Latest Drain Pour?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by 1fJef, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. mactrail

    mactrail Poo-Bah (10,442) Mar 24, 2009 Washington
    Society Trader

    hurts like hell, though
  2. mactrail

    mactrail Poo-Bah (10,442) Mar 24, 2009 Washington
    Society Trader

    Slow Southern Steel from the other Epic ales in Oregon, supposed to be a chile beer -- "From first spew to the last hot and sour taste, this is a royal flush."
  3. ThisWangsChung

    ThisWangsChung Poo-Bah (3,147) Oct 15, 2011 Maryland

    Stone Punishment. Oddly enough, I thought the heat level was just right - a shame it was about as well integrated as 1930's Mississippi.

    Two people couldn't finish a 500ml bottle that cost $20. That just about sums up the experience.
  4. Cloaked_Phantom

    Cloaked_Phantom Initiate (0) Mar 3, 2013 Washington

    Punishment didn't just give me a burn in my stomach lol
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  5. GuttaMane138

    GuttaMane138 Initiate (0) Jun 27, 2011 Florida

    I stay away from Shipyard but on a whim I got the Mint Chocolate Stout. Nothing this beer had to offer I enjoyed whatsoever. Drain pour was systematic.
  6. JeffZeltwanger

    JeffZeltwanger Initiate (0) Jan 28, 2011 Missouri

    Mothers Raspberry Imperial Three Blind Mice...when it warmed up a little it tasted like Robitussin. Extremely disappointing...
  7. waston

    waston Aspirant (277) May 2, 2013 Michigan

    Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball...reminded me of hot & sour soup
  8. BeerBatteredPhish

    BeerBatteredPhish Initiate (0) Sep 27, 2013 Pennsylvania

    SA's Chocolate Cherry Bock. Horrible.
  9. BeerBaron666

    BeerBaron666 Aspirant (217) May 13, 2009 California

    infected bottle of cacaonut from the bruery. Was so sad to open it and discover that it was sour..that beer was magical when i had it on tap
  10. kerry4porters

    kerry4porters Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2012 Arizona

    That was a dark marathon of a beer an cdc definately fits its name
  11. maDUECEgunner

    maDUECEgunner Initiate (0) May 23, 2013 Minnesota

    483 Pale Ale. The metallic taste almost me sick
  12. StoutIrish

    StoutIrish Initiate (0) Jan 16, 2012 Indiana

    Darkhorse 4 Elf. The up front flavor wasn't bad but the after taste was terrible.
  13. Ieatlambfries

    Ieatlambfries Zealot (581) Dec 5, 2003 New Jersey

    Rude Elf Reserve. I realized I hate "Xmas" spices in beer, especially clove.
  14. rightcoast7

    rightcoast7 Disciple (353) Apr 2, 2011 Maine

    I'm opposed to drain pours 99% of the time on principle, but I came damn close on Christmas Eve with Brooklyn Black Ops, and actually did pour the last ounce or two just because I was ready for something else. Disappointing since I've wanted to try this one for awhile and paid $22 for the bomber, but something about the flavor was really off putting, maybe the champagne yeast. Almost no barrel character either.
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  15. Hop-Droppen-Roll

    Hop-Droppen-Roll Initiate (0) Nov 5, 2013 Minnesota

    A lot of hate for Punishment - I haven't tried to but have wanted to since we learned about it - has anyone tried Crime?
  16. pourmeadrink

    pourmeadrink Initiate (0) Oct 16, 2013 Minnesota

    Clownshoes Genghis Pecan. I was so looking forward to it. :slight_frown:
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  17. landrewg

    landrewg Initiate (142) Nov 11, 2008 Michigan

    Me, too, last week. It should be really good but just isn't.
  18. elchicodelgado

    elchicodelgado Initiate (0) Mar 3, 2008 Texas

    I'm Robert, pleased to meet you! I really enjoyed that one though I get the criticism.
  19. BubalooBrewMaster

    BubalooBrewMaster Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2013 Nevada

    Between 3 of us we all poured out our Samuel smiths oatmeal stout...maybe it was a bad one..but man it reminded e if soy sauce ..yuck
  20. Axnjxn

    Axnjxn Initiate (0) Jun 24, 2012 North Carolina

    oskar blues chaka just last night
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  21. Hookstrat

