In Warrenton VA tonight, anything good?

Discussion in 'South-Atlantic' started by stageseven, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. stageseven

    stageseven Initiate (0) Sep 9, 2008 Delaware

    I'll be travelling from Newark, Delaware to Warrenton, VA tonight for my cousin's wedding tomorrow. Anywhere nearby or on the way that I should stop at? I'll be looking for a good bottle shop and a place to go for dinner, preferably somewhere that has good local beer and accepts an AHA discount card. Anything to look out for? Thanks!
  2. ashellen

    ashellen Initiate (133) Mar 26, 2009 Virginia

    i know its too late, but sadly there's not much in terms of beer in this area. i would go to black bear bistro, good food and 6 or so local taps (probably best selection in town), next door is molly's pub which is more of a bar they have 4 or so good taps and a handful of typcial bar regular taps

    i have heard rumors (3 different ones) of people looking to open a brewery in town, but i have no idea when or even if that will happen.

    the galloping grape is a cool little shop if you are looking for singles, wine, or a saddle.
  3. southdenverhoo

    southdenverhoo Disciple (332) Aug 13, 2004 Colorado

    It's my home town & last 4 times I've been home it's been Black Bear Bistro for me too. But--I heard that Claire's at the Depot has sort of remodeled their bar area and added some (a couple?) micro taps. I'll be home 4/11--4/16 and will repost...too late for OP obvs.

    ashellen, have you been in there recently?

    also I heard somebody bought Napoleons; they used to have a craft tap or two IIRC. If they re-open they have a bar that could easily accommodate 7-8 craft taps.

    ashellen--three different brewery concepts? wow!
  4. ashellen

    ashellen Initiate (133) Mar 26, 2009 Virginia

    yeah claires has 2 or 3 craft taps, its a little too fancy for me to go on the regular but worth going to and giving it a shot.

    someone did buy Napoleons, but not sure what the status of the renovation is. I've only been in town for a year, so I dont really know what it is like. from the outside it seems that they could even split the building into multiple bars / resturants.

    yeah, 3 different breweries. Two were looking for space in downtown, affordable adequate space seems to be an issue. the 3rd was someone wanting to do in their garage. i am not sure that warrenton could support 3 breweries, but 1 would be great.

    BPGEFL Initiate (0) Aug 14, 2013 Virginia

    I know it's too late for OP, but google Old Bust Head. Nice upstart brewery with some good beers. Open on the weekend.
  6. BealetonJoe

    BealetonJoe Initiate (14) May 29, 2013 Virginia

    You guys are correct on B.B.B. and Molly's. Both on Main St in old town. McMahon's on Broadview is a good locals bar and they are carrying Old Bust Head's Wildcat IPA. Old Bust Head Brewing is on the old Vint Hill Army base and has been open for tastings in the brewery since February. Friday to Sunday. Check the web site or Face Book. Clairs has good beer but the old Nappies is nothing but a hole in the ground right now.
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