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Little Known Stouts

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by mvdillman, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. antilite

    antilite Initiate (158) Jan 1, 2012 Florida

    Highland Black Mocha Stout. I like it.
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  2. SerialTicker

    SerialTicker Poo-Bah (1,760) Jun 18, 2012 Michigan

    Founder's Breakfast Stout. From a pretty little known brewery in a state I can't think of.
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  3. lsummers

    lsummers Initiate (0) Jun 21, 2010 California

    I recently saw Nogne O, the Norwegian brewery had a couple offerings. Their imperial stout and their imperial rye porter, Havrestout as well as their imperial stout cognac edition. I picked up their imperial stout but I plan on trying it out this weekend. I've seen them at my local shop here in socal for a while, but I'm not sure how readily available they are throughout the country.

    Another offering might be HaandBryggeriet's Dark Force, another brewery from norway. I have been wanting to try this one as well since it's brewed with wheat. I tried their winter warmer last weekend and thought it was a decent offering for a cold night.
  4. KWMiles

    KWMiles Initiate (0) Oct 23, 2012 Minnesota

    Nah, he probably heard about it before it was cool.
  5. HopsintheSack

    HopsintheSack Devotee (447) Apr 17, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    Dark Seas from Mission Brewing
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  6. powz87

    powz87 Initiate (0) Jan 18, 2012 Illinois

    i dont think anyone has said Old Rasputin yet. its a RIS and really good. Most of the southern tier stout bombers are good. I'm not sure if revolution is distributing in indy yet but look for mad cow and rise they are pretty tasty.
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  7. marquis

    marquis Crusader (741) Nov 20, 2005 United Kingdom (England)

    Brewster's Stilton Porter.
    Belvoir Brewery Oatmeal stout.
    Both superb.

    Can't help you with any stouts I don't know about :slight_smile:
  8. BogBoyJD

    BogBoyJD Initiate (0) Feb 1, 2012 Ireland

    From Carlow in Ireland, O'hara's Leann Folla'in.
  9. PackPride

    PackPride Initiate (0) Oct 31, 2011 North Carolina

    I really like the Duck Rabbit Milk Stout from Kinston, NC. Also, the Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout is fantastic. I've heard some people say Big Bad Baptist, that's a good one. Also the Rogue Double Chocolate Stout, while I know it's not rare, is a fantastic stout.
  10. fuzzylogic

    fuzzylogic Initiate (0) Nov 16, 2008 Pennsylvania

    Lancaster Milk Stout is solid and not mentioned very often on this site. Not sure about their distro though
  11. Andygirl

    Andygirl Initiate (0) Jan 3, 2013 Michigan

    St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, Mc Auslan Brewing. Fabulous, decent price, I can find it pretty regularly. It's probably my favorite "plain" stout.
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  12. PetieP

    PetieP Initiate (0) Apr 27, 2011 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Sprecher Russian Imperial Stout flies under the radar, and is one of my favorites.
  13. Eastside151

    Eastside151 Initiate (0) Jun 29, 2012 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    Bell's Brewery, Inc. Bell's Special Double Cream Stout
    Left Hand Brewing Co. Milk Stout Ntro
    Magic Hat Brewing Co. Hear of Darkness
    Samuel Smith Old Brewery Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout
    Southern Tier Brewing Company 2X Stout
    Great Lakes Brewing Company Blackout Stout
    Wells & Young's Ltd. Young's Double Chocolate Stout
    Tröegs Brewing Company Tröegs Java Head Stout
  14. BigTomZ

    BigTomZ Initiate (0) Apr 14, 2009 Virginia

    Baxter Brewing - Winter Stout
  15. mhksuccess

    mhksuccess Zealot (579) Jul 7, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    how come nobody has mentioned
    Great Lakes Blackout stout
    or Plead the 5th both are excellent
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  16. planbee

    planbee Disciple (303) May 28, 2009 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    I love Dark Force. There's always plenty of it at all of the stores i frequent as well, which doesn't hurt. I highly recommend it.

    Most of what I would recommend is mentioned already, but as far as "little known" I have to give props to Southern Appalachian Brewery Black Bear Stout. Love love love. For more widely available, I'd add Moo Thunder into the fray.
  17. gpawned

    gpawned Initiate (0) Jun 5, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Jackie O's Dark Apparition (especially the Bourbon Barrel Aged)

