Lord Hobo to open the ‘Taj Mahal of breweries in the Seaport’

Discussion in 'New England' started by AlcahueteJ, Oct 20, 2019.

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    “Construction for Two Drydock broke ground in June 2018 and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2020. In addition to the Seaport expansion, Lord Hobo is increasing the capacity of its Woburn taproom from 180 to 550, Lanigan said, by doubling indoor seating as well as adding a patio. The total project at Two Drydock will encompass 230,000 square feet.”

    They’re doing something right...
  2. Shyla987

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    He got that private equity money. From an article this summer about "not" laying off 8 people:

    “Everything is just going amazingly well,” Lanigan said. “Terminating people is part of building a big company and growing fast and part of the business.”

  3. egrandfield

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    This guy is aggressive. I'm definitely going to go see this place when it opens, but I think I'll prefer the old beer bar in Cambridge. Can't blame the guy for living the American dream, but I'm a little skeptical of drinking a beer called "Steal This Can" in a super boujee building.
  4. egrandfield

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    That said, if someone offered me PE money to go open up a mansion for beer in Seaport, I'd be down hook, line, and sinker.
  5. j44thor

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    Sounds like an extremely expensive project for a location that currently has almost zero foot traffic. Are people really going to walk to 2 dry dock when they could get better beer in a more convenient location at Trillium and similar beer at Harpoon brewery?

    They are making a big bet on that area becoming a destination area like the main seaport. As currently constituted I just don't see it.
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  6. BeyondDescription

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    If they can appeal to the mainstream or new craft beer drinker, perhaps. I've also been informed through industry folks that opening restaurants is not a great return on investment.
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  7. TreeHouse_Erection

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    This is the definition of outstretching your bounds. Wish them luck but anyone investing in this is burning money. The craft beer bubble is going to hit at some point and the market has already started to level off.
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  8. DucRacer900

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    I don't know, Reebok and AutoDesk have their headquarters at Drydock, and generally, cruiseships, 2 at a time, dock at Drydock for 6 + months a year, so there is quite a bit of traffic there now. Pretty sure they are adding residences to one of the two buildings that he'll be in/near and the other one will be a hotel. Not sure that area will support a "Taj Mahal" but it's definitely busy.
  9. chipawayboy

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    BAers love to doubt this guy. Jealousy? can't stand the American dream? Get over it people and join in the fun
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  10. oldbean

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    They're doing something, anyway.
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  11. Newport_beerguy

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    I am jealous that Lannigan can insert his foot in his mouth this many times and still develop his brewery this fast with little backlash. But I think we weigh the side stuff far too much at the BA level, whereas the vast majority of the beer drinking public isn't aware/doesn't care about what the owner says, personality, political beliefs, etc.

    Whatever assistance from PE money and growing distribution, good on him for finding their lane to grow. Since they ditched the 3-beer blend of the OG Boom Sauce, I have had it as the best draft option on various occasions and while it's average to slightly above average, it has been damn consistent.

    At this point I think Lord Hobo is an excellent BRAND that makes decent BEER.
  12. AirBob

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    I agree with you that it seems a little premature, but Harpoon still has crazy lines on the weekends and D Street is a destination.

    Thisspace is right next to Black Falcon Pier which would being in a massive amount of foot traffic and within easy walking distance of all the convention center hotels - easier than Harpoon for the Weston and those on D Steet.

    Ifthe power plant development ever moves forward, that stretch of Summer Street is going to be as dense and busy as the rest of the Seaport. I think the success has less to do with the craft beer bubble and more to do with the health of the economy more generally driving development in the area.

    As much as I hate to say it, it seems like LH has some business sense.
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  13. Aaron58

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    Oh I think this is exactly how they do well. The number of customers I have that I would call "novice" beer drinkers, who ask for Boom Sauce by name, is very high. Im guessing it is a very popular brand in the Over 35 Demo.

