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    Hi all,

    I'll be in Brussels on the 20th November and will be hitting up the usual spots. Happy to do an IP trade but will have a short timeframe.

    FT: LPG '10, GCB Brut, Fou, Nath, LPF, Magnum Geuze, Magnum A&G, Vig, A&G 750s, new Framboos, Mill's wild ales (e.g. Picture Pot, Today), UK Hops, might have some Jester King stuff, Pips- the Monte, Schramm's a Smile of Fortune.

    ISO: Zenne b1/2, OGV, b1 A&G, Scharbeekse paper labels, Framboos paper labels, Hommage paper labels, LPF, LPK, LPG, St Lam any year, '18 Fou, aged Iris (<2013) 50 N, Bokkereyder, Uli blends.

    If any American travellers happen to be in Brussels at the same time, I'm also interested in Barrel aged stouts/ AWAs, Meads, Bourbon.

    Obviously, ratios in your favour for the bigger bottles

    PM me and let's get a conversation going