Louisville, Kentucky: Places to check out?

Discussion in 'South' started by tylermains, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. tylermains

    tylermains Apr 6, 2010 Kentucky

    I'll be driving home to Kentucky to visit with friends coming up on March 9th. I'm not from Louisville so I'm not familiar with stores/bars there. Anyone have any suggestions for bottleshops? I'm looking for a shop that is bound to have interesting things on the shelf. I'm also trying to stock up on Three Floyds while I'm down there. A couple cases of Alpha King would be nice.

    I am attending this event the day we get down there:

  2. wsnich

    wsnich Apr 26, 2010 Texas

    Bottle shops: The Keg (across the river in Indiana), Louisville Beer Store, and ValuMart (excellent beer selection)

    Bar: Sergio's World Beer and The Holy Grale
  3. tylermains

    tylermains Apr 6, 2010 Kentucky

    Awesome, I'll have to check those out. Thanks.
  4. HopsMatt

    HopsMatt Dec 1, 2011 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    Let's see. I'm going to be at the Founders event that day too!

    If you're looking for FFF sixers then you have to go to Keg Liquors in Clarksville. They have bombers and six packs of FFF. Also a really good craft selection. In Louisville, go to the Louisville Beer Store & Liquor Barn (Largest is in Springhurst). SKIP Sergio's. They have some oddities but they are cash only and there prices are outrageous! Double and triple prices on single bottles. They are crazy. Oh, and you have to go to Evergreen Liquors in Middletown.

    P.S. if you want to trade anything on the 9th, send me a BM

  5. wsnich

    wsnich Apr 26, 2010 Texas

    Well, in defense of Sergios, its more of a bar and not a bottle shop. Its a great place to go enjoy beer with friends, just not a place to do the weekly beer shopping.

    Definitely agree about checking out the various Liquor Barns, also.
  6. drfabulous

    drfabulous Jul 23, 2005 Kentucky

    If you have time, stop at Against the Grain. Fantastic brewpub downtown.
  7. Cresant

    Cresant Apr 25, 2006 Kentucky
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    The Keg in Clarksville is a must. Also, for beer to take home check out the Louisville Beer Store on Market. The owners also have a wonderful beer bar on Bardstown Rd called The Holy Grale. Farther down Bardstown Rd is Cumberland Brew - good food too. As drfabulous says Against the Grain is a great choice too. AtG has very good food also. You may also want to check out the Bluegrass Brewing Co. (BBC) they have locations downtown and in St. Matthews. Enjoy!
  8. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Apr 20, 2004 Kentucky

    1. Holy Grale...first on list as far as beer bars, IMO.

    If you get a chance, hop over to New Albany. Both NABC Bank Street and NABC Grantline are worth visiting. The former is a brewpub (and the NABC brewery). The latter is more of a beer bar, but technically a brewpub as they also brew there, and has great pizza.

    Edit: and, DOH!, I missed that you were attending gravity head, so that handles Grantline.
  9. WhoDownWithOPV

    WhoDownWithOPV Sep 30, 2011 Kentucky

    Old Town, Louisville Beer Store, Holy Grale, Against The Grain, New Albanian (New Alb
  10. tylermains

    tylermains Apr 6, 2010 Kentucky

    Awesome, definitely checking these places out. I'm trying to come up with a good list of breweries to look out for while down there, things I can't get up here. Obviously, Three Floyds. Does Oskar Blues distribute down there? I'm using seekabrew.com but I think some of it is out of date.
  11. johnking82

    johnking82 Jan 30, 2010 Kentucky

    No Oskar Blues in IN or KY.
  12. adrian1990

    adrian1990 May 6, 2011 Kentucky

    The Keg in Clarksville
    Louisville Beer Store
    Whole Foods on Shelbyville Road
    Liquor Barn on Outer Loop
  13. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Apr 20, 2004 Kentucky


    Liquor Barn on Hurstbourne and Liquor Barn on Westport and Liquor Barn on Shelbyville.

    The Okolona one is Fern Valley and Preston, not Outer Loop. Unless there is a new one.
  14. tylermains

    tylermains Apr 6, 2010 Kentucky

    Does HotD distribute in Indiana? I'd like to try their stuff.
    Sergio's is worth the trip? If I can find some random hard to find bottles, I'll stop by.
  15. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Apr 20, 2004 Kentucky

    I never even look at the bottles at Sergio's. When I go there, its to drink some interesting stuff from the taps.
  16. HopsMatt

    HopsMatt Dec 1, 2011 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    I've seen Adam, Fred and Ruth at Keg is Clarksville. Sergio's has some off season stuff but nothing to go out of your way for. And be prepared to pay at least $20 or more for simple bombers of stuff you can get at liquor barn. And cash.
  17. tconley

    tconley Dec 28, 2011 Kentucky

    definitely check out The Holy Grale...great place. Sergio's is worth the trip as well. it is a bar and not a liquor store, so of course it would be more expensive. there is also a fairly new place in Germantown callled Four Pegs that has about 10-12 taps of very good beer.

    as far as Liquor Stores.... yes, The Keg in Clarksville,IN (as well as a New Albany location) and Liquor Barn would be you best places.
  18. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Apr 20, 2004 Kentucky

    Yeah, Im with you on Sergio's. Not sure why people are discussing it as a liquor store instead of as a bar.