    For something easier to find...Rogue's Chatoe series Dirtoir Black Lager is a really nice, easy drinking and creamy.
  18. legend8706

    legend8706 Initiate (0) Oct 31, 2012 Virginia

    Dark Hollow is a pretty good BA stout IMO. Doesn't make it out your way but I'm sure I could hook you up with some..
  19. kdmcguire10

    kdmcguire10 Initiate (0) Jul 15, 2011 Michigan

    New Holland Dragon's Milk for a BBL Aged one.
  20. cleeze

    cleeze Initiate (0) Nov 24, 2008 Maine

    Marshall Wharf's SEXY CHOAS! goodluck obtaining some though. maybe the best stout coming out of maine
  21. cleeze

    cleeze Initiate (0) Nov 24, 2008 Maine

    also Polaris from Rising Tide (BA Ursa Minor)
  22. dap325

    dap325 Initiate (151) Apr 2, 2009 New York

    Keegan Ales Mothers Milk and Joe Mama's are 2 good local stouts that I can find in my area. Butternuts Moo Thunder isn't bad at less than $8 a 6pack.
  23. Smurf2055

    Smurf2055 Initiate (0) Nov 12, 2011 Washington

    Eel River Raven's Eye
  24. MikeEhrmantraut

    MikeEhrmantraut Initiate (0) Aug 28, 2012 Tennessee

    Finch's Secret Stache
  25. Tkolar

    Tkolar Initiate (0) Oct 23, 2011 New Jersey

  26. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Meyvn (1,066) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Little colorado love here...
    Left hand milk stout, or nitro
    Odell Lugene choco milk stout (who'd have thought a brewer with a great porter could brew a great stout?)
    Ska steel toe stout
    Ska seasonal stouts
    Bristol winter warlock (best oatmeal stout i've had)
    Avery czar
    Copper Kettle mexican chocolate stout (get a trading partner in denver for this)
    AC golden ctayt
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  27. jsapunor

    jsapunor Aspirant (251) May 18, 2008 California

    Black Xantus from Nectar Ales. K & L Wines sometimes has a few for sale.
  28. ESeab

    ESeab Initiate (0) Jan 3, 2013 New Jersey

    Flying dog - Kujo coffe stout
    Victory - Storm King
    Weyerbacher - Old Heathen

    Some of my new favorites that aren't hard to find
  29. Giantspace

    Giantspace Defender (644) Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Did not read all posts. If I repeat , sorry.

    I have been drinking these this winter. All good, All are reasonable price

    Philadelphia Shackamaximum- oak aged
    VooDoo Big black voodoo - oak aged
    Six point Diesel-cant find any more this year, think its a winter seasonal
    SN stout
    Uinta Labryinth-Rye barrels
    All the Bells I tried this year was real good
    ST 2xstout- milk stout
    Siberian night

    I have a few of each if you cant find them in your area.

  30. Drootz

    Drootz Initiate (161) Sep 6, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    Highwater's Campfire Stout - tastes just like s'mores
    Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate stout
    Both are inexpensive and fairly easy to find
  31. NumberNone

    NumberNone Disciple (354) Mar 12, 2012 Maryland

    Lots of great stouts already named. Another one for you--Hoppin' Frog B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher Oatmeal Imperial Stout. Available in your state, but not mine :slight_frown:
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  32. BetterBeerPlz

    BetterBeerPlz Aspirant (227) Sep 8, 2007 Arkansas

    Paradise Porter - Diamond Bear Brewing
  33. denver10

    denver10 Poo-Bah (2,206) Nov 17, 2010 New Mexico

    Another vote for both Epic's Big Bad Baptist, Ipswich's Oatmeal Stout, and Left Hand's Milk Stout.

    If you like coffee, Santa Fe's Java Imperial Stout is solid, affordable, and available in six packs. Port Brewing's Old Viscosity is a good one too.
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  34. Thehuntmaster

    Thehuntmaster Initiate (0) Sep 2, 2009 South Africa

    I am not sure if they are available in the USA, but De Molen makes some great stouts and they don't get all that much attention.
  35. Absolut

    Absolut Zealot (564) Sep 19, 2011 California

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  36. devlishdamsel

    devlishdamsel Initiate (0) Aug 1, 2009 Washington

    Youngs chocolate stout is well known. It used to be nothing short of amazing but im not sure if Wells fatally tweaked the recipe or what because it tastes like there's a half cup of blood in every bottle IMO.
  37. stealth

    stealth Defender (607) Dec 16, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I thought it was just me that thought Youngs DC stout was 'different'...glad I'm not imagining things!

    back on topic:
    revolution mad cow milk stout
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  38. BILF

    BILF Initiate (0) Jan 9, 2010 Israel

  39. Thickfreakness

    Thickfreakness Initiate (0) Oct 2, 2010 New York

    Squatters Outer Darkness
    Upland Teddy Bear Kisses
    Lost Abbey Santa's Little Helper
    Stoudt's Fat Dog
    Weyerbacher Tiny
    Weyerbacher Heresy
    Weyerbacher Old Heathen
    Perennial Fantastic Voyage
    FW Velvet Merlin
    Voodoo Black Magick
    McNeill's Dark Angel
    Emelisse IRS
    Emelisse Espresso Stout
    Brown's Imperial Stout
    Brown's Oatmeal Stout
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