Beer IP Brussels 24th Feb. FT UK hops, ISO hops, stout, lambic

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    IP Brussels 24th Feb

    Verdant Putty (canned 17.01)
    Verdant We've lost the manifest (24.01)
    Verdant Pulp (07.02)
    Verdant Hüddle (TBD)
    Brew by Numbers 44|02 DDH pale
    Wylam WxY3
    Northern Monk Glory
    Northern Monk Death
    Cloudwater Birthday DIPA (multiple)

    US Hops
    Well rated stouts
    Vig, St. Lam, Hommage, Nath, Fou or similar lambic

    PM for ratios or if there's anything else you want me to try and source. Cheers!