Beer IP Belgium. FT lambic, ISO SR-71 and other stouts

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  1. joaoM

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    My tasting group and I are trying to make a small TG tasting.
    This may also be done through a proxy to the US but IP Belgium strongly preferred.

    3F kriek '99 + zenne b2 + ogv14/50N b4 + seasonal

    ISO: SR71+assassin 14+

    assassin 14 non essential, but a similar bottle required.
    I will not go much higher than this and SR b1 is non negotiable.
    the pluses can be discussed and we have other lambic to add/change:

    Grand Cru Brouscella Brut
    Reine des Prés
    Magnum A&G and Cantillon Gueuze
    random 11/12 bottles (Iris, gcb, ...)

    Thanks a lot.

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  2. ealberhasky

    ealberhasky Initiate (16) Mar 24, 2018 Georgia

    Aww this post and I know thanksgiving has passed but just wanted to reach out as I’ll be in Brussels on Dec 8 and can bring the following stouts to trade. Looking primarily for Cantillon and 3f

    Here is more or less what I have available at the moment for stouts

    Bcbs coffee 2017 x7

    Bcbs 2017 x1

    Bcbs 2018 x2

    Bcbs north wood 2017 x3

    Bcbs orange/cocoa x2

    Bcbs bramble x2

    Bcbs reserve 2017 x1

    Kbs 2018 750 x1

    Kbs 2018 355 x1

    CBS 2018 750 x2

    Prairie 2017 Pirate Bomb x1

    Prairie 2017 Vanilla Noir x1

    Prairie 2017 Bourbon Paradise x1

    Prairie 2017 Coffee Noir x1

    Prairie 2017 Noir x4

    Cycle 2017 Rare Dos

    Cycle 2027 Rare Dos Double Barrel

    Idyll Hounds 2016 Captn Grillo Sherry Aged stout with Black Currants

    Oscar Blues 2018 BA Ten Fidy Stovepipe

    Bells BA Expedition Stout