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    Looking for any run the jewels glasses released from any of the breweries they've previously released from.

    Toppling Goliath Assassin Teku (2014)
    Prairie gold Dino
    Prairie blue and green Dino
    Prairie gold catfish
    Prairie ground hog teku
    Tired Hands Only Void glass (2016)
    White or red hill farmstead taster
    Old jester king stemmed wine glass and snorkel
    Firestone walker FW script proprietors glass
    Mikkeller and friends teal wine glass taster
    Orange torst (older version)
    Metallic three Floyd's teku (circa 2013?)
    2014 or 15 bcbcs mug (forget which year)
    Hoppin frog bulb
    Sara tulip or wine glass
    Kane antead (variants too!)
    Kane Sunday brunch and Mexican brunch
    Kane object permanace (glass too)
    Cantillon classic gueuze
    3f kriek & gueuze
    Hf genealogy
    Hf Aaron
    Funky Buddha last buffalo in the park
    Funky Buddha maple bacon coffee porter
    Trillium trillbomb
    Ccb good nightmare mekong

    Could probably find other things to offer too
    Can provide pictures as well

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    Tom is a good dude! He will definitely make it worth your while.