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  1. Erikjs427

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    Vermont locals,

    I’m headed up to Vermont 1/24-1/27 and will be in the Rutland/Killington area. Any local beer shops where I can stock up on some good beer? Preferably Tree house, Alchemist Brewery, Lawson Brewery, and Hill Farmstead.


  2. chipawayboy

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    Killington is a bit of a dead zone for the big boy beers last time I looked. You’re an hour or so too far south to get Heady/Lawsons. TH is Brewery only as is HF. The Alchemist beers are the most readily available distributing as far south as Barre. Lawsons is also distributing as well. I’d recommend one if the following - easiest to hardest— stop in White River Junction and get River Roost growlers and hit up the excellent bottle shop next door; RR as good as the big four you mentioned IMO...or head north to Waterbury/Montpelier and hit up Hunger Mountain Coop or the Craft Beer Celler to get Lawsons/Alchemist beers....or go direct to one of the breweries. All have large amounts of beers in cans for take away.Cheers and good luck.
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  3. soheadyithurts

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    Brewfest beverage in Ludlow or Hops and Barley in Woodstock. Brewfest should have some solid options for you.
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    Hops and Barley is a good place to stop in. They had Sip of Sunshine last February, so I imagine they may have other Lawson's stuff now that distribution has increased. Lots of other good beer as well, memory is little foggy on the selection.
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  5. ajthegreat

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    Stop by River Roost in White River Junction on your way up and stock up on cans.
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  6. pbrian

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    I survived this past weekend at Mount Snow on a healthy dose of Zero Gravity Green State Lager and Lost Nation Mosaic IPA. Actually it was more of an unhealthy dose, but you get my point. While southern VT may not get the heavy hitters, there's still plenty of good beer available at just your regular beer shops.
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    As others suggested above, Woodstock Hops & Barley is a good spot which is about 20 miles from Killington. You can combine with dinner at Worthy Kitchen which is pretty much next door. They will have Hill Farmstead and Lawson's brews on tap typically (as well as great food and other great beers).

    River Roost and the Big Fatty's Crowler pit is also a place you should stop if you are taking I91 to I89 to get to Killington. As others mentioned above, River Roost makes great beer and has cans available to go from time to time. Otherwise fill up some growlers. The Crowler pit in the same parking lot has a great selection of local brews. Make sure to check out he tap list at the attached BBQ restaurant (Big Fatty's). They have a great list that almost always has Lawson's and Hill Farmstead options.

    You will be about 1 hour to the new Lawson's facility at Killington. Not sure how much driving around you want to do.
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  8. duchessedubourg

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    For anyone looking to plan a ski weekend at Killington, VT Brewers Assoc. has planned a brewfest for the weekend of Feb. 9th - their 2nd winter edition. Ski/fest combo tix available, as well as fest only.
  9. johnbday

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    A little south of the Killington area but Meulmans Craft Draughts is a wonderful beer shop with growler fills; perhaps one of the best curated beer selections in New England.
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  10. SpauldingSmails

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    I've also found that Fiddlehead has a bit deeper penetration into the non-Burlington/Montpelier corridor. I've certainly survived a few weekends on that alone.