[ISO] range of lambic - [FT] small beer list, store pick bourbons/ryes

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  1. Spoild

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    Looking for 750s to age.


    -Classic Gueuze (classic geuze only, no 100% lambic bio please)
    -St Lam
    -Fou (closed once, interested in more '17)
    -LP bottles (for bourbon/rye most likely)

    Drie Fonteinen

    -OG (closed twice, not looking for more right now)
    -OGV (for bourbon/rye)

    -Triple Shot
    -Impermanence (closed)
    -Somewhere, Something
    -Very Green (5/16, multiples)
    -Doubleganger (5/16, 2x)
    -CuveƩ de Tetreault '18

    -Eagle Rare store pick
    -1792 Full Proof store pick
    -Whistlepig 10 yr store pick
    -Old Forester SiB store pick
    -Jefferson's Reserve store pick
    -Russell's Reserve SiB store pick
    -Knob Creek SiB reserve store pick

    IP MA/CT. Preference to multiple bottles, but if you have anything, shoot me a PM.
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