ISO: Nectarine Fated Farmer, Flora Pear, VG etc; FT: TH and Trillium limiteds, etc

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    (Yep, here goes another one of my infamously longwinded ISO's. Apologies in advance...)

    I obtained a lot of stuff over the past 7 weeks with the intent to post an ISO:FT much earlier than this, but then sh_t happens and life got in the way. So... with the less-fresh hoppy brews I still have on hand, including limited releases, I'm willing to give much higher ratios in your favor, perhaps also supplemented with freshies. All cans have been refrigerated since the day of purchase.


    [Highest priority, in descending order, but In-Person only, Greater Boston area. Willing to trade for a single bottle/can if that's all you have.]
    1. Trillium Nectarine Fated Farmer x 2 (Missed out on this due to weather. Prefer to swap with another Fated Farmer variant or similar Trillium sour, but I can sweeten my end of the deal with something extra if needed.)
    2. Hill Farmstead Flora Pear x 2+ (Prefer to swap with Flora BBRC, but can throw in something extra if needed)
    3. Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #4 (CANS ONLY) x 3
    4. Tree House Very Green x 2+ (Prefer to offer a high ratio of other hoppy releases like Double Ganger, BBBright, In Perpetuity, Hurricane, Present Moment, Storrowed, Scaled Way Up, Pow Pow and the like, but if not, I'm open to other options.)
    5. Night Shift Ever Weisse 2018 x 3 (Yes, this should be an easy one - would rather just trade for it than buy more beer. Just trying to set up a vertical/horizontal of NS sours. Obviously, this is mainly just for fellow massholes, and only in exchange for regular releases.)
    [Medium priority. Can ship.]
    1. Prairie Bourbon Paradise, Booyeah (In-Person still preferred on these two, but not mandatory)
    2. Bottle Logic Fundamental Forces, Number Crunch
    3. Bottle Logic Space Trace
    4. Bottle Logic Leche Borracho
    5. Angry Chair BAIGCS 2018 (Yeah yeah, figured I'd just list it here anyway. )

    [Low priority. Can ship. Mostly looking to fill gaps in verticals that I've missed. In exchange for flagship/regular releases - please do not make requests for limited releases.]
    - Founders Imperial Stout 2016, 2017
    - Founders Backwoods Bastard 2016, 2017
    - Southern Tier Choklat 2015-2017


    [Limited releases; multiples available]

    Tree House (canning dates)
    - BBBright (1/30)
    - Double Ganger (2/2)
    - Present Moment (2/16)
    - Hurricane (2/16, 3/2)

    Trillium (canning date)
    - Storrowed (2/2)
    - Scaled Way Up (2/9)
    - Pow Pow (2/20 - Lawson's collab)
    - Miles Away
    - Blackberry Super Soak
    - Blueberry Super Soak
    - Plum Super Soak
    - Red Stonington 2017
    - Fated Farmer Red Currant

    Hill Farmstead
    - Flora Blueberry Blackcurrant Raspberry Cherry

    [Limited releases; limited availability - should only be for my medium priority or higher ISOs]

    Tree House
    - In Perpetuity 2/15
    - Single Shot Burundi Jean Clement 3/2
    - Catharsis 3/17
    - Human Condition (ONLY in play for Bottle Logics+ and BAIGCS)
    - Double Shot Costa Rica Santa Rosa
    - Double Shot Kenya Kirimikui

    Trillium [bottles]
    - Fated Farmer Peach
    - TrillBOMB!
    - Fireplace Bananas
    - Cuvee de Tetreault 2018
    - Tiramisu
    - BA Affogato (ONLY in play for Bottle Logics+ and BAIGCS)
    - Color & Grain (see above)

    Hill Farmstead
    - Civil Disobedience #19 (2016)
    - Madness & Civilization batch 7 (2016)

    Cigar City
    - Hunahpu's 2017

    [Regular releases; multiples available]

    Tree House (the older the can, the higher the ratio offered):
    - Julius 2/9, 2/14, 3/1, 3/21
    - Alter Ego 2/13, 3/7
    - Haze 2/6, 2/23, 3/6, 3/16
    - Bright Simcoe Amarillo 2/7
    - Lights On 2/28
    - Sap 2/2, 2/22
    - Doppelganger 2/20, 3/15
    - Green 2/21, 3/8

    - DDH Melcher Street 2/22
    - DDH Sleeper Street 2/13

    Bissell Brothers
    - Swish 2/19

    Alchemist (all purchased during 2nd week of Feb - no dates on can)
    - Heady Topper
    - Crusher
    - Focal Banger
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