KBBS is released December 15th, $100 for a 12oz bottle

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by BeerGlassesCollector, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. fargofallout

    fargofallout Initiate (50) Nov 30, 2010 Minnesota

    I can only speak to Dark Lord because I went there once. Yes, getting Handjee was luck of the draw. I wasn't lucky enough to get it. That year, $180 got you four bottles of the current year (I believe they're 22 ounces, but they may be larger) and either two vintage bottles (which is what I got) or one variant. So $180 for either five or six bottles.
  2. Sabtos

    Sabtos Poo-Bah (8,469) Dec 15, 2015 Ohio
    Society Trader

    DBHb2 ~$35 (but part of the pricey El Cat membership).
    BAIGCCS ~$35+standing in line wrapped through a residential neighborhood for five or so hours before dawn
    BADL variants $50 + blind luck + 4x$25 DL + festival entry + Munster mayhem
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  3. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (4,184) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    Wow. That does put it into perspective!

    Thank you.
  4. bread_c

    bread_c Initiate (106) Feb 19, 2015 Illinois

    Most recent BAA was $40; pretty sure SR-71 was $50.

    That MD that you can buy on Dec 15th is a 22oz for $40, not a 12oz.
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  5. Snowcrash000

    Snowcrash000 Poo-Bah (3,567) Oct 4, 2017 Germany
    Moderator Society Trader

    Why the hell was this thread moved to the regional forums when it's clearly a news item about a new release, just like the 15 other threads on the front page of the Beer News & Releases forum?
  6. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (4,184) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    Was MD released in different formats over the past? Has KBBS always been the same format?

    I was lucky enough to have a friend who got a Mornin' Delight bottle recently, but it was 12oz. 22oz would have split a lot nicer 4 ways....
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  7. Sabtos

    Sabtos Poo-Bah (8,469) Dec 15, 2015 Ohio
    Society Trader

    Yes MD was 12oz last year and I believe that was the only year, as it's normally a bomber. KBBS has always been 12 oz.
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  8. JFresh21

    JFresh21 Disciple (319) Mar 6, 2012 Illinois

    TG loses a lot of brand value with this blatant price gauging. The majority of their profit is made from the everyday shelf beers. If you have pissed off customers that opt for a different brand then TG loses in the end.
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  9. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (2,674) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Society Trader

    I agree to a point. They're would have to be something logically going on or into that beer to value it at $100. But just to stick KBBS on the label won't do it. Guys dig low bottle counts, they can flip it for a bigger score of about any beer they want, trading is where these dollar values come from.
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  10. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (308) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    Not to mention those prices are generally for bombers whereas KBBS is a 12oz bottle.
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  11. njk82

    njk82 Initiate (0) Dec 10, 2015 Virginia

    I don't know, I'm not hiking out to the brewery from the East coast, but adults are free to spend their money as they choose. If people feel that this beer is worth $100, that's great for them and I'm happy for them.

    I can't afford a Vanquish, doesn't mean I'm angry at Aston Martin for how it's priced.
  12. LenTexBrew

    LenTexBrew Initiate (0) Oct 23, 2018 Texas

    Hard pass!!! $100 for a 12oz bottle? You're insane.
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  13. Smakawhat

    Smakawhat Poo-Bah (7,640) Mar 18, 2008 Maryland

    The beer is worth.. whatever people will pay.

    Time will tell.
  14. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (308) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    But should the cost be whatever the most insane 1K or so people who want it are willing to pay?
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  15. pmccallum86

    pmccallum86 Initiate (0) Apr 7, 2009 Minnesota

    I hope you dirty poors stay away from it so I can buy 12.
  16. TheInsomniac

    TheInsomniac Initiate (0) Jan 11, 2015 New Mexico

    The dumbest part of paying for a single bottle of beer like this is that most people who buy one are going to take it home and save it for a special occasion.

    And then drink it with some drunk friends after a night of partying when they're already wasted and have no memory of it the next morning.
  17. youngac

    youngac Initiate (135) Jul 14, 2005 North Carolina

    You know you really can blame this on the the idiots that buy beer on the secondary market...marked up big time. Including many on this website I'm sure. Someone is going to make a boatload of $ off of this...why shouldn't the brewer get a larger share of that?