    Also, the New Albany location of The Keg is smaller and thus doesnt have as good a selection as the Clarksville location.

    Germantown has a bunch of places with nice taps. Four Pegs, Nachbar, even Hammerhead to a lesser extent. But Hammerhead has great food. Im sure Im missing somebody too.
  19. johnking82

    johnking82 Jan 30, 2010 Kentucky

    Tony Boombozz Highlands has ok taps. Four Pegs has a 9 tap system I think.
  20. adrian1990

    adrian1990 May 6, 2011 Kentucky

    So true! Fern Valley. Sorry, it was late when I posted. I like the other Liquor Barns but, Three Floyds, Founders, and Dogfish Head seem to stick around a bit longer at the Fern Valley than at the other ones.
  21. tylermains

    tylermains Apr 6, 2010 Kentucky

    Awesome, great response guys. Looks like my top spot to visit (as far as bottleshops) is the Keg in Clarksville. How's the Keg in New Albany?
    Looking to pick up a few cases of Three Floyds and HotD stuff.
  22. HopsMatt

    HopsMatt Dec 1, 2011 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    The keg in new Albany is pretty small. Stick to the Clarksville location. And as of right now, all they have is Fred (HoTD)
  23. TwelveOunces

    TwelveOunces Nov 7, 2011 Kentucky

    I live in Louisville and I have never been to The Keg, I think I will make a weekend trip there. I have been to all the Liquor Barns here and they're all pretty similar, none of them will disappoint. Louisville beer store is a must and so is the Holy Grale. I also think every beer lover must see what Sergio's is about even though its getting mixed reviews on here.
  24. Cresant

    Cresant Apr 25, 2006 Kentucky
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    I can't believe you haven't been to the Keg. You will not regret it!
  25. erichall

    erichall Nov 13, 2008 Kentucky

    Sergio's is a bar that you can take bottled beer home from. Keep that in mind with pricing. He prefers to sell by the bottle and not by the 4 or 6 pack. Paying double retail for a bottle is normal at a bar.

    He has some rare stuff that sticks around for a while longer than other retail spots. I recently picked up bottles of Bells batch 9k and 10k.
  26. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Apr 20, 2004 Kentucky

    I think Boombozz Highlands is better than ok, good selection and good specials. The Boombozz non-taproom locations are disappointing.
  27. ADTaber

    ADTaber Apr 29, 2011 South Carolina
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    The only other place I'd add to what people have said thus far is Bridge Liquors in New Albany because they tend to have some hidden gems. They almost always have some Upland Lambics even when they are gone elsewhere and I found a 3 yr vertical of FFF Behemoth in the cooler there a few months ago. If you go to The Keg, which I would highly recommend especially if you are looking to stock up on FFF stuff, talk to the owner Todd, he's antzman on here and is a real nice guy, check out their website, they do a good job of updating the inventory http://www.kegliquors.com/index.html. Definitely hit up Holy Grale and the Louisville Beer Store. The Liquor Barn in Springhurst tends to have the best selection and has a real nice growler station. I would skip Sergio's, he does have some good stuff but it's cash only, pretty pricey, and some of the btls (esp IPAs) are out of date. I'm going to try to make to Gravity Head on the 9th so I might see you there. Let me know if you'd be interested in trying to set up a trade.
  28. HopsMatt

    HopsMatt Dec 1, 2011 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    I just went to Bridge for the first time this past weekend. I was surprised. I ended up getting my Bigfoot there. Would have loved to have found a Behemoth vertical though!

    I'm attending on the 9th as well. I posted a thread about it in the Great Lakes forum to see who was going and if anyone wanted to trade. I've got an overflowing cellar right now and wouldn't mind trading done stuff out.
  29. johnking82

    johnking82 Jan 30, 2010 Kentucky

    I'll be there on the 9th as well.
  30. tholm273

    tholm273 Nov 13, 2009 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I'm in lvl now too. Will def try to hit the 4 pegs on Thursday nite for the KBS release. I will advertise that I am a beer advocate. Look for the only WI ite. Always looking to meet BAs from other places to set trades up.
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