IP: Portland (2/26) - FT: NY Stuff (my list); ISO: West Coast Stuff

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    CraftFan5 Meyvn (1,143) May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    Good day, PNWers (I say "good day" because it's afternoon here but morning there). Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.

    I expect to be in the Portland area for one day and one day only (Tuesday, February 26th), and I would love to pull off an IP trade or two. Also, I am trying to stop at Great Notion before I hit the red-eye back to Newark. Do they only have taps on-site, or do they sell cans?

    I am ISO the following:
    West Ashley / Westly
    Nectarine Premiere / Broken Truck / The Lily
    Coconut B-Bomb
    Midnight Still
    Number Crunch / Jam the Radar

    BCBS - all variants except Reserve and Prop
    Other Half - whatever IPAs are available
    Toppling Goliath - cans
    KBS/CBS/Better Half
    Black Note
    Miami Madness
    Cuvee de Wakefield
    Evil Twin: DB Bible Belt, Maple BA Biscotti, Maple BA Donut, Maple BA Jesus,Harlan's, Good Advice
    Jack's Abby BA Framinghammer (Super Mole, Coffee, S'Mores, Graham Cracker, BA)
    BA Champion Ground
    Westbrook 8th Anniversary
    CW: BBBW, BBS, BB Scotch, Cassian Sunset, Peruvian Morning, Rye Barrel Stout, Vanilla Bean Stout

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Thread Status:
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