Little Sumpin-Sumpin Coming in Cans

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    Cool but the beer police might deem this sexist now due to the name. I always enjoy the beer and a little sumpin sumpin :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. frkonalsh2003

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    It is a new recipe? ABV is listed as 6.2 which would make it lighter than the current bottled version.
  3. DEdesings57

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    But it's already in bottles :wink:
  4. hoagzzz

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    Agreed, the original is a 7.5% pale wheat ale.. i’m open to the idea of a different recipe... just confused.
  5. Giantspace

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    It’s called an IPA now?

    Why don’t we just call every beer IPA at this point.

    Why is her body cut off? I liked the full body image.

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    Not excited about the seemingly new recipe...
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