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  1. needMIbeer

    needMIbeer Feb 5, 2014 Virginia
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    Will be in Williamsburg on Saturday (3/9) and Richmond on Sunday (3/10). Looking to keep it fairly close to $4$. Willing to go over for the whiskeys on the list.


    Prop ‘18
    BA Vanilla Shake
    Rusty Nail
    BA 4th Dimension
    Blanc de Blancs
    La Fosse
    Peche du fermier
    Space Trace
    Number Crunch
    Jam The Radar
    Red Eye November
    Ground State
    BA Huna
    Coffee Abraxas
    Vanilla Abraxas
    BA Sump

    Blantons SFTB
    Blantons Gold
    Weller 12
    Weller CYPB
    EH Taylor Rye
    Elmer T Lee


    Kentucky Coffee Fluffernutter (Dawg Single Barrel)
    BA XMAS Bomb
    Double Barrel Noir
    Apple Brandy Noir
    Bourbon Paradise
    Stuf’t batch 2
    Vanilla Noir
    Maple Bourbon Coconut Cake Break
    PB & Thursday
    BC Vanilla ‘18
    Reserve ‘17
    BC Bramble ‘18
    BC Wheatwine
    BC Midnight Orange
    BC Coffee Barleywine
    A&G batch 1
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.