Is accessibility to good beer a factor in where you choose to live?

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Is beer a factor in where you choose to live?

  1. Yes

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  1. Skoallio

    Skoallio Initiate (0) Apr 30, 2014 Florida

    Depending on what state or country your in, theres a huge disparity in how lucky people are when it comes to beer. A lot of the world has shitty beer selections and/or shitty beer prices.

    Would you move thousands of miles away to another state just so you could drink the beers you want that's not available in your state? Or avoid moving somewhere just because of the lack of good beer?
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  2. PatriotsRule

    PatriotsRule Initiate (0) Sep 25, 2012 Massachusetts

    No problem accessing great beer in New England, but proximity to great breweries makes a big difference for me when choosing a space in which to live and/or work. Right now, I'm sandwiched in between Jack's Abby and Cambridge Brewing Company, with Trillium, Harpoon, Night Shift, and Mystic all within an hour on the train, to mention just a few. Today I tasted the sweet satisfaction of weathering the trip in Boston on my way to pick up some Double Dry Hopped Sleeper Street, Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point, Melcher Street, and Congress Street. Nothing like fresh (literally <1 week young) hoppy brews heading into another snowy weekend. If I move out of Massachusetts, it will be to a place with great beer!
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  3. bigdaddyjerry

    bigdaddyjerry Initiate (0) May 6, 2013 Maryland

    why move thousands of miles away to get good beer. when you can trade on this beautiful site called beer advocate!!!:grinning:
  4. fredmugs

    fredmugs Initiate (0) Aug 11, 2012 Indiana

    Not now for working purposes but it will be for retirement. I got 5 years to make that call and I'm heading to Bend in July. Hiking will play as big a role as the beer.
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  5. surfcaster

    surfcaster Zealot (526) Apr 20, 2013 North Carolina


  6. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poo-Bah (2,994) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    No, but it's a hell of a bonus!
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  7. Beersnake1

    Beersnake1 Poo-Bah (3,984) Aug 17, 2013 California
    Moderator Society Trader

    I am lucky in that I have some flexibility in where I live. I could move, but California is pretty amazing for beer. I definitely wouldn't move somewhere that had a limited selection of beer! It would definitely be a factor.
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  8. ArkansasTraveller

    ArkansasTraveller Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2014 Arkansas

    Nope. I live like 45 minutes from a liquor store. In a dry county.
  9. seabeetastetest

    seabeetastetest Initiate (0) Feb 18, 2015 Texas

    "Yall go to hell im going to Texas"
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  10. Grodd87

    Grodd87 Initiate (0) Jul 30, 2014 Pennsylvania

    I live in Pittsburgh not the Mecca of craft beer If I moved It would not be for beer
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  11. AlienSwineFlu

    AlienSwineFlu Initiate (0) Dec 14, 2012 Ohio

    To some extent. I've just recently started looking at some grad schools, and the ones I happen to be interested in are in Montana and Colorado. I would be lying if I said beer didn't lend Colorado a few points in the decision...
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  12. beernazi

    beernazi Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2012 California

    its nice to be close to good beer, and if i was deciding between two places it could help one or the other, but i certainly wouldnt look at a map and think, "wherever i can have easy access to good beer is where im going", although i do wish i my life would allow me to do such things
  13. Jirin

    Jirin Initiate (0) Apr 28, 2013 Massachusetts

    Only indirectly.

    The attributes that make me want to live in a place are the attributes that attract good beer. A certain kind of culture.
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  14. Franziskaner

    Franziskaner Poo-Bah (5,316) May 27, 2005 Missouri
    Society Trader

    When I hit the lotto it might inspire me to have places in southern CA, VT, Chicago,Belgium. Hmm...
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  15. Droopy487

    Droopy487 Initiate (0) Dec 3, 2013 Tennessee

    No. But pitching in on different beer flop houses around the country is eating my bank account.
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  16. Treyliff

    Treyliff Poo-Bah (5,446) Aug 10, 2010 West Virginia
    Society Trader

    I'm surprised 1/3 of people said he's to this. Do you not have families or other priorities? :grimacing:
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  17. Brolo75

    Brolo75 Initiate (0) Aug 10, 2013 California

    I have a few more priorities than good beer. First, I would move somewhere that I know my family is safe, second, I would need to move somewhere that provides a good job, and third, after these two, somewhere that my family would be content to live. Moving somewhere for the purpose of having access to good beer, low on the priority list.
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  18. Alpha309

    Alpha309 Initiate (0) Nov 13, 2014 California

    There are ways to get the beer you desire.

    Move to where makes you happy, then figure out the alcohol situation.

    The one exception is a dry county. I couldn't handle that.
  19. Phocion

    Phocion Initiate (0) Aug 5, 2005 Minnesota

    I agree with this.

