Jester King brokers deal to bring Cantillon to Texas (seriously)

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by GoPokes, Sep 7, 2015.

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  1. mph005

    mph005 Initiate (170) Nov 25, 2013 Texas

    Holy crap people, can we save the shit show complaints until after it actually happens?
  2. ChrisYarborough

    ChrisYarborough Initiate (0) Oct 16, 2012 Texas

    maybe the amount of Cantillion they will have on hand to sell will not work with 400 people? Maybe they only have 1 bottle of a few different ones to sell to 200 people...
  3. mattisloco

    mattisloco Disciple (318) Feb 13, 2007 Texas

    No matter how big they make it, not everyone will be satisfied. 90%, or hopefully more, of those that win the lottery will be tremendously happy, while those that don't will be disappointed to varying degree's.

    Think big picture. Cantillon is coming to Texas. $ is being donated in efforts to fight to bring more smaller breweries to Texas. Win Win.
  4. Cowboys9

    Cowboys9 Initiate (0) Jan 30, 2009 Texas

    Somebody has to find something to complain about.

    Jester King could brew a beer that cures all types of illnesses, sell it for free, and someone would complain that Jester King isn't Segway friendly.
  5. johnsaulrubio

    johnsaulrubio Initiate (96) Dec 2, 2006 Texas

    If you think of it more as an event where the point is that the ticket is a donation to a sort of foundation, then $50 isn't bad. There will be 200 people who care about this enough to make it work.

    But I get it. The newer craft beer crowd are inherently selfish. And they're the ones that are going to overpopulate the lines, hoard the cases, resell, mule, and ruin all of the great things the rest of us who care enough to donate are working towards.
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  6. jesterkingbeer

    jesterkingbeer Aspirant (213) Jun 28, 2010 Texas

    We thought at least 4 oz. was necessary to enjoy a pour of 2015 Zwanze.
  7. elbrooksie

    elbrooksie Aspirant (219) Jan 10, 2013 Texas

    I think it is a great cause, and have no issue with the price of the ticket if I can actually get one.
  8. shnsajax

    shnsajax Disciple (320) Jul 2, 2013 Idaho

    The Label Approval committee isn't going to be happy to see Rose de Gambrinus.
  9. MLDucky

    MLDucky Defender (616) Oct 12, 2013 Texas

    well it's not, lol.
  10. jamescain

    jamescain Champion (858) Jul 14, 2009 Texas

    They have an American version of the label that is without boobs
  11. kbenson

    kbenson Initiate (120) Aug 15, 2012 Texas

    I get the big picture and am not complaining about this AT ALL (if that wasn't clear). I just want to be part of it and was looking for any way to improve my chances of achieving that!
  12. dumptruck81

    dumptruck81 Initiate (0) Dec 28, 2011 Texas

    @jesterkingbeer no drie fonteinen? WTF is taking you so long... Seriously though, this is awesome news and I'm really stoked to see how much improvement has taken place in the Texas beer scene over the last few years.

    I'd gladly pay the $50 if I'm lucky enough

    BTW I did put on my big girl panties and make the back out to snag a bottle of sherry atrial. Glad that I did...
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  13. H0rnedFr0gs

    H0rnedFr0gs Initiate (0) Mar 12, 2012 Texas

    Crowd funding in a fun way. I think having a donation option for festivals and at bars to causes like Open The Taps, brewery initiatives, etc. at the time of purchase would be a great way for us to collectively reach out to small breweries and importers to deflect some of the costs to bring to world of beer here but also to help fund local brewery expansions, etc.. When you talk about the amount of lobbying $'s it would take to change the law..this could be a cheaper option short term while continuing to lobby for changes aggressively.

    I know I'd say yes to a $1 donation for causes like this.
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  14. ElChuques

    ElChuques Initiate (92) Oct 8, 2014 Arkansas

    There are at least 200 people out there who would pay $50 for the glassware alone. So you could recoup your investment on the secondary market if you're that worries about it.

    And if you're a knob.
  15. zid

    zid Meyvn (1,419) Feb 15, 2010 New York
    Society Trader

    I didn't intend for my post to be an accusation of fleecing, but I can see how it would be read as such and why you'd be defensive. I wasn't finger-pointing. It was just a little sticker shock and nothing more. Apologies if it came across as something more. I was separately pointing out that Cantillon might not end up being as plentiful on the shelves as some here might have been imagining. I hope it goes well for everyone involved and I hope to make it your brewery someday.
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  16. shnsajax

    shnsajax Disciple (320) Jul 2, 2013 Idaho

    Didn't know that as the ones I have at home have boobs. Personally I would protest the ones without them :-).
  17. starkmarvelo

    starkmarvelo Initiate (0) Jan 20, 2010 Texas

    Here's the question though. Is this a closed event, or is it gonna be during regular hours?...You know, with the common folk.
  18. jamescain

    jamescain Champion (858) Jul 14, 2009 Texas

    @jesterkingbeer I've been reading the email and I'm trying to figure out the $2000. I get that you and Flood were using the "keg" cost to cover half of the licensing fees, but I'm curious if that is something that you are paying or are you using the cost of the tickets to cover this fee?
  19. erushing

    erushing Initiate (0) Dec 4, 2014 Texas

    They noted on facebook that it would be on a weekday.

