It's official: The Younger Craze is 'Waning'

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by MLucky, Mar 5, 2014.

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  1. MLucky

    MLucky Initiate (0) Jul 31, 2010 California

    Well, maybe it's not official yet. But the hoopla surrounding the Younger may be starting to decline, finally.

    According to this article in Sacramento Bee, there were "only" a couple dozen people in line at the Pour House in Midtown when their keg of Younger was tapped, which was significantly fewer than last year, and keg held out for 32 minutes, as opposed to 17 minutes last year. Though the article includes the obligatory quote from the guy who got there four hours early in order to be first and line (he said it was worth it), the headline includes the question "is the craze waning?"

    I don't know if we've reached the turning point yet, but at some point people will figure this one out. PtY is a wonderful beer, but it doesn't make much sense to wait in line for it when you can get any number of beers that are just about as good (or, depending on your tastes, maybe even better) any day of the week without all that hassle.
  2. Siggy125

    Siggy125 Disciple (371) Nov 10, 2006 California

    I couldn't have said it better myself and feel the same way about Citra. A local brewer near the house created a Triple IPA with Citra hops that turned out to be a sensational brew and a favorite at a share this last weekend. But because PtY and Citra are a current topic and are high on the ratings list, most in attendance, (big PtY & Citra starstruck fans), could not give the local beer it's due. What a pity...
  3. JellyDelicious

    JellyDelicious Initiate (0) Aug 24, 2013 Missouri

    I'm not sure I would agree that the craze is "waning". If the guy who wrote this article only has exposure to what the lines did at one bar in Sacramento, I'm not sure he holds the credibility with me to be able to make such a claim. The lines at the brewpub were longer this year than they have ever been. Hell, I waited for 9 hours this year and it was worth every second. Everyone loves to be able to try a beer that is super hyped and then say it's not as good as they thought it was. For me, waiting in line to get a beer is about the whole experience, not just what my specific tasting notes were.

    You think I vowed never to wait in line again after 9 hours in front of Russian River? No... I went and did it again at Churchill's last weekend. Long story short, I think the craze is worse than ever.
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  4. grilledsquid

    grilledsquid Zealot (568) Jul 10, 2009 California

    Lines at RRBC were around 9 hours long (probably longer for some).
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  5. JohnCassillo

    JohnCassillo Zealot (501) Mar 29, 2013 California

    Echoing the above, I don't know if Sacramento is a gauge on whether it's "waning" or not. Anyone within a few hours of Russian River has an ability to go while it's on tap. And without comparing the one bar the author cites in Sacramento to the turnout at the brewery, this is mostly a groundless argument.
  6. chcfan

    chcfan Zealot (558) Oct 29, 2008 California

    ^ what he said (except for the "worth it" part, of course). You can't even begin to infer that the madness has peaked just after the ridiculously long lines at the pub this year. Hopefully, people will come to their senses and not line up 11 hours before a place opens for a few pours, but I'll believe it when I see it. Or, I should say, "hear it" since I will not be making the 1 hour trek north to RR during Younger until it gets way less crazy. Not holding my breath on that happening any time soon, either...
  7. tjensen3618

    tjensen3618 Devotee (400) Mar 23, 2008 California

    It seems that people are willing to wait in lines for about the first 2 years of beer geekdom. After that I think willingness to wait in line declines for most people.

    So I suppose, if the amount of new beer geeks is declining (which it's not) then we'd see a reduction in lines (which we won't).
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  8. MLucky

    MLucky Initiate (0) Jul 31, 2010 California

    I think we will, eventually. Although, as I noted in the original post, I'm not sure we're there yet. Craft beer's in a bubble right now. You're not going to have 20 percent growth forever. At some point, the number of noobs declines, the number of excellent IIIPAs available at the corner market peaks, and the media, which loves to build something up in order to tear it down, starts declaring that the fad is "waning."
  9. kpacedo

    kpacedo Initiate (105) Nov 24, 2009 California

    It's getting worse and worse...
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  10. Soto

    Soto Initiate (0) Oct 5, 2005 North Carolina

    I remember getting to Churchill's this past weekend at ~1:15 on Saturday (two hours after they opened) and being shocked that Younger was still on tap. It didn't kick until almost three hours into the event. Granted, that was probably a testament to the overall tap list and the proliferation of taster glasses at Churchill's more than it was Younger's "craze" waning, but it still surprised me.

