IPA/DIPA with the longest lingering hop taste?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by ChrisMon02, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. ChrisMon02

    ChrisMon02 Crusader (746) May 2, 2010 Ohio

    I am an admitted hop head and have tried just about everything I can get my hands on regionally. I really appreciate a beer that leaves a long lasting hop taste ( and yes, I even like the taste of the burps). Fathead's Headhunter by far is the most lingering IPA I have ever had. I can taste the hops for hours after quaffing a few.

    Any suggestions on other beers that accomplish this? I live in Ohio and would like to seek out similar profiled IPA/DIPA's

    Thanks and cheers!
  2. jmmy3

    jmmy3 Aspirant (292) Nov 30, 2010 Massachusetts

    I'd say GF's Palate Wrecker and SN's Hoptimum are up there as far as lingering finish.
  3. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,526) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    Abrasive is killer it starts on the nose with the biggest grapefruit of any brew I've tried, and on to the finish. Really an outstanding brew.
  4. Cubatobaco

    Cubatobaco Crusader (718) Jan 27, 2013 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    So far, for me, it's been Palate Wrecker. I woke up tasting it the next morning. :slight_smile:
  5. Groomsy

    Groomsy Initiate (0) Sep 23, 2010 Kentucky

    I'll second Hoptimum. I was still tasting grapefruit and pine resin in my mouth the following morning... AFTER drinking a couple glasses of water.
  6. soulkeeper1369

    soulkeeper1369 Initiate (196) Jun 18, 2007 Maine
    Beer Trader

    Heady Topper will leave a long lingering hop presence in your mouth.
  7. kingofhop

    kingofhop Initiate (0) May 9, 2010 Oklahoma

    Thunderhead and Bridgeports Hop Czar have me burping up hops for days.
  8. Moose90

    Moose90 Meyvn (1,455) Nov 25, 2012 Washington
    Beer Trader

  9. VncentLIFE

    VncentLIFE Meyvn (1,417) Feb 16, 2011 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    Palette Wrecker and 10th Anniversary Ruination. both were just Hop Bombs.
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  10. JuliusCaesar

    JuliusCaesar Initiate (0) Feb 18, 2013 New Hampshire

  11. Budinetz

    Budinetz Defender (639) Dec 29, 2010 Pennsylvania

    Weyerbacher Double Simcoe out of Easton,PA has a nice lingering hop flavor. Also, Victory Yakima Glory Ale, although it is an American Black Ale, has a pretty ridiculous hop linger. Enjoy!
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  12. seakayak

    seakayak Disciple (358) May 20, 2007 Massachusetts

    Lagunitas Sucks made my house smell like hops for two whole days. mmmm hoppy...
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  13. CoachC

    CoachC Initiate (0) Nov 25, 2012 Florida

    Palate Wrecker and Maharaja
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  14. JWD

    JWD Aspirant (258) Dec 7, 2005 California

    I have had all the best DIPAs and regaurdless of how hoppy they are when you drink them stone ruination by far is the only one that you can still taste in the morning !!! Not sure why but even over palate wrecker, younger, HT
    You name it ..
  15. StylzMC

    StylzMC Initiate (0) Dec 15, 2012 Yukon (Canada)

    did you pour out the six pack onto the carpet? :slight_smile:
  16. deadonhisfeet

    deadonhisfeet Poo-Bah (1,584) Apr 23, 2011 Kentucky

    I have had Pliny the Elder, Dreadnaught, Hopslam, Heady Topper, Ruination, Palate Wrecker, Head Hunter, West Sixth, and many others. They are awesome beers with flavors to die for. However, when it comes to lingering hop flavor, I think Fat Head's Head Hunter tops them all. I'm not talking about taste here as I do think a few of the aforementioned beers taste better than Head Hunter. I'm just talking about that ``I-can-feel-the-hop-oils-dripping-from-the-inside-of-my-mouth'' lingering flavor. Head Hunter is the champ in my opinion.
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  17. bifrost17

    bifrost17 Initiate (0) Dec 16, 2011 Washington

    I drank a Heady Topper last night, and the taste left in my mouth after I finished the beer was almost better than the beer itself.
  18. UHCougar12

    UHCougar12 Disciple (383) Feb 21, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I like pour a half a bottle in my garbage disposal. Mmm hops!
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  19. Eduk8traz

    Eduk8traz Initiate (176) Nov 13, 2010 Arizona

    I recently had Lagunitas Sucks on tap (from what I think must have been a very fresh keg) and, the hops in it were incredable.
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  20. beerepiphany

    beerepiphany Initiate (50) Oct 19, 2010 Illinois

    Hermitage Ale of the IMP
  21. JuliusCaesar

    JuliusCaesar Initiate (0) Feb 18, 2013 New Hampshire

    I like Lagunitas Sucks a lot and I think the Hop smell and flavor are great but IMO it's not really that bitter
  22. fastenoughforphish

    fastenoughforphish Aspirant (218) Nov 14, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Lingerer's man, lingerer's!
  23. JuliusCaesar

    JuliusCaesar Initiate (0) Feb 18, 2013 New Hampshire

    Alright, my bad. It does stick around
  24. Droogins

    Droogins Initiate (0) Sep 4, 2012 Massachusetts

    The night I had my first and so far only Heady Topper, I seriously considered not brushing my teeth. I did not want that taste to leave my mouth.

