could be names from a brewery in some generic industrial park, Anywhere USA.

    I'd respectfully ask that you reconsider your stance on this.
  6. Mister_Faucher

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    I want Hop Henge again!?

    Question form.
  7. beertunes

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    What is "yes please" Alex?
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    Can I get a love for this???
  9. ChicagoJ

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    I just wanted to say thank you Gary for building your company and expanding ownership opportunities to employees via your ESOP program. It must feel great to build a world class brewery and team, and be able to share the success with those who worked with you all of these years.

    Thanks also for supporting various brewer guilds including our Illinois Guild which you generously provide multiple kegs for their events. Really enjoy Black Butte each year. I hope to make it to Bend and visit your brewpub soon.

    I have enjoyed your responses and the great questions and thanks for taking the time to interact with us here.

  10. thesherrybomber

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    Is your Black Butte Whiskey available outside of Oregon?
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  11. GaryatDeschutes

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    Look for Royal Fresh coming later this year!
  12. GaryatDeschutes

    GaryatDeschutes Initiate (137) Jun 16, 2003 Oregon

    Thank you. None of us do it alone.
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  13. GaryatDeschutes

    GaryatDeschutes Initiate (137) Jun 16, 2003 Oregon

    At this point, it is not. Hopefully eventually though!
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  14. rocdoc1

    rocdoc1 Aspirant (270) Jan 13, 2006 New Mexico

    Your beers have been some of my favorites for many, many years. But I live far, far away and wonder about the freshness of the beers I get down here in New Mexico. Do you ship your beers referigerated or take any other precautions to preserve their freshness?
    As an aside your Black Butte has turned many of my friends into dark beer fans.
  15. GaryatDeschutes

    GaryatDeschutes Initiate (137) Jun 16, 2003 Oregon

    Interesting question, being from New Mexico. A market that continues to challenge us with meager sales and some distribution challenges. Both of which make fresh beer a challenge. We, typically, ship un-refrigerated in the west. The reason is that the transit time is usually, sub 24 hours and with insulated trailers and the thermal mass that is represented by the beer, the temperature gain is only a couple of degrees, in our studies. I recommend checking the "packaged on" dating to make the best choice.
  16. rocdoc1

    rocdoc1 Aspirant (270) Jan 13, 2006 New Mexico

    I understand that, thanks for the reply and info. Where I live we don't even get many beers brewed in New Mexico.:angry:
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  17. GaryatDeschutes

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    My suggestion is, talk to your retailers. You are the customer. They should want to bring in the things you want to buy. Have your friends do it too. The more you do that, the better the chance you will get what you want.
    Good luck!!
  18. RacerX5k

    RacerX5k Disciple (391) Feb 11, 2013 Pennsylvania

    While I'm not familiar with your accomplishments, I certainly respect your contributions and dedication to your craft. I do enjoy an fresh, Fresh Squeezed. But I had one didn't notice too old, and it was terrible. There was another (I forget the name) IPA I really enjoyed also. But overall, my story is in 2012 I eagerly awaited the arrival in the Philadelphia area of the legendary Bourbon County and the equally legendary, Abyss. Well, long story short, the 2012 Bourbon County remains my all time top 3 beers, and the Abyss? stunk. And i don't agree with the gimmick selling beer BEFORE its best to be drank date. Sorry man, not everyone' s an fan boy.
  19. chrisalive

    chrisalive Initiate (37) May 14, 2016 Virginia

    I fell in love with Black Butte porter, and especially Obsidian Stout, when I lived in San Francisco. But when I moved to Virginia Beach in 2014, I could find neither. I was ecstatic when Black Butte Porter showed up about 2-3 years ago, but I have yet to see my favorite beer of all time, Obsidian Stout. When will you be distributing that to Virginia Beach?
  20. Bitterbill

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    The Abyss stunk? My oh my, thank goodness my palate is nothing like yours. No disrespect intended.
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  21. GaryatDeschutes

    GaryatDeschutes Initiate (137) Jun 16, 2003 Oregon

    Thanks! While we work to get beer to those who want it, many of our lower volume brands don't make it to the farther reaches of our distribution. Whereas we have a serious commitment to Virginia, all beers may not be available in all places. My suggestion is ask, and work with your favorite retailer to see your wishes fulfilled. Cheers!
  22. jakecattleco

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    @GaryatDeschutes I just wanted to circle back, as your post doesn't have any text on my end. Link

    Thanks again!
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  23. GaryatDeschutes

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    Cheers to you!!
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  24. GaryatDeschutes

    GaryatDeschutes Initiate (137) Jun 16, 2003 Oregon

    Definitely one of my favorites, that started my love for wet hops! Unfortunately, it will be taking a rest this harvest in favor of Chasin' Freshies. Look for an awesome year this year.
  25. bsp77

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    Not sure what the point of your "contribution" was...
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  26. Reidrover

    Reidrover Poo-Bah (3,801) Jan 14, 2003 Oregon

    Ex-Novo now brew in New Mexico..at Corrales..i had a beer brewed there and it was up to the usual Ex-Novo standards
  27. denver10

    denver10 Poo-Bah (2,936) Nov 17, 2010 New Mexico

    New Mexico has a nice craft beer scene but it is definitely local-centric. You are far from the only national brewery that hasn't exactly prospered here. Unfortunately for us, I imagine that is always why we have such limited out of state distribution. It kills me when some of my favorite Colorado breweries completely skip through our state as they expand their distribution to Texas.
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  28. pudgym29

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    Black Butte Porter is always one of my favorites. I just finished a 6 pack of 12-oz. bottles of it.

    The main question I have for you is: What is Marie Melsheimer doing these days? :slight_smile:

    DISKORD Devotee (450) Feb 28, 2017 South Carolina


    Do you have any plans to start distributing in South Carolina?