    "Zwanze Day will be on a weekday and the brewery and tasting room will only be open to ticket holders. Whatever Cantillon is left over after Zwanze Day will go on sale to the general public when we open the following Friday at 4pm."

    They also noted there will be a bottle share.
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  20. erushing

    erushing Initiate (0) Dec 4, 2014 Texas

    I can't imagine there being any leftovers for public sale unless they're getting way more than we all imagine.
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  21. TxUltraRunner

    TxUltraRunner Aspirant (273) Aug 16, 2012 Texas

    Yet they approved Pussy Wagon...
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  22. jesterkingbeer

    jesterkingbeer Aspirant (213) Jun 28, 2010 Texas

    It will be a weekday evening event this year that's separate from our regular hours.
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  23. jesterkingbeer

    jesterkingbeer Aspirant (213) Jun 28, 2010 Texas

    We're buying the keg from Flood for $2K more than we'd normally pay. This is a cost we've chosen to incur, which won't subtract from the money being donated to the cause.
  24. turfy

    turfy Aspirant (249) Mar 17, 2010 Texas

    Jeff, thank you and staff for all your efforts in making this happen! 99% of beer advocates are grateful!!
  25. rdooley

    rdooley Initiate (0) Feb 7, 2013 Texas

    Thinking about Loons being available in TX makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Hopefully this is the beginning for many more highly regarded breweries to enter the state. Cheers to JK & Flood for being advocates to the cause.
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  26. greenspointexas

    greenspointexas Meyvn (1,020) Jan 16, 2011 Texas

    It's nice to see this happen, but not one bottle will ever see a shelf in this state (if you're smelling what im stepping in).

    And that's fair (no sarcasm)
  27. starkmarvelo

    starkmarvelo Initiate (0) Jan 20, 2010 Texas

  28. aschwab

    aschwab Zealot (501) Mar 3, 2009 Texas

    I don't think any brewery would complain about being paid for to be in TX by a festival if it meant they could sell in TX afterwards.
  29. Theortiz01

    Theortiz01 Initiate (0) Jun 7, 2013 Texas

    You missed my point. No festival would pay to bring them in for 6k. The festival organizer either makes a profit and keeps it, or in the case of the Texas Craft Brewers Festival, they give it to YMBL.
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  30. aschwab

    aschwab Zealot (501) Mar 3, 2009 Texas

    You likely are right - but when it comes down to selling tickets, a festival could easily charge $10 more for some new exclusive breweries that no other place has had and sell tickets quicker. But, profits are king in the end. Some festivals seem to care more about the beer than others, and I would suspect those would be the only ones that would even think about it.
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  31. jamescain

    jamescain Champion (858) Jul 14, 2009 Texas

    I don't know the answer to this, but wouldn't the brewery still need label approval for beer being poured at a festival. I mean I understand that it wouldn't be that much money to get it approved, just time.
  32. aschwab

    aschwab Zealot (501) Mar 3, 2009 Texas

    Yes, they would. But label approvals are relatively cheap and just take a couple of weeks to do. I would not think that would be the hold up.
  33. starkmarvelo

    starkmarvelo Initiate (0) Jan 20, 2010 Texas

    Maybe someone can enlighten me on this, but 6k doesn't seem to be much money to pay. Is recouping that money difficult because of distribution costs?
  34. MarkKeiser

    MarkKeiser Initiate (77) Sep 24, 2014 Texas

    Why do they need to spend $6k for beer they can sell without spending $6k?
  35. mph005

    mph005 Initiate (170) Nov 25, 2013 Texas

    I believe in Cantillon's case, they will never send enough kegs or bottles to be able to recoup that 4-6k in proffit. Not that they couldn't, but when your beer is selling out worldwide, why bother.
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  36. jamescain

    jamescain Champion (858) Jul 14, 2009 Texas

    @MarkKeiser is correct. It's not a lot of money, but if you know you're going to sell all of your beer anyway there is no point in paying an extra $6k for the right to sell something.
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  37. tx_beer_man

    tx_beer_man Initiate (185) Jan 22, 2013 Texas

  38. dkw0063

    dkw0063 Disciple (366) Dec 1, 2012 Texas

    Hey Message me when you get to own. Not many if any traders in Denton.
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  39. mattisloco

    mattisloco Disciple (318) Feb 13, 2007 Texas

    @bradleydavid5 I highly recommend doing this.
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  40. thirdeye11

    thirdeye11 Disciple (304) Feb 3, 2009 Texas

    I know at least one beer festival organizer who would do something like this :slight_smile:

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