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    We encourage beer industry professionals to participate on BeerAdvocate and engage our users in a helpful manner, however, there are some obvious differences when posting as bias and the urge to promote comes to play. So please read the following before posting.
    Is the urge to use our site to promote overwhelming? We offer both print and web advertising opportunities. See:

    Forum Spam
    Soliciting our users with your good or services will not be tolerated. Some examples:
    • Pimping events (see below).
    • Replying to threads with the fact that you have a beer in stock.
    • Urging users to visit your site, social media channel, app, or Kickstarter.
    • Having others spam for you.
    Press Releases
    Should benefit consumers, such as beer releases, openings, brewery expansions, or distribution updates. Anything else will be considered against the rules and subject to removal.
    • Local or regional release? Post in the appropriate Regional forum.
      Multi-regional or national release? Post in the main Beer Releases or Beer News forums accordingly.
    • Ensure that your caps lock is off and that your title and message are neatly formatted.
    • Ensure that any images or other media are properly embedded and that any links are functional.
    • Don't cross-post in multiple forums.
    • Don't post old news.
    See: Forum FAQs

    Should always be posted in the Calendar. Submissions are instant and editable by the poster.
    • Don't submit non-beer events.
    • Don't submit an event that occurs on a regular basis; it's spammy.
    • Ensure that your event name is clear, your CAPS lock is off, and that the event name doesn't include redundant information; like date and time.
    • Ensure that your event info is formatted neatly.
    See: Events FAQs

    Help Wanted

    Rating & Reviewing
    Rating and reviewing your own place or beers, or competitors, or paying others to do so, is not allowed and illegal under FTC guidelines. Doing so will result in removal of all content, account banning, and possible further action, without warning.

    Suggestions? Drop us a note. And we'll update this as needed.
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