Beer IP Lyon 10/21-23 ISO: Lambic; FT: BA Stouts + HF

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    I'll be in Lyon from October 21st through 23rd.

    Cantillon Nath, any LPs, Vig, Fou and St. Lam.
    3F Open Beer Day beers

    Kane ANTEAD '17 label (18 release)
    Kane Object Permanence '17
    HF Nordic Saison 7/20/18 bottling
    HF Anna 12/19/17 bottling
    HF Civil Disobedience Citrus
    Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout '13
    Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout '15
    Bruery Mocha Weds '13
    Bruery Bois '13
    Bruery Black Tuesday '12
    Bruery Grey Monday '14
    Garagiste So Fla Fruit Punch (mead)