    1) Will it sell out at the $100 price point? Yup. So maybe it's underpriced.
    2) Is it definitely a top tier beer that is hard to get? Yup
    3) Will people sell it and will people be willing to buy it on the secondary market for >$100? Yup.

    So - if people are going to buy and sell it on secondary market for so much $, why should TG be selling it for $25 to maximize their profits?

    Personally, the only way to stop this madness is for TG to produce a metric shit ton of the beer and make it readily available OR for them to sell tickets to a KBBS event that is draft only. Only those onsite can consume. Sucks for a lot of people, but guarantee no secondary market and guarantee no negative feedback/press like they are getting.

    I love KBBS. I can't attend due to a family event. BUt if I could, I would. I would buy the $100 bottle (though I do think that's crazy), and then I'd share that 12 ounces with 3-6 friends and talk about it for the next year until the $150 KBBS release.
  18. TylerJ

    TylerJ Disciple (336) Apr 10, 2016 Iowa

    At least TG would make that money instead of the guy who wants to resell it on secondary and make $800 on somebody else's work. I can see both sides of this argument, but I'd rather a brewery make money off their product than somebody else who just got lucky with their internet connectivity at checkout time.
  19. HawkEye19

    HawkEye19 Initiate (109) Jun 15, 2006 Minnesota

    I'd have the opposite problem, I'd never be able to come up with an occasion that's special enough to drink it on.
  20. youngac

    youngac Initiate (135) Jul 14, 2005 North Carolina

    dB Hunah was almost $60 for El cat members to buy. And that was well worth it too :wink:
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  21. youngac

    youngac Initiate (135) Jul 14, 2005 North Carolina

  22. Smakawhat

    Smakawhat Poo-Bah (7,640) Mar 18, 2008 Maryland

    It will be whatever people are willing to pay... if they dont pay it they dont pay it... so it can be whatever.. $1 dollar or a $1000
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  23. TylerJ

    TylerJ Disciple (336) Apr 10, 2016 Iowa

    Exactly. Considering the last batch often goes for $800+ on secondary, I'd say "equilibrium" would be somewhere around that, if not a little below. The price where, if it were any higher, it wouldn't sell out, is the market value, which is way higher than $100 (as is the market value for many other BA stouts that sell for far less than $100 at the breweries).
  24. Jazz1

    Jazz1 Initiate (87) Jan 30, 2011 Iowa

    Ooops! No can buy :flushed: All my money is tied up in the shredded Girl with Balloon, Banksy art piece. If they shredded half the bottle, well then I'm in:sunglasses:
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  25. BeerGlassesCollector

    BeerGlassesCollector Zealot (553) Nov 11, 2002 Cyprus

    I was wondering the same... Forum moderators love me! They always seem to move or delete my posts even when I’m “almost” certain I have posted it at the right forum... oh well...
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  26. Jaycase

    Jaycase Meyvn (1,391) Jan 13, 2007 Illinois

    Technically, KBBS is a regional release and the Beer News & Releases forum states 'Not for region specific items.'. The beer is sold at the brewery only. It is not distributed nationally (hah!)
  27. beernuts

    beernuts Initiate (0) Jan 23, 2014 Virginia

    because this is a brewery-only release, that’s what the regional forums are for. The “Beer News and Releases” forum is for general beer news and widely available/distributed releases.
  28. WeizenEisbock

    WeizenEisbock Initiate (79) Oct 30, 2007 California

    Fuck them. Ridiculous! 'Nuff said
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  29. Snowcrash000

    Snowcrash000 Poo-Bah (3,567) Oct 4, 2017 Germany
    Moderator Society Trader

    Huh, that's fair enough then, I guess. I wasn't aware of that, thanks for pointing it out.
  30. HawksBeerFan

    HawksBeerFan Disciple (308) Dec 24, 2011 Illinois

    I mean, I'm not arguing against economics here, obviously they can price their beer however they want and I think it's pretty obvious that this will sell out immediately. My argument is more about ideally how a business like this should be operated, at least according to my own worldview.

