KBBS is released December 15th, $100 for a 12oz bottle

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by BeerGlassesCollector, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. KBlodorn

    KBlodorn Aspirant (286) Oct 3, 2014 Ohio

    Ah ok, good call.. To be honest, I haven't been able to find an actual post, myself.
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  2. KBlodorn

    KBlodorn Aspirant (286) Oct 3, 2014 Ohio

    I completely disagree here.. If I lived close, it's no skin off my hide to drive <20 minutes, pick it up, and go home.
  3. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (306) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    A vast majority of the response I have seen from people who have had this beer before is they are simply not bothering with it this time around.

    Sure, there will be people who are going to pony up, there always will be. Most people though are pissed, this beer was released in 2014 for $25 dollars. If you've been a long time TG customer, I have no idea why you wouldn't be pissed.
  4. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (4,170) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    There are price mark-ups all along the way, and it's funny to see where people draw the line. Mark-up at the source vs. at the retail store vs. in the secondary market. It's certainly not limited to beer or whisk(e)y regardless of production methods.

    I would agree that Pappy van Winkle is priced appropriately from the distillery, but often sees a huge mark-up when it hits the retail store. Fun article comparing Pappy van Winkle MSRP vs. Average Market Pricing.
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  5. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (306) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    TG charged $25 for the exact same beer just 4 years ago in 2014.

    Please spare us the "cost of production" argument non-sense. It's a simple money grab.
  6. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (4,170) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    I'm not saying it's cost of production. I never once sited the cost of ingredients, barrels, wages, etc.. I called it a price mark up, but this time coming from the source instead of being tacked on by a retail store (in the case of marked up bottles of Pappy van Winkle or Cantillon). Same could be said for other limited production items.

    I also had no clue KBBS sold for $25 at one point. That is absurd and puts this in a new perspective.
  7. Daveshek28

    Daveshek28 Initiate (0) Nov 10, 2015 New York

    Anyone from TG participate on this site? If so, tell the owners to F*ck off!
  8. Benish

    Benish Meyvn (1,171) Mar 13, 2013 Wisconsin

    I live just two hours away from Decorah and you do have a good point! I could leave that morning and be home afternoon.

    I am considering going to the release (if I get the ticket). There is no way in hell I am going to drink a $100 dollar bottle of beer. That's just too much money. And I have never sold a beer for profit. But what I do consider doing is a quantity trade. Why not get 6-8 good beer for that one KBBS?
  9. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (306) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    I think the thing that really irks me is they aren't even having it on tap, that is just beyond cheap to me.

    And your last point is exactly why I think this release primarily benefits people who want to flip the bottles, either for cash or other beers.
  10. Jaycase

    Jaycase Meyvn (1,384) Jan 13, 2007 Illinois

    I think having a pour just encourages some people to then sell the bottle. They may be more likely to drink the bottle if it's their only way of getting the tick that seemingly unlocks untappd glory.
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  11. BiddzzBA

    BiddzzBA Initiate (0) Jan 26, 2018 North Carolina

    Unicorn urine barrels.
  12. AZBeerDude72

    AZBeerDude72 Initiate (0) Jun 10, 2016 Arizona

    $100 lol hell no. I would rather take that and buy a nice allotment of various beers to enjoy or give to my friends over the holidays.
    But that is America, you can choose to not buy also. So if they sell them that is their deal.
  13. ktr5010

    ktr5010 Aspirant (218) Dec 12, 2014 Illinois

    I can see both sides to this. If I were going to this and paid 100 bucks I'd want a glass and a pour because that cheap as fuck to not include those two things. However, if I were a flipper or someone who wanted to trade this, then that would definitely make me more inclined to sell the bottle if I got a taste. Either way, $100 for a bottle from the brewery is fucking outrageous.
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  14. Benish

    Benish Meyvn (1,171) Mar 13, 2013 Wisconsin

    I'm only being honest because again there is no way I will drink a 100 dollar beer (unless I split it four ways with someone...which still is expensive). I don't see how anyone would drink this...unless they have absolutely no financial constraints.

