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    Looking to tick some BA Top 250 whales via a share. Some aren't Top 250, but I just really want to try. Open to other highly rated beers. I grouped my beers into certain "themes", don't mind doing verticals/adding onto a certain theme. Just looking to make some new friends! I have some other stuff too that I didn't list. PM if interested!

    ISO: Maman, LPK, Blabaer, Kaggen!, Clover, Rare Scooop, VR, Prop '13, Prop '14, King Henry, Coconut Vibes, BBA GNVP, Handjee, BBADL, Chemtrailmix, Coconut Medianoche, BBA Hunahpu

    FS (For Share): BAIGCCS '20, IGCCS '20, ADWTDb2, ADWTD DO, Endless Ending, Zenne b5, LPF, Assassin '18, MDb4, BAA '19, DBHb2, Flora b8, Flora Blueberry, Flora Plum, DFPF, Miami Madness, IWAAD, AdF, SdF, FdF, B&W, Mexican Cake Reserva, Mexican Cake, Maple Bourbon Mexican Cake, Rare '15, Reserve '17
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  2. bret27

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    This is an awesome idea, unfortunately I don’t have any of the whales that you’re searching for. Good luck!
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    Love this idea! Wish I lived anywhere near you...