ISO: Booyeah FT: Wolf's Ridge, Jackie O's, JK, others

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  1. sbh50

    sbh50 (0) Feb 6, 2015 Ohio

    Pick out whatever combo you like from below and we can go from there.




    Wolf's Ridge BB Coffee Joy
    Wolfs ridge Canis Mexicanus Double espresso
    Wolf's ridge all the breakfast
    Wolf's ridge BB Pi
    Wolf's Ridge BB Dave Doesn't Know
    Wolf's Ridge Dire Wolf Rum Line
    Wolf's Ridge Sherry Dire Wolf
    DB Dark Apparition
    Braxton Dark Charge 23 bourbon maple (pappy)
    Rare Barrel Bellatrix
    SARA Love's Armor
    JK Atrial b7
    JK o&p b4
    JK MvB b3
    CCB Imperial Milk Porter
    Jackie O's/de Garde with friends like these
    Black Tuesday '16
    Mocha Wednesday '16
    OH/JWB BB Cane Life
    Triple Digit BA chickow! Kopi luwak coffee
    Triple Digit BA Blueberry and Vanilla Chickow!
    Triple Digit BA Chickow!
    Triple Digit BA Turtle Chickow!
    Triple Digit Maple BA Chickow!
    Triple Digit Brandy Barrel chickow!
    Dark Lord '17
    Darkness '16
    Mexican Cake '15, '16
    Braxton BB Dark Charge
    Braxton BB Dark Charge w/ Coffee
    Three Notch'd Bourbon Biggie Smores
    BCBS '16
    BB Oro Negro
    Black Mask
    Champion ground
    Wood Ya Honey Nuts
    BB Woodburner
    Urban Artifact Whirligig Trail Mix
    Urban Artifact Blueberry Lemon Sorbet
    Urban Artifact Vanilla Keypunch
    Urban Artifact Fire Iron Tamarindo
    Urban Artifact Blueberry Pie
    Urban Artifact Escapement Raspberry
    Fifty west Blue Melvin B2
    Dynamo Fuzz
    Mahogany lush

    Also going to hoof hearted BA fitness freak and dragonsaddle release this weekend, so that could be included in the package as well.

    Cheers and thanks for looking!
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