    Ultimately, this brand is not for "us". Their beers are fine, and when I go to a not so great bar and see Boom Sauce on tap amongst a bunch of junk, I will happily drink it. But I doubt that I will ever purchase a LH beer for my own fridge.
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  14. SunDevilBeer

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    Well, the Seaport is garbage - worst-planned urban area amongst major cities in the country IMO - so let’s see what the 3rd large niche beer property on the scene can do.
  15. Newport_beerguy

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    I googled "Boston Seaport Commission" and got a bar and some general Mass seaport organization for the 78 towns along the water, so yeah not much planning for this particular section of the city to keep the district cohesive.
  16. Jason

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    Glad LH is bringing more to the Boston area beer scene, unfortunately for me personally I almost never go to that area any more because parking in impossible and I refuse to pay more than meter prices for parking.
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  17. Jason

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    I think some of it comes down to things being either intercommunicated, lost in translation, or simply someone wanting to change their mind. I've told Lanigan that he or anyone form LH is more than welcome to reply to comments or lend some new info in our forums ... even before the brewery was even announced. Not being a part of the conversation lets people make up their own minds with the info that is out there good or not. With that said ... its not jealousy at all.
  18. matthewp

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    The "over 35 demo"? Don't you know the under 35 crowd is killing craft beer? They are drinking less, drinking lighter drinks, and drinking more seltzer :wink: Or at least that seems to be the story they are selling.

    All kidding aside you are probably right. Its probably not just the novice beer drinker but also the craft beer drinkers who grew up on Sam Adams and Harpoon as what craft beer was. They probably scoff at Bud but might want something a bit better than Sam Adams. Lord Hobo is everywhere, somewhat less expensive than a lot of craft beer, and is pretty consistent. They consider themselves craft beer drinkers but don't really follow the industry. Too many choices probably overwhelms them and they'd consider the rest of us pretentious (and they probably aren't wrong).

    I thought they did a really good job with their tap room in Woburn so I am betting that whatever they do in the Seaport is going to be pretty decent. Lanigan isn't new to the industry so he knows better than most how to create a successful restaurant. If I was going to guess I would bet the menu will appeal to both the average person as well as a low end foodie. Kind of like their beer menu in Woburn, it has options for the regular beer drinker but they also have a few beers that will impress most of the BA crowd. I don't see myself ever having LH regularly in my fridge but I also can imagine that occasionally I will (in full transparency I have maybe a can or two of one of their stouts that I had picked up last December at their brewery). Its Caviar Godmother which isn't nearly as good as regular Godmother.

    I would venture to guess its a place that if I was in the Seaport area with a diverse group of people I would choose to go there. If I was in the area with craft beer friends on the other hand I would most definitely not go there.
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  19. yuppiescum

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    2 Dry Dock is right across the bridge from "actual" southie. There are plenty of people who'd walk or take the short uber over there. I'm skeptical about the scale, but whatever.
  20. Hiwattowner

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    The area has been planned to the Nth degree. It was one of Menino's main projects during the 90s and 00s before he died. That's not to say everyone necessarily loves the planning - especially the traffic bottlenecks getting to the Pike or to the financial district.

    Google - Massport Rising Master Plan, Seaport Square Master Plan and Boston Drydock Master Plan.

    The Boston dry dock plan is I think still working its way through Boston approval.
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  21. chipawayboy

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    I can see why he'd be reluctant to "join the discussion" -- in the past when he's engaged around these parts he got some vicious responses -- people just can't keep it in their pants w/this guy.
  22. AlcahueteJ

    AlcahueteJ Meyvn (1,102) Dec 4, 2004 Massachusetts

    How so? (Not saying I agree or disagree, I’m just curious what you mean)

    It’s been awhile since he’s posted here, but I seem to recall his responses not being too tactful (could be wrong, like I said, it’s been awhile).

    There’s plenty of brewer’s on here who interact quite well with other users, and some of them encounter conflict and controversy and seem to handle it well.
  23. SunDevilBeer

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    The Seaport is gross. All high-end restos & expense-account places. Office space is all invest-bro’s, hotels are ridiculously expensive, & visitors are all outsiders. Worst of all is that it could be exported to Dallas & nobody would know, absolutely nothing organic or unique in the area.

