Beer IP Belgium. FT lambic, ISO SR-71 and other stouts

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    My tasting group and I are trying to make a small TG tasting.
    This may also be done through a proxy to the US but IP Belgium strongly preferred.

    3F kriek '99 + zenne b2 + ogv14/50N b4 + seasonal

    ISO: SR71+assassin 14+

    assassin 14 non essential, but a similar bottle required.
    I will not go much higher than this and SR b1 is non negotiable.
    the pluses can be discussed and we have other lambic to add/change:

    Grand Cru Brouscella Brut
    Reine des Prés
    Magnum A&G and Cantillon Gueuze
    random 11/12 bottles (Iris, gcb, ...)

    Thanks a lot.

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