Lawson’s Finest Liquids Shares 2021 Year-Round Distribution Calendar

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    Waitsfield, Vt. (February 23, 2021) – Craft beer lovers across the Northeast will have unprecedented access to Lawson’s Finest Liquids’ beers in 2021. The Waitsfield, Vermont-based brewery unveiled its year-round distribution calendar on Tuesday, giving thirsty customers advance notice about which beers they can find throughout the year in Lawson’s Finest’s nine-state distribution territory of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

    Lawson’s Finest’s flagship IPA, Sip of Sunshine, will once again be available all year long, and beginning March 1 it will be joined by its juicy, fruit-forward cousin, Little Sip, which was just announced as the brewery’s latest year-round beer. Additionally, Lawson’s Finest will be offering several new varieties of its Super Session IPA series throughout 2021, along with the brewery’s six specialty releases, which will be distributed across the Northeast on a rolling basis in short, seasonal stints.

    The first changeover in the Super Session series will come in March when Super Session #5 makes its debut. With Cashmere hops as the star of the show, the brand-new Super Session #5 boasts full malt flavors and an assertive hop character thanks to the copious amounts of Cashmere hops that get added late in the kettle and also in dry hopping. The wildly popular Super Session #8, made with Mosaic hops, will make its return in May before Lawson’s Finest’s August transition to the Centennial-hopped Super Session #4. The year will conclude with the October debut of Super Session #3, a beer that will showcase Comet hops, another new varietal in the series.

    Similar to the rotating release schedule of Super Session beers, Lawson’s Finest’s specialty beers will be making appearances across the brewery’s distribution territory at set times during the year. Knockout Blonde, a hoppy blonde ale featuring a flavorful blend of North American malts, will be distributed in April and May, and it will be followed by the release of two refreshing pilsners. Beginning in May, Lawson’s Finest will distribute its Scrag Mountain Pils, which is inspired by the traditional Czech pilsner style. At the same time, the brewery will launch its special Scrag Mountain Pils Salt & Lime, affectionately known as “Scragarita.” In July and August, Hopcelot, an IPA made with eight versions of hops from around the world, will be made available. Rounding out the year will be a September release of Kiwi, a double IPA made with New Zealand-grown hops, and a November release of its juicy, floral triple IPA, Triple Sunshine.

    Beyond its Super Session releases and specialty beers, Lawson’s Finest is proud to make Sip of Sunshine and Little Sip available in all nine states throughout the year. Sip of Sunshine, the brewery’s beloved flagship beer, is a lupulin-laden IPA that is packed with tropical fruit character, bright floral aromas, and delectable layers of hop flavor. Sip of Sunshine’s emerging cousin, Little Sip, is a balanced, crushable, and thirst-quenching IPA that boasts notes of grapefruit and pineapple.

    Lawson’s Finest has made its full year-round distribution calendar available here, and customers looking to find nearby retailers that carry the brewery’s beer can always visit the “Where To Buy” page on


    Based in Waitsfield, Vermont, Lawson’s Finest Liquids produces beers of the highest quality and freshness. Emulating the best of widely appreciated styles, Lawson’s Finest is home to a growing collection of expertly crafted beers, including world-class IPAs and unique maple brews. Founded in 2008 by Sean and Karen Lawson, the company started as a highly acclaimed, small-batch artisanal brewery in Warren, Vermont. In 2014, Lawson’s Finest Liquids added an alternating proprietorship in Stratford, Connecticut, where the brewery produces its flagship Sip of Sunshine and Super Session beers. Lawson’s Finest Liquids opened its destination brewery, taproom, and retail store in Waitsfield in 2018. For more information on Lawson’s Finest Liquids, please visit or follow the brewery on Instagram (@lawsonsfinest) and Facebook (@lawsonsfinestliquids).
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    Sad to see Chinooker’d, that has been my favorite Lawson’s, gone from that list but oh well it’s neat they’re sharing so much beer with us.
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    I too was a BIG fan of Chinooker’d and I am very sad to see that it was nixed since it is (was) an excellent beer. :slight_frown:

    As I detailed it in my NBS post:

    "I think this beer is excellent! If I close my eyes I feel like I am in a pine forest."

    I guess that Chinook hops just are old fashioned and not sexy enough with the contemporary craft beer crowd?

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    Sad to see not many breweries using chinook hops at all.
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  5. FatBoyGotSwagger

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    Looking forward to the scragarita in July and Triple sunshine returning in November.
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    Kiwi getting distribution is pretty exciting. It was one of my favorite Nelson-heavy beers in the Waitsfield days and at its best I may have even preferred it to Double Sunshine.
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    Where art thou, Double Sunshine
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  8. Ronmarley1

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    Would love to see the come a little more wester.
  9. John_M

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    Likewise. There's no lack of good IPA out this way, but even so... SOS would immediately become part of my regular rotation should it ever become available out here.
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  10. Ronmarley1

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    I could not have said it better myself.
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  11. jmdrpi

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    maybe not in IPAs - but some of the bolder beer styles like American Barleywines and older school style Imperial Stouts. Sierra Nevada's website says Chinook is part of the Bigfoot hop blend.

    And while I can't quickly find any official brewer information, most homebrew clone recipes for beers like Old Rasputin, Yeti, Expedition Stout, etc. suggest using Chinook hops.
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  12. smutty33

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    Looking forward to Kiwi especially. Hopcelot and Knockout Blonde too!

    Super bummed about no Chinooker’d though. God forbid a beer isn’t a tropical juice bomb with today’s crowd...smh.
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  13. jonphisher

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    I guess the good news is they still make it. So maybe it’ll show up again in distro. It has popped up several times down here even when it wasn’t a “planned distribution” from their calendar, fingers crossed.
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  14. smutty33

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    Cool, I jumped the gun....

    That’s how we’ve been seeing Chinooker’d as well. Drops every now and then.

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  15. skivtjerry

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    Yes, the beers not up for wide distribution will likely still be found at the brewery and sometimes locally distributed.
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