Laura Boada, Founder of Zambo Creek Microcervecería, an All-Female Brewery in Ecuador

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  2. Squire

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    I find it interesting how they deal with the hop shortage/expense by extracting more flavors from yeast which I think is a good idea even though borne of necessity.
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  3. tobelerone

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    Interesting article, would have liked to hear a little more about the beer scene in Ecuador and about the beers she is producing, specifically.
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  4. Keene

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    Since you seem interested, we actually ran an article on the beer scene in Ecuador a few years ago. Give it a read and please consider supporting our journalism with a subscription.
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  5. EvenMoreJesus

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    It certainly behooves brewers to brew with what is locally available. That is how brewers of old used to do it and, IMO, is the real meaning of terroir.
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  6. tobelerone

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    Will def give that a read and consider renewing my subscription- I had one for a few years a ways back.
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    DBLTAPME Initiate (25) Jun 15, 2010 Florida

    Very happy for the ladies ! It would be nice if they had a brewery in Cuenca.
  8. 2beerdogs

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    Thanks for the interesting story, and putting Pink Boots Society on my radar.
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