Jeff O'Neil Starting Industrial Arts Brewing Co. in Rockland, NY

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by MichaelHatter, Aug 7, 2015.

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  1. TheGator321

    TheGator321 Initiate (0) May 29, 2013 Connecticut

    Finally was able to try Tools of the Trade. pure OJ APA. very good.
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  2. neckbeardahab

    neckbeardahab Initiate (0) Mar 26, 2015 New York

    I liked it too. hazier than anything I had from peekskill.
  3. JoshVelez

    JoshVelez Initiate (0) Mar 23, 2015 New York

    i had it and think its really refreshing but nothing remarkable. amazeballs and nypa when he brewed them both smoked this beer out of the water
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  4. BltByKrmn

    BltByKrmn Initiate (0) Jan 16, 2013 New York

    Totally agree, really solid XPA and something I would be happy to have as a backup, but nothing I'm picking over the regular IPAs from Singlecut, Sand City or Other Half.
  5. cavedave

    cavedave Grand Pooh-Bah (4,083) Mar 12, 2009 New York
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    He created Flower Power, Brute LeBleu, Higher Standard, Amazeballs, Vaporizer, and NYPA. Pretty sure greater things are on the horizon. Can't wait.
  6. TongoRad

    TongoRad Grand Pooh-Bah (3,848) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    If his stuff is cheaper than Singlecut and easier to get than the rest, that's two major pluses in my book.
  7. scottybar

    scottybar Initiate (0) Feb 28, 2015 New York

    i had some at the burger loft the other night...very good beer!
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  8. sudeepban

    sudeepban Aspirant (248) Sep 30, 2008 New York

    Looking forward to trying Tools of the Trade. Has anybody heard any more specifics on when the brewery will open to the public?
  9. M-Fox24

    M-Fox24 Grand Pooh-Bah (3,535) Mar 17, 2013 New Jersey
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Per FB:

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  10. Xerlic

    Xerlic Maven (1,374) Aug 26, 2016 New York

    My best buddy lives a few blocks away from the brewery in Haverstraw. I might have to pop by Saturday night for a surprise visit now that their doors are open.
  11. NizzleEGizzle

    NizzleEGizzle Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2015 New York

    Doesn't take much to be cheaper than Singlecut.
  12. TongoRad

    TongoRad Grand Pooh-Bah (3,848) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Great to hear. If Cable doesn't start carrying their cans, it's just a short ride to the brewery I suppose. Crowlers will be a big plus for me.
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  13. 2Xmd

    2Xmd Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2013 New York

    They have cans yet?
  14. TheHopBrewKid

    TheHopBrewKid Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2013 New Jersey

    Just got back from the brewery. Relatively easy to get to, ample parking and really interesting location/setting. Had 3 beers on tap. Tools of the Trade, Pilot IPA and a saison called Tea Maker.

    As is typical with all Chief beers, walked away super impressed as all of them are extremely well made and really showcase one of the best veteran hands in the craft beer business today.

    Now, this might piss some people off, but I enjoyed the extremely simple and somewhat silent opening of the brewery. Got there around 3:45 today and there were maybe 10 additional people in the tasting room. Couldn't have been more easy to grab a beer, look around the space, shoot the shit with Chief for a bit, then grab two crowlers to go.

    The bar set up was simple, the music was being placed on a small speaker via a phone or iPod and the vibe was just super chill.

    This is how you open a brewery.

    Three extremely solid beers, a space and ambiance devoid of pretense, simple packaging and system for purchasing beers to go or enjoying on site. A tried and true formula built by the veterans of the craft beer industry that is rarely followed these days.

    Bravo, Chief. Bravo.
  15. jrnyc

    jrnyc Pooh-Bah (2,926) Mar 21, 2010 New York
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Well written! As more places open, easier to avoid the hysteria. As for the industry, more options will mean demand is more evenly spread across increased supply which will be a positive.
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  16. SRBush1974

    SRBush1974 Initiate (0) Apr 18, 2015 New Jersey

    Glad to see the reviews. How about prices? What the cost for a crowler? Growler fills?

    This is about 30 min from my work and like @TongoRad said, not too far from Cable.
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  17. TheHopBrewKid

    TheHopBrewKid Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2013 New Jersey

    Costs for each beer are as follows:

    Tools of the Trade - $10 for 32oz crowler, $18 for 64oz
    Tea Maker (saison) - $10 for 32oz crowler, $18 for 64oz
    Pilot IPA - $12 for 32oz crowler, $22 for 64oz

    They currently don't have any growlers on hand, so you have to bring your own. That was as of yesterday, so I imagine this will change ASAP if not already.
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  18. sudeepban

    sudeepban Aspirant (248) Sep 30, 2008 New York

    Anybody know their policy on kids? I'm hoping to visit this coming weekend but will have my 2 year old in tow...
  19. DrStiffington

    DrStiffington Grand Pooh-Bah (3,536) Oct 27, 2010 New Jersey

    My brother-in-law sent me pics of him and my sister-in-law with the kids (5 and 3) in tow so it must be fine. Looked like they were all sitting at a table.
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  20. TheHopBrewKid

    TheHopBrewKid Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2013 New Jersey

    I brought my nearly 3 month old son with me. Was his 1st brewery visit. And it was all good.

    As I said, super chill vibe in there. Very laid back.
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