    Plus I do work in the beer industry, so yes, it influences where I live.
  20. Phocion

    Phocion Initiate (0) Aug 5, 2005 Minnesota

    Montana has a pretty good beer scene as well.
  21. ryanmextorf

    ryanmextorf Initiate (0) Sep 20, 2014 Virginia

    Funny you mention... Don't have a family or anything at the moment so when I was asked recently if I'd be interested in relocating to Chicago, I seriously thought to myself "Well I'd have access to Pipeworks, FFF, etc..."

    I'm sure my priorities will shift drastically once I have a family, but for now its at least something I think about!
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  22. LostHighway

    LostHighway Disciple (393) Jan 29, 2007 Minnesota

    An extremely minor factor; my primary determiners are cultural scene, cost of living, climate, proximity to friends and politics. It just happens that one or more of those criteria tend to exclude the states that also have weak craft beer scenes.
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  23. TheNightwatchman

    TheNightwatchman Devotee (487) Mar 28, 2009 Pennsylvania

    I love beer, but there are more important things in life. A great job or a great house are more important than what beer I can buy at the local shop.
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  24. lambpasty

    lambpasty Initiate (0) May 3, 2013 New Hampshire

    Exactly this.
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  25. Retroman40

    Retroman40 Zealot (534) Dec 7, 2013 Florida

    With regards to my recent move to central Florida, my family (including extended) and other quality of life issues far exceeded my interest in beer. The fact that I can get ultra fresh Jai Alai at the Publix a couple miles from my new home is just an added bonus.
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  26. DrStiffington

    DrStiffington Poo-Bah (1,839) Oct 27, 2010 New Jersey

    I can get great beer where I live, but I wasn't even that into craft when I settled here. If I were a young post grad NOW, with my love of good beer, I probably would make it a factor where I planned to settle.
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  27. walterk

    walterk Initiate (0) Jul 8, 2014 Mississippi

    Our beer selection here isn't what I would like but I wouldn't move just for beer. The beer scene here is much better than it was 5 years ago and getting better every day. Fortunately for me I travel a little bit...usually to places that have good beer selections. Plus I have some good friends who travel and bring me beer.
  28. ecpho

    ecpho Aspirant (252) Mar 28, 2011 New York

    I think the BA forum just jumped the shark.
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  29. John_Beeryman

    John_Beeryman Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2014 Virginia

    Good Lord, who lives that kind of life? :slight_smile:
  30. gopens44

    gopens44 Poo-Bah (2,423) Aug 9, 2010 Virginia
    Society Trader

    Trade, get creative on business trips and vacations, tap relatives to hook me up when visiting - these are all far more reasonable solutions. If nothing else, if I had a poor selection of craft beer I'd consider home brewing to make up the difference. With that said, I did live in a craft desert (Alamogordo, NM - literally a desert.....) in 1998 - 2000. Poor selection led me to refining my taste in whiskey. If the internet would have been a little more robust, I would have home brewed while living there but no local shops to buy my wares. The beer gods did however bless me with the family decision to relocate to Grand Rapids immediately upon leaving NM.
  31. marquis

    marquis Champion (812) Nov 20, 2005 England

    Not a big factor because I can get good beer anywhere I choose. I have known people though who move into villages which have outstanding pubs.
  32. jimmyfishkin

    jimmyfishkin Aspirant (208) Nov 17, 2008 Wisconsin

    I actually moved here before I got into craft beer...oh those wasted years....
  33. TheBrewo

    TheBrewo Initiate (0) Nov 11, 2010 New York

    We'll actually be moving/placed for work in the next three weeks, and in this search we have had lighthearted conversations about the local beer scene at all of our possibilities. So, while it isn't something we are considering exclusively, "social life" has been something we've considered as a collective check on our sheet.
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  34. papat444

    papat444 Initiate (0) Dec 28, 2006 Canada (QC)

    Wish it did but work dictates where i live as we've moved closer to my workplace so i can take the bus.
  35. misternebbie

    misternebbie Initiate (0) Aug 24, 2014 Pennsylvania

  36. TonyLema1

    TonyLema1 Poo-Bah (1,932) Nov 19, 2008 South Carolina

    No, but it would be nice
  37. azorie

    azorie Champion (877) Mar 18, 2006 Florida

    ah Home brewing solves the question. Not easy to move. sure If your young or live in a apartment with nothing its easy...I moved allot as a young-in.

    also were the good beer is just to snowy and cold for me.:grimacing::grimacing:

    cali I cannot afford the houses.
  38. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Initiate (0) Mar 18, 2010 California

    Really? No.
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  39. wmark35

    wmark35 Initiate (0) Aug 27, 2014 Hawaii

    In Hawaii I have access to some great stuff but not everything I want, such as Dogfish head. I really want to try more than anything.
  40. RockAZ

    RockAZ Disciple (341) Jan 6, 2009 Arizona

    I chose to live within easy biking distance of good brew bars, so yes, my location did include this important factor among others. Just far enough away to be reasonably quiet at night, but close enough to fun activities while avoiding driving a car.
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