Kegco vs Beermeister

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by DasBrose, May 6, 2022.

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    DasBrose Initiate (5) May 6, 2022

    Hey all! I'm setting up a home bar, and the last appliance I need is an undercounter kegerator (to replace the old converted fridge I used to use). After looking around, I'm torn between two models:
    Both seem great, though in either case I'd be upgrading the faucets (my current plan is either Nukatap FCs).

    The Beer Meister is a little cheaper, but doesn't have a stainless interior. The Kegco fridge has a wider temperature range. I don't expect to serve wine out of it, but I do brew mead which will likely make its way into the kegerator periodically (I've always served mead at beer temp or room temp in the past, but those were also the only options.)

    So, questions for you wise folks out there:
    1. Are the SS interior and the wider temp range actually valuable features that are worth spending ~20% more, or more fringe/gimmicky features?
    2. Am I missing some other critical difference between the two?
    3. General thoughts on quality difference between the two brands? Has anyone used the builtins from Kegco or Beer Meister and have thoughts on noise etc?