IP: Sac, FT: old Bruery, FW, Alesmith, others, ISO: flexible

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  1. davidsk

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    Looking to trade away some of the older beers in my collection. Most, but not all of these are Bruery beers.

    Highlights include:

    • The barrel-aged/specialty versions of the original 12 days of Christmas beers (BA Partridge through BA Seven Swans)
    • The regular versions of the above (Partridge through 8 Maids a Milkin', missing Five Golden Rings and Seven Swans)
    • Black Tuesday, going back to the first bottling (2009-14, 2016, 2019)
    • Grey Monday, 2013-15
    • Mocha Wednesday (2015)
    • Chocolate Rain (2012-13, 2015)
    • BA Cuir
    • Bois (Bourbon, French Oak, New American Oak)
    • BA Fruet
    • Sucre
    • Chronology (6 months)
    • Wineification III (2015)
    • Melange 1 (second batch, I think -- ~ 2011?)
    Other Breweries
    • Captain Lawrence Rosso e Marrone (B3, 2011)
    • Alesmith BA Speedway Stout (2009)
    • Alesmith BA Wee Heavy (2009)
    • Russian River Sanctification, B4 (2009?)
    • Firestone Walker Abacus (first bottling, prior to name change to Sucaba, 2011)
    • Firestone Walker Parabola (2011)
    • Firestone Walker Double DBA (2012)
    • Lost Abbey Veritas 007 (2010?)
    • Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme (unknown vintage, ~ 2012)
    • FiftyFifty BA Eclipse (2010)
    • Stone RIS (2012-13, 2015)
    • Stone/Maui Aloha! Berlin (2016, 1.5L)
    • 2016 KBS
    • 2018 Nergalette (Noble Creature Alehouse, Youngstown, OH)
    This is not an exhaustive list, but covers most of what I've got.

    No guarantees as to how any of these bottles are drinking right now. I've kept them in a box in the closet of a cool bedroom.

    For a number of these, I'm just ISO something interesting/new that I can't get off the shelf in California. For others (e.g., BA Partridge, 2009 BT, Veritas 007), I may be less inclined to trade these, and would likely be looking for something more than that.

    My preference is for smaller format bottles (500 mL or smaller, 4 or 6 packs, etc.). In any case, I would like to clear out a good portion of my cellar.

    Let me know if you're interested. I'd strongly prefer IP in Sacramento, but can arrange for something in the Bay Area, and, depending on the date, possibly LA/OC/San Diego.

    Thanks for looking!
  2. davidsk

    davidsk Initiate (95) Sep 12, 2008 California

    Bump. Got a couple of nibbles but still looking. Let me know. Thanks!
  3. spersichilli

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    is OG Black Tuesday still available?
  4. bret27

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    Would be interested in several of these if you’re interested in meeting in the Bay Area or shipping within California. Fairly reasonable prices when reasonably close.
    PM me if you’re still looking for stuff.
    I can let you know what I’ve got and am interested in.
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