Jobs that allow you to drink beer at work.

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by BeerAssassin, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. EyePeeAyBryan

    EyePeeAyBryan Crusader (726) Dec 20, 2011 Arizona

    Do Semi-annual parking lot BBQs count? We're on the clock but we're also drinking Miller/Coors and Coronas...
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  2. sjverla

    sjverla Disciple (397) Dec 1, 2008 Massachusetts

    This is my exact situation (minus the box from SammyJaxxxx). It tends to be a motivation killer for me, so it gets saved until the end of the day. Unless it's the rare day of 10+ hours of data entry. Then an early start is necessary.

    I have brewed once when working from home though. Had plenty of time during the mash, boil and cooling to work and answer emails. Celebratory homebrew waited till after 5 for that though.
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  3. DtheVillain

    DtheVillain Initiate (0) Oct 17, 2012 California

    Volunteered at a brewery this summer, we would taste all the beers from every tank in the mornings (7 a.m.) and then occasionally have a pint glass throughout the day.
  4. KevSal

    KevSal Meyvn (1,159) Oct 17, 2010 California

    i used ot have a sweet job (still do it part time) that would have beer fridays. the work we did was easy enough to do while drinking beer and the boss would brin in mix cases. great times
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  5. Bradthoc

    Bradthoc Initiate (0) Jan 26, 2011 Nevada

    I worked at the US Embassy, in Brussels, for awhile. Wasn't uncommon to there.
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  6. kylelenk

    kylelenk Initiate (0) Apr 17, 2012 Michigan

    When I worked for Apple we were allowed to have 1 drink at work per day. It was rarely taken advantage of unless for meetings.
  7. OneBeertoRTA

    OneBeertoRTA Initiate (0) Jan 2, 2010 California

  8. Genuine

    Genuine Devotee (473) May 7, 2009 Connecticut

    I'm good friends with the manager where I work and if it's a slow day he'll have me go for a beer run and I'll start to have a beer an hour before closing. We'll have a few after work every other day or so.
  9. russpowell

    russpowell Poo-Bah (12,160) May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Society Trader

    Sadly... The Air Force was so politically correct by the time I retired in 07 that I cringe to see how it is now...
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  10. ahq514

    ahq514 Initiate (0) Jul 2, 2010 Illinois

    As a rep for a beer distributor, I get to sample out beers to customers pretty often. Also, beer events=work for me.
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  11. johnyb

    johnyb Crusader (794) Aug 11, 2012 Florida

    My co-workers and I drink all day at work as it's very stressful working in an air traffic control tower.
  12. juliusseizure

    juliusseizure Initiate (0) Feb 11, 2009 New York

    A lot of CEO's including ours would love to have Friday kegs etc. but liability is an issue. Someone gets liquored up, drives and kills themselves or others is not a problem any HR/Legal department will let a CEO get involved with.
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  13. WD_Eisemann

    WD_Eisemann Initiate (0) Jul 11, 2013 Pennsylvania

    I am self employed and work from home, so I suppose I could, but I am routinely dealing with high voltages, so it's not a good idea! Not to mention dumping any kind of beverage into a piece of expensive electronic equipment can really ruin your day.
  14. craftabrew407

    craftabrew407 Initiate (0) Sep 21, 2013 Florida

    I am currently employed at a place called "Craft a Brew" (hence my username - couldn't think of one when I was signing up, lol), we put together starter home-brewing kits. We have a kegerator with three 1/6'ers, one of which usually has some variety of homebrew in it. We are also allowed to bring in any beer we choose & regularly have mini-tastings on-site after work.
  15. semibaked

    semibaked Zealot (590) Mar 27, 2007 Minnesota

    I am a sales rep for a craft beer distributor, it is definitely part of my job.
  16. eatabagofbooger

    eatabagofbooger Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2009 Oregon

    A couple of years ago, I had a summer job for which, it was made clear to me in the interview, drinking beer on the job was a prerequisite for getting the position. I don't want to name the company, but I will say the job involved working with customers and with power tools. Also, we were allowed to take beer as payment from customers.
  17. SLOCruzin

