Beer IP London: w/o Feb 4th ISO:Cantillon seasonals; FT: US Hops, Hill Farmstead, Kane *UPDATED*

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  1. mkurylko

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    Will be in London (Central) the week of February 4th, would be looking for Cantillon seasonals, could bring bulk Other Half hops and/or a few bottles of Other Half stout bottles with me. Can expand further based on your preferences.

    Updated with other options as well:
    • Kane Morning Bean
    • Bruery Chocolate Rain '12
    • Hill Farmstead Beyond Good & Evil
    • HF Twilight of the Idols.
    • HF Farmstead Anna
    • HF Florence
    • HF Farmer Wave
    • HF Civil Disobedience Citrus
    • Suarez 100ft North Vintage

    Let me know.

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    PM incoming
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    Hey, PM me and we can talk? Cheers
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    Hi, I live in london and have some cantillon in my cellar, I'm always interested in OH hops and stouts.

    Any specific cantillon your looking for?
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  5. mkurylko

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