Beer IP Brussels Sept 28-30 ISO: Lambics FT: Florida Stouts

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    ISO: Like others here looking for Zenne, Magic Lambic, Blaeber, etc and any other limited/special releases from Cantillon and 3F

    FT: Funky Buddha - MBCP, Morning Wood, Last Buffalo (regular and festival only waxed)
    Angry Chair - Imp German Chocolate Cupcake, BA No Promises, BA French Toast, Rum BA Imp Awakening, Bourbon BA Imp Awakening
    Cycle - Pallet 5 (Cognac BA), DBRRR
    Cigar City - Hunahpu (multiple years), Zhukov (multiple years), Cognac BA Zhukov, Bourbon BA Zhukov, BA Florida Style Zhukov, Coconut Zhukov, Bourbon BA Penultimate Push, Barrel Aged Stout with Natural Flavors (BA Maple Hunahpu)