    SLOCruzin Initiate (163) Sep 30, 2013 California

    My friend works at google headquarters in mountain view. He has a mini bar at his desk, there's beer and champagne in the communal fridges, and they occasional buy kegs and bring in bands for all to enjoy. I am jealous of my friend.
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  18. fitrock2112

    fitrock2112 Initiate (0) Aug 28, 2012 Ohio

    I thought my job sucked before. Now I know it does. Thanks fellas!
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  19. stingley

    stingley Initiate (112) Sep 21, 2013 Pennsylvania

    I used to work in a factory where the on-site holiday beer parties in the 60s and 70s were legendary... ah the good old days. :slight_smile: I was there in the 90s and 00s. :slight_frown:

    I currently work in the finance office of a publicly traded corporation and drinking on-site is pretty much out of the question. However, we occasionally have off site meetings and if alcohol is available we are allowed to have a few on our own dime, the company won't buy for "liability" reasons.

    If I buy beer while out at lunchtime I'll sneak it in the office so it doesn't sit in the hot car (not a problem this time of year I can leave it in the car). I've often wondered if I could get in trouble for even just having it at my desk, but it hasn't been a problem I keep it in the brown paper bag.

    Now, when I work from home that's a different story...!
  20. LittleGus

    LittleGus Initiate (134) Mar 13, 2008 Minnesota

    4 pm is beer time at my job. Also, it's not frowned upon to have a beer with lunch occasionally. People do step lightly, though, and as we've grown, fewer people take advantage.
  21. gcamparone

    gcamparone Poo-Bah (2,017) Dec 6, 2011 Rhode Island
    Society Trader

    When I used to work at a liquor store, Id always have a beer in the cooler. When I was hosting tastings I'd openly drink what I was sampling
  22. TonyVT

    TonyVT Initiate (0) Sep 15, 2012 Vermont

    Back in the mid 80's I worked in the kitchen at Sam Ruperts in Warren VT. They always kept a keg of Bud in the walk-in for staffers to drink while working. Those were great times!
  23. TruePerception

    TruePerception Initiate (0) Aug 30, 2013 California

    I work at a liquor store, and we are occasionally allowed to sample things. Company lead employee tastings/classes (sip and spit), store tastings (for customers) when we are off the clock or before they start when supervised by a manager (sip and spit, if you are working during/afterwards), vendors bringing things to be sampled by the employees (very rare, and usually spirits). Most of the time these are wine, though.
  24. tr9871

    tr9871 Initiate (0) Apr 14, 2013 Florida

    I don't have a career job right now because I'm finishing grad school, but I work part time as a shift manager at a restaurant that is in the same strip mall as a decent beer store. My manager is a drinker, and I usually have a beer or two when working the night closing shift. It is not frowned upon at all; if he is there, I offer him one of what I'm drinking usually. He is a BMC fan, but still takes me up every now and then and likes what I pick out.
  25. russpowell

    russpowell Poo-Bah (12,160) May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Society Trader

    Just put them all in holding patterns & turn em over to regional:stuck_out_tongue:
  26. cyrushire

    cyrushire Initiate (0) May 25, 2012 Florida

    I drink sake at work all the time during dinner service. I'm a sushi chef so if it helps to sell a $78 bottle to a guest to have a shot with them, that's what I do. Other than that I drink Jai Alai while cleaning at the end of the night. Nobody minds as I'm the boss and I keep everyone in line. Nobody gets hammered.
  27. fatsnowman22

    fatsnowman22 Initiate (123) Feb 2, 2011 Nevada

    I am a private chef and get to drink whenever I want. I drink a lot of wine at work but stock beer for myself as well.
  28. DrewLikesBeer

    DrewLikesBeer Initiate (0) Jul 16, 2013 Florida

    Truth. Most of those guys went up the ranks of the more established businesses drinking bourbon and scotch...they think of beer at work akin to vitamin water (but mostly because they assume its fizzy yellow water). My office in FL we had a small fridge for beer if we ended up working late on Fridays as a reward (overseas markets don't always care about your weekend time tables and it was usually SA or Green German Glass). Being in GA though put a bit of a clamp on things like that unfortunately.
  29. JuniperJesus