    Kraft should’ve built the Pats stadium there in the late 90s & said eff the opposition. Development would’ve grown organically instead of the gross corporate template now.
  24. Hiwattowner

    Hiwattowner Devotee (491) Feb 23, 2008 Massachusetts

    Guess I will take my food truck meal elsewhere to a less gross place.
  25. nesarebad

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    Sounds exactly where this type of venture will be wildly successful. Do you even 2019 Bro?
  26. matthewp

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    There's a romanticized image that we have for brewery founder to be. If the average person on here were to describe what they think a brewer should be like it would probably be Shaun Hill. You can't be like Jim Koch but you can be like Ken Grossman.

    Now the reality is craft beer is like any other business and we shouldn't expect them to operate any differently than other industries. They aren't curing cancer and generally speaking aren't really making the world a better place. We want them to be David to the Goliath that is big beer.

    I'd bet most of the brewers out there, while passionate about brewing, are really out there just to take a paycheck home to their families and they are probably less concerned with taking down big beer than we are. Most people aren't going to work every day trying to change the world. They are simply trying to do the best they possibly can and hopefully be a good person. Probably the best you can hope for is that a founder tries to succeed in a way that is responsible to the people that work for them, the community, and the environment. Rob Tod is a good example there.

    So long point short... Lanigan certainly doesn't fit our romanticized image and he never will. I don't know how good or bad of a guy he is but I think for the most part he's just trying to take a paycheck home and make that paycheck as big as possible. He's never hidden that fact and nothing he says is going to make a difference on here. I've never rooted for Lord Hobo but I stopped rooting against them.
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  27. Newport_beerguy

    Newport_beerguy Zealot (553) Feb 24, 2011 Rhode Island

    Ah, did not know, thanks. Yeah the traffic bottlenecks give it away that this was not fully anticipated during the Ted Williams Tunnel portion of design for the Big Dig. But then again the Silver Line connection was fully anticipated at the beginning and this is also a mess, with the hybrid above/below surface mix.
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  28. LukieBL

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    Re: Lannigan - he’s no (read: not at all) different than someone like JC Teatrault or Nate Lanier at the end of the day. They’re all trying to maximize profits and would all sell and brand and market a bottled fart if they think it could make them money.

    The difference is, the latter two put a lot of effort into maintaining the folksy “family” brewery image whereas lannigan is full steam corporate beer bro with zero pretense about his brand being anything else
  29. AlcahueteJ

    AlcahueteJ Meyvn (1,102) Dec 4, 2004 Massachusetts

    I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

    I like the Seaport a lot. Took my parents out there after going to the Encore and they really like it.

    I like Row 34, Pastoral, Smoke Shop, Legal (especially that roof deck), Harpoon, Trillium...I could probably name more places, and there’s so many I’ve never been to.

    I’ve been on two different work trips on the Spirit cruise line that people seemed to really enjoy. I’ve never been to the Barking Crab, but people also seem to really dig this place.

    I also liked going to Beeradvocate events and another beer fest at the World Trader Center. We also had a huge work Christmas party at the Seaport Hotel (if I recall correctly) that was very nice.

    I think there’s enough in there that’s fairly unique that differentiate it from Dallas. I think Legal’s first floor restaurant was named one of the best restaurant patio views in the country this year (I wouldn’t go that far, but I ate there this year and it was really nice. The second level is really nice too, and the two pound lobster roll at the restaurant on that floor ain’t too shabby either).

    But I’m probably the wrong person to evaluate the Seaport. I worry about where I want to go and what I want to do first, and the cost second. I also don’t go there that often, maybe once a month or every two months. Less when the weather sucks obviously.