    Do I like seeing profiteers pocket hundreds/thousands of dollars? Obviously not. Personally I am very opposed to selling or buying any beers on the secondary market, as it creates even more situations like this. That said, I'm not sure how much better it is TG getting the extra money given how some of the crappy things their ownership has done.

    I think what rubs me the wrong way about this though is it only encourages the secondary market more, at the expense of your average TG fan. To me is seems like TG is way more concerned about squeezing every dollar out of their operation than they are fostering a good relationship with their customer base. You're also kidding yourself if you don't think TG LOVES the fact that their beers sell for ridiculous amounts on the secondary market.

    I'm not the owner though, and they are free to do what they choose, I just think it's a really bad look from them and I think they're starting to alienate their customer base. Whether it works out for them in the long term or not, I cannot say. I just know I am done purchasing TG beers.
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  31. Stewmeister91

    Stewmeister91 Initiate (122) Apr 7, 2008 New Jersey

    When I think of all the junk I’ve purchased through the years, I would most certainly give this a whirl. I’m only looking for experiences at this point and this would seem to fit that mold
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  32. CheapBeerBuzz

    CheapBeerBuzz Champion (844) Dec 20, 2011 California

    So much butt hurt in this thread.
  33. Gginger2307

    Gginger2307 Initiate (29) Aug 9, 2017 Iowa

    SR-71 was $100. 22 ounces, so maybe a weeeeee bit easier to stomach....
  34. LGHT

    LGHT Initiate (197) Sep 28, 2007 California

    I guess I'm one of the few guys who would gladly pay $100 for a top rated beer. I mean if it's been a top beer forever all they are doing is cutting out the middle men who buy it and resale it for a huge mark up anyway.

    If you do a search for Paisley Cave on ebay under the sold listings the highest sale was for $75 and $15 for shipping. I bought several of those bottles for a mere $25.

    Why should the middle man make more than double reselling a good beer? Had the price been $40 a bottle I honestly can say I would have bought the same amount of bottles.
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  35. bread_c

    bread_c Initiate (106) Feb 19, 2015 Illinois

    Ah, thanks. Immediately after I posted that it seemed "too cheap".
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  36. b-mc-g

    b-mc-g Initiate (177) Mar 12, 2014 Maryland

    There are definitely similarities between the prices of highly sought after beer and wine, increasingly so I'd argue. There are some definite differences though. The first being that wine is inherently more expensive to produce. The second being that some of the most expensive wines are popular/successful vintage years. This is widely accepted in the wine community and not nearly as much in the beer community. The third, and certainly most amorphous delineation, is the esteem with which each is viewed. Wine as a fancier more luxury item and beer as an everyday/every man's beverage, although that has evolved as well.

    Price ceilings seem to have gone up a bit for many breweries producing valued bottles, but there is usually a correlating relationship as to why and I think craft consumers can respect that increase when it's forthright. That is to say money reinvested in growing production abilities etc. There is something a bit more disappointing about a brewery sky rocketing prices in this manner though. Almost as if they're abusing the good will of the community that helped build them.
  37. JFresh21

    JFresh21 Disciple (319) Mar 6, 2012 Illinois

    We will see how fast the sales go. I know there are a lot of people not interested. I would love these not to sell out. Pretty bold message would be sent.
  38. Chuckdiesel24

    Chuckdiesel24 Meyvn (1,344) Jul 6, 2016 Illinois

    I understand why people are bent out of shape about this - but what I'm curious - why is the hate so vigorous this time? I don't really care what they sold it for in 2014. They sold this beer for $100 in January 2017. There didn't seem to be nearly the vitriol for it then (acknowledging that there was some). Is it just because it was bundled with 2 Assassins?
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  39. jjamadorphd

    jjamadorphd Meyvn (1,454) Jul 21, 2012 Florida

    I am so with you on this...screw that...
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  40. Jaycase

    Jaycase Meyvn (1,391) Jan 13, 2007 Illinois

    I guarantee this will sell out. Even if it only sells out based on speculators assuming there enough purchasers out there willing to buy it marked up even more. I personally would love to see profiteers stuck with $100 bottles they likely have no interest in drinking (well aside from seeing people who are only interested in drinking it getting the bottles from the sale).
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