    JuniperJesus Aspirant (240) Feb 26, 2011 Illinois

    I'm a writer. My editor encourages me to drink. I oblige.
  30. JISurfer

    JISurfer Initiate (0) Dec 10, 2002 South Carolina

    Through high school, college, and after I graduated, I worked construction at several different places, in different states. At every job site I worked at, some of the guys used to drink a 22. I never did it myself, but nobody seemed to care. First time I saw it, it blew my mind.
  31. Hophead21

    Hophead21 Initiate (0) Sep 19, 2013 Pennsylvania

  32. chiefojibwa

    chiefojibwa Initiate (0) May 19, 2009 Washington

    if you drink at work, what do you look forward to when you get home?
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  33. Dareibreathe

    Dareibreathe Initiate (0) Mar 20, 2011 New Hampshire

    Looks like my buddy has us all beat. He works for a company that hosts beverage and beer conferences. He does graphic design and animation. They can basically drink after noon as long as they don't get drunk and they get their work done. I went there earlier this year, and this was their tap list. They also have 2 fridges stocked full of beers from all around the country. <a href=""><img src="" alt="Uploaded with Imgupr" /></a>
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  34. azorie

    azorie Champion (877) Mar 18, 2006 Florida

    Well we did sneak a few at the bowling alley in the Navy in Norfolk, va. Still if we been caught I doubt they get too mad, but THEY could have sent us to NJP, or what they called captains mast in the Navy. Still IF we been deployed for more than 90 days we get 2 yuckie beers. I do NOT call that drinking on the JOB, since when that happened, it was on Sunday. Of course you could have watch, but those 2 beers could not make anyone "drunk". 3.2% crap.

    I remember quite a few steel beach picnic's We also had 1 after every training refresher in GITMO.

    at that time in Navy if you drank but still did your job and did not screw up most would ignore it, but if you can caught sleeping it off, you could be court marshaled, especially if they hated you.
    everything is politics in the service. learned those lessons the hard way.:grinning:
    #74 azorie, Nov 13, 2013
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  35. Lukie

    Lukie Initiate (0) Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    6am beers from the bright beer tank are far too much of the norm.
  36. rgordon

    rgordon Meyvn (1,270) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    We thank you for your service
  37. MostlyNorwegian

    MostlyNorwegian Initiate (0) Feb 5, 2013 Illinois

    Another drink.
  38. DMEsquire

    DMEsquire Initiate (0) Sep 17, 2013 Mississippi

    I work at home as a document review attorney for nation-wide litigation. Depending on the complexity of the documents I'm coding that day, I can usually have a few session beers. Lately I've preferred English Mild Ales and Bitters.
  39. brureview

    brureview Poo-Bah (2,583) Jan 20, 2012 Massachusetts

    Gigging musicians drink- one of the percs of the job( if the client isn't uptight about musicians drinking on the job). Unfortunately, most gigs don't offer high end craft beer, but good wine is usually available.
  40. Peter_Wolfe

    Peter_Wolfe Initiate (0) Jul 5, 2013 Oregon

    I drink on the job, for the job, 2-3 times a week. We have sensory panels with anywhere from 4 to 20 samples of beer (generally 4 oz samples). I typically don't finish all of a given sample because I would have a hard time getting serious work done afterwards.

    It's actually hard work to sit down and objectively evaluate a lot of beer samples. There's a difference between drinking and tasting, and there's another difference again between tasting and seriously evaluating. When you have to examine the ester profile and hop aroma of a beer, then the malt characteristics and mouthfeel, and then the bitterness time/intensity curve and astringency, it's actually fairly mentally taxing. It takes a good 2-3 minutes per sample, and after an hour of that you definitely feel like your neurons need a break. On the plus side I get to try all the new Goose Island seasonals before you guys do! I also get to try a lot of crazy things that never make it to market, including some of my own super dry-hopped concoctions.

    But god help you if you ever complain about drinking beer on the job to any of your friends; you will hear an endless torrent of, "Oh you poor thing, you have to drink beer for a living! Rough life!" :slight_smile:
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