    There are beer nerds all over who would still kill to try Younger, overhyped or not. Send a keg to North Carolina, I'll get it emptied just from beer drinkers I know. That said, I'm starting to hear the same stuff about Hopslam and Citra, that they are great beers but not leaps and bounds ahead of other up-and-comers the way they might have once been. Heck, my favorite IIPAs ever are from Columbus Brewing Company, and it's not like you hear the names Creeper and Bodhi screamed across all corners of the nation.
  11. HopHead84

    HopHead84 Poo-Bah (3,711) Nov 29, 2006 California
    Society Trader

    Considering Sacramento has the final word on beer trends, I think we can close the books on this one.
  12. Black_Rider

    Black_Rider Zealot (568) Mar 26, 2013 California

    i don't know bro
  13. thewaterispoison

    thewaterispoison Initiate (63) Jun 22, 2010 California

    Some observations from someone who lives in Sac:

    There are more options, some equally as good or better. We have lot of under the radar breweries putting out fantastic IPAs. We are right down the hills from Knee Deep. Device, Berryessa, Auburn, Track 7, Bike Dog all have a Triple out right now, on top of their already good DIPA, IPA, Pale Ales, etc. This is on top of the fact that our awesome beer establisments like Final Gravity, Capitol Beer and Taproom, Sam Hornes, Hot City Pizza have a great selection all the time too. It's not hard to get Drakes, Faction, Moylans, and other great fresh Norcal selections or some fresh SN, Anchor, or FW products.

    And because of this, people are smarter and more educated. There is no need to wait in line for the hype. There are so many other good events going on, it's not worth it. Also, it's the Sacbee. If Hops to Table wrote that, it would be different. Just like I'd take a SD newspaper article with a grain of salt but listen up if it was the West Coaster.

    It should also be noted that is was tapped before most people get off work, at 4:00 pm. The Pour House also isn't usually a big beer nerd hangout.
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  14. MiScusi

    MiScusi Meyvn (1,030) Feb 12, 2005 California

    I think your last 3 points zero in on the reason wayyyy more than the first. In fact, I think the first paragraph really makes NO impact whatsoever when talking specifically about Younger. If the first paragraph was a major reason why, then there would be nobody in line for it in SD.
  15. Knee_Deep_Fan

    Knee_Deep_Fan Initiate (0) Nov 20, 2013 California

    its also beer week in sacramento with plenty of distractions beer wise at several locations. and as stated there is no shortage of quality breweries in the surrounding area.
  16. errantnight

    errantnight Savant (943) Jul 7, 2005 District of Columbia

    Or you could be looking at a single data point and drawing unfounded conclusions from it that do not in any way reflect reality.
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  17. JohnCassillo

    JohnCassillo Zealot (501) Mar 29, 2013 California

  18. yountvillewjs

    yountvillewjs Initiate (0) Mar 28, 2013 California

    In my one single data point, the brewery, it is worse than ever.
  19. freshflesh

    freshflesh Aspirant (289) Nov 27, 2013 California

    I hope it does. So I can finally try it without having to waste hours in a line or buy raffle tickets. It's hard enough to find pte in orange county but only having like 6 locations get pty creates an unneeded circus.
  20. luwak

    luwak Aspirant (217) Mar 2, 2010 Arizona

    Yeah i know lots more people who know of it this year and last than ever before. These are people who are, by their own admission, only '"just getting into craft beer". I'd say anything that has gotten soem media exposure and has been hype din beer and is made annually will grow in its popularity for the near foreseeable future.
  21. CplCast

    CplCast Initiate (0) Oct 15, 2013 California

    There was a tasting event at Selma's pizza in OC. Wristbands went on sale at 1030 and I got there about 1015 and there were somewhere between 40 to 50 people ahead of me in line. They only had one 5 gallon keg so it was only 6-8 ounce glass and they sold about 80 tickets. I stuck around for a beer after I got my wristband and when I left around a half hour later there were still 8 wristbands left. I went back about thirty minutes after they tapped the keg and got a seat at the bar. I am guessing that the crowd was thin because they did it on a Monday and people have to work but I wasn't even really expecting to get a wristband because I couldn't get there any earlier.
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