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    Will be in Mcalester for the share on Friday 1/11 and bottle pickup 1/12. If interested please message me and we can work something out.

    Apple Brandy and Bourbon Dawg Beers
    Prop ‘18 & Reserve ‘18
    BA Vanilla Shake
    Rusty Nail
    BA 4th Dimension
    Side Project - Leaner, Blanc De Blancs, Jammy, La Fosse, Peche Du Fermier
    Bottle Logic - Space Trace, Number Crunch, Jam The Radar, Red Eye November, ground State
    BA Huna
    Perennial - Coffee Abraxas, Vanilla Abraxas, BA Sump

    Kentucky Coffee Fluffernutter (‘19 Dawg SB - Bourbon Barrel, Peanut Butter Roasted Coffee, Double Marshmallow)
    Spon Five
    Maple Bourbon Imperial Mexican Biscotti
    A&G batch 1
    PB & Thursday
    Grey Monday
    Bourbon County - Vanilla, Wheatwine, Midnight Orange, Coffee Barleywine, Bramble
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.