Beer IP Brussels 10-10 | FT: Cantillon, 3F, Tilquin | ISO: Bottle Logic, Angry Chair, Goose Island

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  1. Scarjoa

    Scarjoa Initiate (32) Feb 22, 2018 Netherlands

    In person trade in Brussels 10-10 (Cantillon Open Brew Day).

    Cantillon: Nath '17, Nath '18, Fou Foune '18, LPF '14, Iris '18, CSG '17, Magnum Geuze '16.
    3F: Framboos '17, Kriek Toast, A&G (OBD release).
    Tilquin: Pinot Noir '18, Groseille Rouge (37,5cl and 75cl).

    Bottle Logic FO'17/FS/RFI, Angry Chair BA IGCCS/DBA Popinski/BBA Imperial Awakening, Goose Island Vanilla Rye/Prop '17/Rare/Knob Creek (no regular BCBS unless pre 2015), Morning Delight b3 or b5, Trillium stouts.

    You can always hit me up with another offer!

    Cheers, Jeroen