Beer IP: Brussels Dec 6-12 ISO: Cantillon FT: Colorado Beers

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  1. Hopfensaft

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    I'll be visiting Brussels between December 6th and 12th.

    ISO: Cantillon Beers not available at the brewery

    FT: Colorado Beers:
    • Hazy IPA (Weldwerks, Cerebral, New Image)
    • West-Coast IPA (Comrade, Call to Arms)
    • Sour Beer (Black Project, Casey Brewing and Blending)
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  2. Jesperrr

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    Im there at Cantillon December 8. I have Mamouche and Nath. Anything else FT? Looking at US stouts: Bcbs 2018 variants, perm57 that kind of stuff. Cheers