ISO: ADWTD TO '21, FT: Bokke/KBBS/List

Discussion in 'Limited' started by davidtarnow, Feb 16, 2021.

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  1. davidtarnow

    davidtarnow Initiate (126) Mar 19, 2015 Michigan

    Looking to snag TO and hoping to put a package together to make shipping worthwhile, assuming this is going to Alaska. Probably won't ship 1:1 but i guess it just depends on the deal.

    Interested in other ADWTD vintages/variants including, '17 DO, Woodford, Cognac, other DO vintages, vanilla, '20 can, yada yada yada

    Bokke Framboos Pjassel
    KBBS '20
    Nath 2020
    50n Cognac
    Twist of fate 9.2 - this is an unreleased Strawberry blend
    Prop 19
    Prop 20
    AC Vanilla rye popinski
    AC Woke
    Vanilla Bendmaster
    Aslin Broadlands
    Bath one theory mexican hot chocolate
    TH - BA Truth
    TH - Persist
    BA Cuppa Hazelnut
    AS VCLD (vanilla coffee life's distraction)
    Forager Grove

    Ships to MI
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Not open for further replies.