    ISO Heady Toothpaste?
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  25. bld81

    bld81 Aspirant (221) Mar 9, 2009 Missouri
    Beer Trader

    for lingering hops on the palate, to me it has been Boneyard Hop Venom, Stone 10th Anniv. Ruination, and Mikkeller 1000ibu
  26. smitherz22

    smitherz22 Initiate (0) May 8, 2012 California

    arrrogant bastard, ruination
  27. DIM

    DIM Poo-Bah (2,341) Sep 28, 2006 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Among all of the quality IPAs already mentioned, plus a few more my favorites, the answer is the freshest one.
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  28. szmnnl99

    szmnnl99 Crusader (727) Apr 3, 2006 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary
  29. baconman91

    baconman91 Initiate (0) Dec 13, 2009 Ohio

    ..I too live in Ohio (NE), the most easily accessible of my Favs are:
    pretty much Anything from Sierra Nevada..Hoptimum, Ruthless, Torpedo, Bigfoot, Celebration
    -Columbus IPA
    -Victory: Hop Wallop, Hop Devil, Headwaters
    -Buckeye: Hippie IPA
    -Flower Power
    -the Brew Kettle: "Old 21", "White Rajah"
    -Great Lakes: Lake Eerie Monster, Nosferatu
    -Ballast: Sculpin
    -Mad River: Steelhead Double
    -Stone: ..pretty much any of them..esp. "Ruination"
    -Anderson Valley: Hop 'Ottin
    -Troegs: Flying Mouflan

    ---- to name a handful, Maybe you've had them all (don't know) but they are All pretty damn tasty & Hopped up just Perfect in (my) book. -Hope that helps a bit..lemme know, I'm just tryin to help out. You got any You are fond of..Whereabouts in OH are you?

  30. gustogasmic

    gustogasmic Initiate (0) Jan 13, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Ruination Tenth Ann'y takes the cake for me. Founder's Devil Dancer (fresh), Sixpoint Resin, and SN Hoptimum honorable mention. For me, bitterness and resinous-ness are the two factors that most contribute to linger. Hoppier imperial stouts stick around hard, too- roasty linger is equally glorious in my book :slight_smile:
  31. Ravenacht

    Ravenacht Aspirant (203) Aug 10, 2012 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Yea , i second this one , those hops just do not want to go away.
  32. Mikecap

    Mikecap Champion (849) May 18, 2012 Rhode Island
    Beer Trader

    agree with ruination, still have to try palate wrecker. SN Torpedo is always great and I love the lingering finish on Harpoon Leviathan as well

    GA_SIPPER Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2013 Georgia

    Palate Wrecker, although I haven't had Ruination in a while.
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  34. Cubatobaco

    Cubatobaco Crusader (718) Jan 27, 2013 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    What did you do...spray it around like you win a Championship?! :wink:
  35. lonewolfcry

    lonewolfcry Zealot (567) Dec 7, 2007 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Hop Stoopid
    Two Hearted Ale
  36. admiral1

    admiral1 Initiate (141) Jan 20, 2011 Pennsylvania

    FatHeads Headhunters IPA
    Victory Hop Devil
    Victory Headwaters
    Full Pint Chinookie IPA
    SN Torpedo
  37. ChrisMon02

    ChrisMon02 Crusader (746) May 2, 2010 Ohio

    I am in Olmsted Falls. Went to Fatheads an hour ago to get my Headhunter fix and the bartender who knows me suggested IBUsive. It's an experimental hop that crosses Nugget and Simcoe...AMAZING! Bitter, dank and lingering. The guy next to me asked if I was married and when I asked him why he said "no kisses for you tonight, I can smell the hops pouring out of you". Awesome stuff. Fatheads knows their hops!
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  38. Monkeyknife

    Monkeyknife Poo-Bah (2,987) Jan 8, 2007 Missouri
    Premium Member Beer Trader

  39. GetMeAnIPA

    GetMeAnIPA Zealot (580) Mar 28, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    Just finished palate wrecker and damn it has a long bitter finish. Also knee deeps hop shortage and Simtra's hops build on the palate and stays for hours. If you can't get them BM me...cheers!
  40. ChrisMon02

    ChrisMon02 Crusader (746) May 2, 2010 Ohio

    You have a great list and I have had most of them. All great hop pie beers. Just had Knee Deep Simtra and Coronado Idiot IPA. Both new to the area and really good.
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