Jester King - Salt Lick

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by MackayClanBrewin, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. MackayClanBrewin

    MackayClanBrewin Mar 20, 2011 Texas

    I am a big fan of Jester King but Salt Lick is a swing and a miss. I love Saisons and smoked beers but this was lacking all the way around. Has anyone tried anything you didn't like from Jester King?
  2. blatherbeard

    blatherbeard Sep 30, 2007 Texas

    anything not black metal.

  3. blatherbeard

    blatherbeard Sep 30, 2007 Texas

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  4. jbeezification

    jbeezification Jun 6, 2012 Texas

    I wasn't a huge fan of Buddhas Brew, but I understand it was exactly what they were going for, just not something I enjoyed. I did finish the whole bottle alone, minus the sip my girlfriend took.
  5. Tiernan

    Tiernan Aug 9, 2012 Texas

    I kind of agree about the Salt Lick beer. I was very, very excited when I first heard about it and I think I may have built it up a bit too much in my head because when I first tried it, I was disappointed. I love all the other JK brews, but I think for a Salt Lick smoked saison it was lacking a lot of the smokiness I was expecting as well as the easy-sipping taste of a saison.
  6. mattisloco

    mattisloco Feb 13, 2007 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Gotlandsdricka didn't work for me, the juniper and smoke was an instant headache. I haven't tried Salt Lick but I plan to because everything else has been at least good to me.
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  7. pwsoldier

    pwsoldier Apr 26, 2007 Texas

    I didn't like Mad Meg. And it'll be a sad day when I run out of OG Black Metal, because the farmhouse version just doesn't do it for me.

    I haven't tried Salt Lick yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.
  8. UHCougar12

    UHCougar12 Feb 21, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Thrash Metal, and OG black metal are the only ones Ive liked. But I'm not a sour fan, so it limits me on their offerings
  9. Cablejelly

    Cablejelly Sep 6, 2010 Texas

    I'm still excited about Salt Lick, loved gotlandsdricka, have found a new favorite in el cedro, and surely will cry when both my stash and supply of OG black metal runs dry.

    I'm really hoping for the smoke bomb people were describing early on instead of what I'm hearing now. Is it possible the smoke has already mellowed with what little age is on it? I'm hearing totally conflicting reviews and they're not even a month apart.
  10. thebigyellowjoint

    thebigyellowjoint Nov 5, 2012 Texas

    I tried this last weekend and it was still pretty smokey and salty. It was like Gotslandricka with less juniper and more smoke/salt flavor.
  11. Brvn

    Brvn Jul 24, 2008 Oklahoma
    Beer Trader

    I loved it when I had it.
  12. ChanceK

    ChanceK Feb 13, 2012 Texas

  13. vurt

    vurt Apr 11, 2004 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Is this beer available in bottles, or is it a draft-only, Salt Lick restaurant-only deal?
  14. ChanceK

    ChanceK Feb 13, 2012 Texas

    Thought it was bottled. Could be wrong.
  15. Lutter

    Lutter Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    Salt Lick will be bottled in the near future.
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  16. ChanceK

    ChanceK Feb 13, 2012 Texas

    I'm not a huge fan, but there are 1 or 2 of their beers I like. Even if I hated them all I hope they keep coming out with new stuff. Sooner or later they will brew one up that I love.
  17. ChanceK

    ChanceK Feb 13, 2012 Texas

    So you don't like black metal. That's one of few that I do enjoy.
  18. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Apr 13, 2010 Texas

    I'm thinking he doesn't like anything, but Black Metal.
  19. kmello69

    kmello69 Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Nope. He said he ONLY likes Black Metal. John doesn't like hops, or sours. He's a big pain in the ass. ;)
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  20. blatherbeard

    blatherbeard Sep 30, 2007 Texas

    I wont say i dont like sours, just not my style most of the time, but yeah, everyone here knows i rail against the hop machine ;)
  21. ChanceK

    ChanceK Feb 13, 2012 Texas

    So I guess a lot of your ratings are "upside down"????

    Perhaps we were separated at birth.
  22. gottabetweed

    gottabetweed Jul 3, 2008 Texas

    The entire Rodeo series didn't do it for me. Nor did Gotslandricka. I enjoy all the others.
  23. Cablejelly

    Cablejelly Sep 6, 2010 Texas

    let me edit this to say - hi mom...

    it probably wouldn't go over well with all of the homers ;)
  24. MackayClanBrewin

    MackayClanBrewin Mar 20, 2011 Texas

    $12 - $16 to try any of Jester Kings beer and it is such a toss up if I will even like it or not. I love Farmhouse Ales but I am more often disappointed than pleased with the money I spent. Sadly if they didn't have the best damn bottle art out there I probably wouldn't even glance at them in the store anymore.
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  25. canadianghetto

    canadianghetto Oct 15, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Driftwood is in a dry county, so this beer will never be for sale there.
  26. kmello69

    kmello69 Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Yup. Thats why the original Salt Lick is BYOB (versus the one in Round Rock, that has a liquor license)
  27. vurt

    vurt Apr 11, 2004 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Thanks for the tip, man. That didn't even occur to me as a possibility. (It's been a while since I lived in a state with dry counties.)
  28. bentwookie

    bentwookie Jan 13, 2008 Texas

    I thought you could buy beer at the little shop next to Salt Lick driftwood now.
  29. r0nburgundy69

    r0nburgundy69 Jan 27, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    i loved salt lick, way better than the viking beer to me anyways
  30. Schmuck82

    Schmuck82 Nov 13, 2008 Texas

    There are dry counties in Texas? Holy moly.
  31. tigrstylz

    tigrstylz Jan 10, 2012 Texas

    Hays County is not a dry county.
  32. mindswoop

    mindswoop Dec 22, 2011 Texas

    I appreciate what they were doing with the beer. It's hard to say I would want more than a pint of it, but it seems like it would fantastic for a food pairing.
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