ISO: The Open Bottle "Christmas Lights" glass, Lambic items, or HF; FT: list

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  1. adh2315

    adh2315 Initiate (30) Oct 23, 2020 Illinois

    The Open Bottle "Christmas Lights" snifter is my main want and I'll give preference to anyone who has it.

    ISO: The Open Bottle "Christmas Lights" snifter (strong preference to one that the color isn't faded) or something from Cantillon (non-Zwanze) or 3F, or something from HF - I'm open here

    14 BCS Snifter
    Hop Butcher Columbia Expedition snifter (first year, 2017)
    Any glass, including "member only," from the first two years of Speciation
    HF wine glass with etched logo band
    OG Prarie snifter with brownish ink (says "Prarie Artisan Ales")
    Revolution Deep Woods snifter (first year with wide bottom)
    Revolution Party Member Mug (from 2013)

    Not seeing something, let's talk. I have around 150 - 200 glasses and need to catalog them.
    If we need to expand to beer, I'm open.
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  2. BelgianFox

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    Hi there,
    I have some cantillon glasses if there are any Duvel artist glasses on your ‘to go’ glass list.
    Belgian Fox