    Hookstrat Initiate (121) Jan 15, 2006 Iowa

    It's been a while, but Pestilence from Rivertown Brewing. Here is a hilarious quote from one of their other "beers"

    "Once again Rivertown ruins beer with a slew of rotten flavors and seltzer water"
  22. Bluesman2383

    Bluesman2383 Initiate (0) Dec 25, 2013 Illinois

    Lagunitas Brown Shuga. I thought I was going to get a brown ale of sorts with a mellow taste. Ended up being more of an IPA taste to me. Sorry, but I'm one of the few who hate IPAs. To me, they've become a very bastardized portion of the market. Everyone makes one. So what? Give me a good porter, brown ale, milk stout or bock. If I can see through it, I don't drink it most of the time.
  23. Xandrose

    Xandrose Initiate (0) Jul 11, 2013 Maryland

    Sam Adam's Juniper IPA. It was completely drinkable until I opened a bottle of Double Jack and compared against that.
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  24. DVMin98

    DVMin98 Poo-Bah (3,615) Nov 1, 2010 North Carolina
    Moderator Society Trader

    Infected Matilda
  25. alexk307

    alexk307 Initiate (0) Nov 7, 2013 Maryland

    2XMAS and Monks Cafe (Tastes like Salad Dresing)
  26. barleywinefiend

    barleywinefiend Initiate (0) Nov 22, 2007 Washington

    I dumped my 2012 Dark Lord last night.
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  27. rather

    rather Initiate (0) May 31, 2013 California

    completely different styles. sam adams going for more english ipa and firestone ofc west coast double ipa
    #787 rather, Dec 27, 2013
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  28. Sergio

    Sergio Initiate (0) Mar 20, 2012 California

    It was just too much heat. Wasn't able to taste anything else.
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  29. Biff_Tannen

    Biff_Tannen Initiate (0) Dec 8, 2013 Missouri

    From what I understand this beer was made to be drain-poured.
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  30. Sippinonsizzurp

    Sippinonsizzurp Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2013 California

    Shipyard - Mint Chocolate Stout. Just horrible
  31. braedon_peluso

    braedon_peluso Initiate (0) Jun 8, 2013 New York

    Founder's Mango Magnifico. Didn't even feel bad about it.
  32. pinyin

    pinyin Disciple (357) Sep 19, 2013 New York

    DFH 60 and 90 Minute IPA's. Tasted like a bag of fermented brown sugar with rubbing alcohol and a few hops thrown in for good measure.
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  33. pinyin

    pinyin Disciple (357) Sep 19, 2013 New York

    I just picked up 5 bombers of Eagle Claw fist after my holiday trip to Massachusetts. Easily my favorite Red Ale.

    If they are out of date though they can have a very peculiar taste.
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  34. Giantspace

    Giantspace Champion (854) Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Sam Adams Ginger Bread Stout....Way too much spice going on and really sweet taste...Down the drain....Smelled like a gingerbread cookie but the taste was overly everything. I prefer my 9% beers to taste good not just get me drunk.

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  35. MrMcGibblets

    MrMcGibblets Initiate (0) Jan 14, 2007 Illinois

    zombie dust. 2 off/infected bottles in a row. painful.
  36. 1987GN

    1987GN Initiate (0) Nov 22, 2013 California

    Surly's WET. Says it was canned 9/12/13.

    Tasted like bud light or piss water with tiny hints of citrus. I was seriously bummed.

    I am hoping I got a bad batch/too old/someone switched out the beer the day minr was canned amd replaced it with something else...because I took two sips and down the drain it went.
  37. pitweasel

    pitweasel Initiate (0) Jun 11, 2007 New York

    Stone Crime.
    Stone Punishment.

    Worst two beers I've ever tried to consume. And I like Stone. A lot.
  38. RayOhioFelton

    RayOhioFelton Initiate (0) May 24, 2011 Ohio

    This thread just went beyond ignorant...
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  39. Kevin-Wieken

    Kevin-Wieken Initiate (0) Nov 21, 2013 Minnesota

    Lagunitas Imperial Stout
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  40. RayOhioFelton

    RayOhioFelton Initiate (0) May 24, 2011 Ohio

    This thread is full of idiots. If you don't like a style don't buy an expensive bottle, dump it then whine how it sucked online! Try SAMPLES at a local craft bar and introduce yourself properly. If you hated seafood would you order a $40 shell fish stir fry while out to dinner? People are so stupid!
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