Beer IP Brussels November 24th: FT: Aunis + Tilquin Pinots&Groseille - ISO: US BA Stouts, Lambic

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    Hi there,

    Actually posting for a friend who isn't in here, but I am actually getting the bottle myself the day before that and bringing it myself that day as I stay in Brussels for a night. Meeting at Moeder Fontainas/Grist during the evening of Saturday November 24th.

    FT: Aunis (Quintessence batch, so 2017) + Pinot Gris + Pinot Noir + Groseille 375 (all 2018)
    ISO: BA Imp. Stouts from the US (Bottle Logic, Cycle, Side Project, Toppling Goliath, Trillium, ...), and/or seasonal/one-off fruited lambic (Cantillon or 3F).

    PM for questions.

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