Keg hopping: distribution of flavor

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  1. GeeL

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    Just wondering: if I put some pellet hops in a metal tea ball and sink it 1/2 way down, will the flavor of the hops permeate through the whole batch?

    What if I just drop the tea ball in and sink it to the bottom?

    I cook a lot, and know it's best to stir when I add ingredients. So along those lines, what if I put the tea ball of hops in, then after a few days invert the keg one or two times?

    Actually, now that I think of it, I think that's what I'll do. But let me know your thoughts.

  2. pweis909

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    When I keg hop, hops go in a nylon bag that gets tied off and suspended using unwaxed regular dental floss that is tied is tied off on the outside handles. I put a stainless steel spoon or two in the bag to weight it down do that hops are not floating at the liquid level. I do not agitate; diffusion takes its course.
  3. PortLargo

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    Neither do I . . . container of choice was the same nylon paint strainer bag but have found I get a little less hop debris "leaking out" when using a muslin bag. Never have inverted or suffered from lack thereof.

    For OP; a metal tea bag will certainly work, but do you have enough room? Remember those hops will really expand and if compacted you will minimize contact with the beer. I used to use one of these but quit when I found anything over about one ounce reduced the oils being absorbed: