Is there a beer brewing company in Asia that brews beers for many beer brands?

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    What's the name of that beer brewing company in Asia that brews beer for Budweiser, Heineken and about 80% of the world's beers? I once read about a company that brews beer for Heineken, Budweiser and many other known brands.
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    Well, Kirin brews Heineken in Japan under license from the Dutch brewer for the Japanese market, and up until a couple of years ago, Anheuser-Busch had a similar deal with Kirin to brew Budweiser for Japan (reciprocally, AB also brews Kirin for the US market).

    There are similar contract-brewing and licensing deals done all over the world by brewers large and small. Labatt brews Guinness in Canada and some of the Guinness Extra Stout exported to the US, FX Matt brews the Indian beer, Kingfisher, for the US market, MillerCoors brews Foster's - a brand now owned by AB-InBev, in Texas and Georgia, etc. Desnoes and Geddes, the Jamaican brewer of Red Stripe is now owned by Heineken but still brews Guinness Stout for the Caribbean market.

    As the world's largest brewers (ABI, Heineken, Diageo, Molson Coors, Carlsberg, Asahi, Kirin, etc) continue to expand and build or acquire breweries in new markets, these deals are probably becoming less common.

    But the concept that ANY one brewing company could brew "80% of the world's beers" (either brands or volume) is pretty impossible.
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    I will insert this here. I actually have not read much reaction to this here on Beer Advocate.
    An Australian subsidiary of Kirin just {well, November 2019} bought New Belgium Brwg. Does this mean New Belgium Fat Tire, or more probably 1554 Black Lager, will begin appearing at Kirin izakayas? Will it be brewed in Kanagawa, Japan?
    The Kirin tour is decidedly different from many other tours I have been on. It incorporates holograms. :sunglasses:
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    I might add that it depends from the country you are interested into.
    For example, of you take a look at Central Asia (more specificlially), most of the beer is brewed by either Efes or Carlsberg. But of course, in other contries this is different.
    I doubt that there is a sure possibilitiy to say that one company produces more beer than the other, since the different breweries are all intertwined (for the big companies).