    I think if he didn’t say some of the things he’s said in interviews and on here he’d be perceived differently. It’s as simple as that.
  30. kinopio

    kinopio Aspirant (266) Apr 30, 2009 Massachusetts

    I’m gonna be That Guy and say that most of those places are in Fort Point, not the seaport. Fort Point feels like Boston to me. No one would confuse it with a place like Dallas. Although Dallas isn’t on the sea so it’s perhaps not a great example for the seaport either.
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  31. Hiwattowner

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    I’ll be that guy and say really? Fort Point? Even if you’re right, this is f’ing silly. We’re not talking NYC, London, Paris or Tokyo. We’re talking a distance of a couple of blocks at most. It’s f’ing Boston people.
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  32. SunDevilBeer

    SunDevilBeer Defender (633) May 9, 2003 Massachusetts

    Agree, Fort Point area has some cache’. But the Seaport area proper is just a mish-mosh of plastic expensive stupidity. I wouldn’t recommend anyone visiting stay there or seek it out as a destination.

    Kraft should’ve put his Pats stadium there & let the area grow around it. Southie residents that fought it are to blame for the faceless wasteland that exists today. But hell, that’s all gonna be under water in 20 years anyway.
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  33. matthewp

    matthewp Initiate (188) Feb 27, 2015 Massachusetts

    I don't disagree with you on that. I think there's two parts to that though. I think in the beginning though some of his boasts and things he said in interviews were simply not fitting into the mold of what we want a founder to be, focused on trying to be a good brewer. He was focused on being big and claiming he'd be brewing Heady Topper level beers from day one. If it stopped at that then I'd say we were being unfair to him but it didn't. He proved that he's a pretty insecure and immature person by arguing and being petty with people on here.

    I'd say JC Teatrault is much worse than Lanigan. You know what you get with Lannigan, the Teatraults act as if making good beer is their goal while screwing over employees and filling growlers with trub beer. I don't know how Lanigan treats his employees, if he doesn't screw over his employees or his customers like the Teatraults then he's already far better than them.

    As for Nate Lanier, he's probably no different from the perspective of wanting to make a ton of money. Can't really blame anyone for wanting to be successful. He's certainly more mature than Lanigan, I haven't seen any dumb interviews or posts from him. We only see what all these people want us to see (or gets leaked out by disgruntled employees).
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  34. ppponte

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    This moved away from "lord hobo is a joke" to an indictment on the seaport. Sept 2016 I bought my place in Fort Point (fortunately or unfortunately Im only there on weekends). Love it, great area and I never have to venture far for anything. Trader Joes opens tomorrow, so we have a grocery store. Look how far things have come in the last 10 years. 3 years from now you will change your mind. Echelon, NEMA, 150 seaport, L4 (amazon), the summer st to congress st connection steps. Look up the WS Development video of what the completed seaport will look like. Alot of people are mad because they cant afford it. Yea its for upper earners but so is all of boston.
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  35. matthewp

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    Not sure why you would think having the Pats stadium there would make it any better. Patriot place and what surrounds it isn't exactly a destination. I'd venture to guess whatever Lord Hobo builds in the Seaport will be at least as good if not better than anything at Patriot place. I don't think the seaport is that bad, especially when you factor in Fort Point which, while not technically part of the Seaport, is close enough to be part of the Seaport. It wasn't long ago that Fort Point was a waste land. I worked across the street from South Station from around 99 to 2005 and I remember it as a place you didn't even walk in. I wish I still worked down there now.
  36. rozzom

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    110k+OT baby!
  37. oldbean

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    This is probably too cynical and it's for sure too reductive.
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  38. Jason

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    I get it ... there are easy ways to defuse a conversation and turn it around or just say fuck it, that is easy as well. ;-)
  39. AlcahueteJ

    AlcahueteJ Meyvn (1,102) Dec 4, 2004 Massachusetts


    Guys, literally every place I listed is on the actual Seaport website. Fort Point IS in the Seaport.

    Trillium Fort Point is basically across the street Legal Harborside. Which is obviously right on the water.

    Why do you consider Fort Point not part of the Seaport?
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  40. SunDevilBeer

    SunDevilBeer Defender (633) May 9, 2003 Massachusetts

    Pats stadium would’ve been built in the late 90s & set the tone for the area much sooner. Rail service would’ve long been out there & the mix of tenants would’ve been much broader & different.

    But yeah with what we know now, that area’s underwater in 25-30 years anyway.
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