Beer IP London Jul. 16 - ISO Loons/3f, FT: Stouts & Hops

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    Will be in London and free for a day on July 16th, and have a few specific ISO's that I haven't been ever able to track down in the US. Would need to lock something up in the next 2 days, as I leave Friday night.
    Would need to meet on July 16th somewhere near Leicester square / central London.

    Fresh Toppling Goliath King Sue (could also get Pseudo Sue if you wanted as an extra)
    Parabola & Sucaba
    Surly Darkness (multiple years)
    Abyss and Abyss variants (multiple years)
    BCBS & Variants:
    - BCBCS 2017
    - Regular 2012 thru 17 (except 15, since a lot is infected)
    - Northwoods
    - Barleywine 16 & 17
    Many other US stouts

    Could also throw in any local Chicago brews that were interesting (as extra's more than anything)



    Vintage (main want by far)

    50N 4E
    LPK (recent batches, but I don't think there was any for sale, just onsite? so maybe reaching on this)
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    You're going to need bigger anchors than what you have listed to pull your ISO.
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