    It is a bummer they don't have it on tap, that is just dumb.
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  15. jageraholic

    jageraholic Disciple (329) Sep 16, 2009 Massachusetts

    I wouldn't just this beer by the #1 status on this website. The price and scarcity alone make this beer start at a 4.5 rating.
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  16. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (306) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    Yeah it's definitely something I thought about but ultimately I decided I think the lack of a pour is more likely to drive the honest people away than anything else. The people who are going to flip this are still going to go to flip it, having a pour just is more of an added bonus to them.
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  17. DavidHume

    DavidHume Zealot (570) Mar 25, 2013 Virginia

    And why doesn't it benefit the people who trade for KBBS or buy it on the secondary market? They obviously think that they're getting their beer/money's worth, or they wouldn't trade for/buy it. In fact, if it wasn't priced that high, they would probably not even get the chance to try it.
  18. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (2,634) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Society Trader

    I think that's well known, but it shows some of the flagrant price structuring being carried out by some in the industry. There's so many great beers out there now, I'd probably just say no to TB beers altogether. Other than a small bottle count what drives that price to $100? Did some super hot swimsuit model play with the bottle in some wierd way to provide the live yeast? And let me add there will be a staggeringly long line of that's how they're releasing, or thousands if it's a lottery. Kinda sad IMO. The money they make off of that volume/pricing structure is a fart in the wind to their bottom line, the negative thought will outweigh the positive I think. It will be held hostage on the FT site for $300 worth of beer, and traders should just say no too.
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  19. Squire

    Squire Poo-Bah (2,416) Jul 16, 2015 Mississippi
    Society Trader

    I will give the money to charity before I pay that price for a beer, any beer.
  20. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (306) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    Those people can already buy the beer now at a ridiculous mark up.
  21. readyski

    readyski Aspirant (268) Jun 4, 2005 California

    Several thoughts come to mind. Someone said 1000 produced so $100k (less cost no clue there but still not BIG money). How can they maintain their perch without the hypetrain? Since I've never had I probably would do it (if I was 1500 miles closer!). I'm encouraged by the folks in the Midwest with that disposable income and or irrational exuberance. Seems like the economy is humming along as we ride this crazy train :grin:
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  22. traction

    traction Devotee (466) Dec 4, 2010 Georgia

    Trading beers is dishonest now? Personally I would never even consider paying $100 for a beer, I don't even buy $30 bombers without complaining, but if other people choose to spend that much I don't see the big deal. I personally wouldn't support a company selling $100 bottles but I don't really care how other people spend their money.
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  23. Brewday

    Brewday Initiate (150) Dec 25, 2015 New York

    If you win you can hire the Brewer to make all you want.
  24. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (306) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    I was referring to people only going so they could buy the bottle to sell it at the ridiculous secondary market prices.
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  25. Jaycase

    Jaycase Meyvn (1,384) Jan 13, 2007 Illinois

    Generally speaking, I'm just not a fan of breweries raising the bar on what price a BA stout can command. Sure, no brewery is likely to get over $8 an ounce like TG but it sure makes it easier to charge $2, $3 or $4 an ounce ('hey, it's not expensive, look at what TG charged for KBBS'). I think consumers who might not be directly interested in KBBS might see a trickle down pricing effect to some degree. Obviously it would be near impossible to prove.
  26. Obsidian81

    Obsidian81 Initiate (50) Mar 3, 2016 Illinois

    I love this company's IPAs, but I hate their rapacious prices (only selling bombers, rather than 4 packs, of their best IPAs in relatively big towns in their home state) and egregious false scarcity marketing. They're one of the only companies whose products I refuse to buy on principle.

    To each their own, though.
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  27. KBlodorn

    KBlodorn Aspirant (286) Oct 3, 2014 Ohio

    You're right and that's a great point about what it used to cost.. The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that they could release so many more bottles and charge much less per bottle while still putting out a superb product and making money. By pricing it at $100/bottle, they're catering more towards the sellers than the drinkers. The casual craft beer drinker doesn't wanna pay that much for a bottle. That's another thing that bothers me. I guess the bottom line is, they can price whatever the hell they want because those tickets are going to sell, regardless and their fan base is firmly in place.
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  28. slangtruth

    slangtruth Initiate (111) Jan 8, 2012 Kentucky

  29. BoldCars

    BoldCars Initiate (28) Apr 5, 2018 Maryland

    I think both are definitely the problem.
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  30. LambicPentameter

    LambicPentameter Initiate (0) Aug 29, 2012 Nebraska

    Or maybe nobody is the problem? We're talking about a luxury item here. If people want to drop their cash on a bottle of beer that's this expensive, then who cares? It's no different than buying a pair of Louboutin shoes or an Aston Martin car or any number of luxury-branded products that are so expensive because of the extreme imbalance between demand and supply.

