Louisville KY - Where to go & what to do?

Discussion in 'South' started by Mantooth, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. Mantooth

    Mantooth Meyvn (1,191) Dec 6, 2011 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    This NC boy will be spending a week in Louisville next month; first time there. So how about hooking a brother up? I'm looking for great beer, great food and do-not-miss places.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. drfabulous

    drfabulous Aspirant (289) Jul 23, 2005 Kentucky

    Beer: Against the Grain, BBC (I only know the one across from Brown Hotel), Cumberland, Holy Grale, Apocalypse (Still haven't' been), New Albanian (other side of river in Indiana), Louisville Beer Store. We've enjoyed Mayan Cafe, Garage Bar, Cake Flour, Proof, Stevens & Stevens, Harvest, Hillbilly Tea, pizza at New Albanian. I'm not from Louisville, though.
  3. wsnich

    wsnich Initiate (0) Apr 26, 2010 Texas

    Can't miss out on Sergios World Beer. Pricey, but so worth it.
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  4. HopsMatt

    HopsMatt Initiate (0) Dec 1, 2011 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    Holy Grale.

    Louisville Beer Store.

    Keg Liquors (Clarksville)


    Against The Grain (beer only - food sucks)

    /end thread
  5. drfabulous

    drfabulous Aspirant (289) Jul 23, 2005 Kentucky

    I disagree on the food part. I've eaten there a few times.
  6. phisigben

    phisigben Initiate (184) Jan 8, 2009 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    If you go to Sergios bring cash they dont take credit/debit. You have to go to Holy Grale and when you do get the Fritjes Poutine, you can thank me later.
  7. erichall

    erichall Initiate (0) Nov 13, 2008 Kentucky

    I strongly disagree with this statement. The menu is a bit scrubbed down for baseball season but they have some of the best food I have ever had at a brewpub. Anytime they have a chef special, it is top notch. Vegan/Vegetarian offerings for those interested.

    I cant say the same for other brewpubs food offerings. Pizza/burgers at brewpubs is a bit of a tired concept.
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  8. HopsMatt

    HopsMatt Initiate (0) Dec 1, 2011 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    Okay, I digress. It doesnt "suck" but its pretty lame.
  9. deadonhisfeet

    deadonhisfeet Poo-Bah (1,520) Apr 23, 2011 Kentucky

    Definitely go to Against the Grain Smokehouse. They make some really good beers.
  10. Mantooth

    Mantooth Meyvn (1,191) Dec 6, 2011 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    Thanks for all the advice. I've checked out all the links you provided and know the main spots I want to hit.

    Culturally - anything I should check out? We'll be staying downtown for four nights, Sept 15 - 18. We're just hanging out so we're flexible. Are there any towns, cities close by that we should visit or spend the night at? We'd do a couple hour drive to visit another spot.
  11. bradfordjohnson

    bradfordjohnson Initiate (0) Jun 18, 2012 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    An hour away in Lexington there are two new microbreweries...Country Boy and West 6th IPA. As far as beer bars there is: Beer Trappe, Chase Taproom, and Lexington Beerworks.

    If you're in to bourbon, there are TONS of distilleries within 30 minutes to an hour from Louisville. Check out: http://kybourbontrail.com/
  12. cneville

    cneville Initiate (0) Sep 16, 2010 Ohio

    Another vote for Sergios. It's like nothing else, just on sheer scale alone. Last time I was there they had ZD and Chocolate Yeti on tap, plus 1200 bottles or so.
  13. bradfordjohnson

    bradfordjohnson Initiate (0) Jun 18, 2012 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    They do have a more eclectic and rare selection...but their prices are pretty astronomical. I've seen basic Founders beers that would normally be $2/bottle marked up to $5/6 there! It's pretty sketchy. I did buy a Brooklyn Black Ops there for $35 I think. Probably like a $20 bottle in a normal retail situation.

    CASH ONLY there, FYI.
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  14. ZombiesAteMyDog

    ZombiesAteMyDog Initiate (0) Jul 8, 2008 Indiana

    Stuff to do:

    21c Museum/Hotel - Giant Golden David Statue is out right now... Yes, Michelangelo's David.
    Speed Art Museum - Deberah Butterfield/Roy Lichtenstein/Andy Warhol work is up now.

    Muhammad Ali Center
    Louisville Slugger Museum/factory - buy a cheesy mini bat; don't feel ashamed, everyone does it.

    Frazier History Museum (armory museum) - Samurai exhibit is up right now...
    Louisville Science Center - Good for smaller kids; has an IMAX
    Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft - Storytelling show is up
  15. TheGordianKnot

    TheGordianKnot Initiate (81) Apr 2, 2010 Tennessee

    Sorry to pseudo thread jack, but are any of these places listed close by 4th Street Live? I think thats what it's called anyway.. It looks like I'm having my bachelor party in Louisville (central location to everyone) next month and would like to do something with good beer. I think my brother said we would be by 4th St Live, and judging by the copious amount of alcohol we are likely to consume, it's gotta be real close...
  16. bradfordjohnson

    bradfordjohnson Initiate (0) Jun 18, 2012 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

  17. JimDH

    JimDH Initiate (60) Feb 7, 2011 Kentucky

    Against the Grain is nearby too. Louisville Beer Store is further away--about a mile--but worth a visit while you're there.
  18. harperman69

    harperman69 Aspirant (234) Feb 11, 2009 Tennessee
    Beer Trader

    I never miss a chance to go to New Albanian when I go skiing in Paoli.
  19. ADTaber

    ADTaber Meyvn (1,123) Apr 29, 2011 South Carolina
    Supporter Subscriber Beer Trader

    Take a cab to Holy Grale
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  20. Nutwood

    Nutwood Aspirant (232) Jun 30, 2012 Kentucky

    You might want to check out some of the Bourbon distillery tours, Maker's Mark or Wild Turkey.

    Bernheim Forest is just south a bit and it should be very nice that time of year, lots of short hiking trails if you want to get outdoors.

    If by chance you are a military history buff, the Patton Museum is great, probably 40 minutes south.

    If you're there on the 1st and 2nd, the Councours d'Elegance is at Churchill Downs.
  21. HopsMatt

    HopsMatt Initiate (0) Dec 1, 2011 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    4th St is so Douchey. Just my 2 cents.

    21c is a pretty snazzy place to hang out with some really awesome bourbon as well as some more than decent beers. ATG or Garage Bar are good choices to check out too. You could have a pretty awesome time spreading out and moving around from The Blind Pig, Meat, Garage Bar, ATG, 21c, and Holy Grale of course.
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