    I'm not particularly a fan of the way TG does things in general (see, enforcing a NCC against your former brewer), but at least by charging $100 for this bottle, they are reaping some of the rewards of their own product, rather than having resellers get to pocket profits in multiples of what the beer goes for at retail. If anyone has earned the right to profit handsomely from this product, it's the company that created it, rather than the people who have a spare $100 and a Saturday to invest in buying the bottle and schlepping it to Decorah fucking Iowa.

    I keep going back and forth about this in my head. Having the pour available definitely encourages the ticker types to let go of their bottle and pay for a weekend trip to Decorah without missing out on the beer completely, but I also think there's a not insignificant number of people who will be getting a bottle for the sole purpose of pocketing the $500-600 surplus that will come from selling the bottle online.
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  31. vurt

    vurt Meyvn (1,285) Apr 11, 2004 Oregon

    If I recall correctly, BrewDog's End of History was quite a bit more expensive. (A quick google informs me that bottles were priced at £500 back in 2010.)

    Carlsberg's Jacobsen Vintage Series bottles were also pricy, starting at 2008 krone (about $300 today) in 2008.

    On the other hand, KBBS will be about the same price as the last vintage of Utopias, so make of that what you will.
  32. Jaycase

    Jaycase Meyvn (1,384) Jan 13, 2007 Illinois

    Certainly not insignificant. I'm thinking majority of people trying to purchase a KBBS ticket will be doing so with the intent of reselling/flipping the bottle. I don't think this is being hyperbolic.
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  33. Jason

    Jason Founder (8,653) Aug 23, 1996 Massachusetts
    Staff Moderator Fest Crew Society

    I bought some Trader Joe's Simpler Times Pils for $3.49 a six-pack the other day ... wasn't horrible.
  34. joerooster

    joerooster Initiate (0) May 15, 2018 Virginia

    It's the #1 beer on this site, by a significant amount, $100 seems fair to me.
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  35. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (306) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    So it being rated .1 better than other top beers on average means it should be more than 4x the price of the other top rated beers on the site? Interesting use of math...
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  36. AZBeerDude72

    AZBeerDude72 Initiate (0) Jun 10, 2016 Arizona

    I have had this beer numerous times and agree! :beer:
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  37. skunkmark23

    skunkmark23 Initiate (0) Nov 29, 2015 Iowa

    Six year old video and it's probably more applicable today than it was back then. That is hilarious.
  38. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (4,170) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    How much do Barrel Aged Abraxas, Double Barrel Hunahapu, Marshmallow Handjee, SR-71, and Barrel Aged Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout retail for?

    Those are the other stouts on the top 15 list (aside from Mornin' Delight, which will retail for $40 for a 12oz bottle on December 15th). I thought Marshmallow Handjee was a random variant at Dark Lord day, but I'm unsure how limited. I also don't know how much Dark Lord day tickets are, as I've never attended.

    I'm honestly just curious. I've never even been in the same room as these, let alone been able to purchase one. Their secondary market prices are ridiculous though.
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  39. JohnGalt1

    JohnGalt1 Poo-Bah (5,132) Aug 10, 2005 Idaho
    Society Trader

    My tasting group has opened KBBS bottles 3x times and they've always been great. I don't think we would balk at the $$$ collectively, but individually, I would feel dumb.

    What I think is funny is watching them at the RateBeer Best 2 winters ago in Santa Rosa... Their crew had probably a case (that we saw) of KBBS bottles with them and wanted everyone (including other brewers / industry Illuminati) to kiss their rings to get the shortest of pours. It was unbelievably pompous and sorta sad. Many nerds will get a chance to try KBBS because we care so much more, but most brewers will never get the chance because they have other priorities.

    Personally, I thought they were pricks ... but I'm morally ambiguous (when it comes to beer) and would never turn down a pour.
  40. rabbott2

    rabbott2 Zealot (512) Jan 14, 2015 Illinois

    Why is wine accepted to sometimes be sold at $20 or more per ounce but elite beer, at a similar ABV, is not?
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